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Tuskegee Airman - Red Tails the Movie and George Lucas... (2052 hits)

I don’t subscribe to the notion thanking George Lucas for making this movie. George Lucas has done more damage by now playing the race card in order to get box office attendance and break even. I as much as everyone wanted to see this Red Tails made and I will see this movie out of respect being an African-American Military Veteran. When I think of the lack of respect and recognition given the Harlem 369th Hell Fighters of World War One, I am angered not only as an African-American, but also as a Military Veteran. To date, the 369th can't even get a President unit Citation after receiving Frances highest Honor the Croix de Guerre. I make no apologies in saying, George Lucas, was the wrong person to make this movie and or create the story line screenplay. I was in the Marine Corp and Air Force for close to ten years. I am also a member of the Montford Point Marine Association, and the Tuskegee Airman Association both African-American Veteran's Associations. Anyone who knows about the original Montford Point Marines knows, there were no African Americans in the Marine Corp prior to World War Two. These first Black Marines were made to go to an all black boot camp in North Carolina and could not go to Parris Island. Needless to say what their lives were like because before there were Black Drill Instructors, Southern Redneck Drill Instructors were chosen because according to the Marine they knew how best to handle black people. Yet these Black Marines fought in the many of the most horrific battles in the Pacific. Like the Tuskegee Airman, we've just gotten the Presidential Gold Medal on Nov. 9th 2011. I've written a treatment called "In the Shadows of the Monument" meaning the Iwo Jima memorial. So what's the problem???For one, its World War II is many wars ago. Second, an all black cast for the most part maybe or maybe not part of the problem, racism yes and also a tossup call. Hollywood is a prostitute when it comes to making a movie and as long as they see a profit - guess what - its green lighted. It’s the Oscars which place the question of racism in question. Third, like the movie Glory, mine is gritty and on the edge to realism. I put in two tours in Vietnam and wounded twice and highly decorated, I know the face of War. You can't make a story of War and Death and survival, like a family movie called Star Wars. Like the Montford Point Marines, the true story about the Tuskegee Airman isn't about special effects and shooting down planes in scenes like Flying Leathernecks. For any war movie to succeed it must be like "All quiet on the Western front, Saving Private Ryan, Glory, especially like Casualties of War and Full Metal Jacket, A Soldier's Story, else and sadly it's like Nintendo's "Call to Duty" and more interesting to people. Yes George Lucas speaks to why the Tuskegee Airman came about. However, he fails to deliver a storyline about the real story about who were the men and what they faced when they weren't in the planes, like in the movie Glory and A Soldier's Story. George Lucas was the wrong person to make this movie. If Hollywood didn't know what to do with this movie, I suspect it had more to do with his Star War's approach, then racism. And so who would have been better, of course I would say me, but there's another problem, I'm not Spike Lee. or Bill Duke or Forest Whitaker. Anyone of these three would have created the screenplay which really needs to be seen. So what did George Lucas really do, he made it more difficult to really bring this story to the screen. Now if this movie fails, we will get Hollywood saying been there done that and the box office spoke. However, it didn't fail for Glory or a Soldier's Story. So what is George Lucas doing now, simply this: He is being the typical Producer and ensuring he gets people to the box office so he can at least break even. He is stirring up controversy. I submit this, he knew he was having problems before he made this movie, during the time he was making this movie and before it was finished, yet he really didn’t say anything - so why now? To paraphrase Malcolm X; "We've been had, we've been took, we've been hoodwinked, bamboozled, lead astray, run amok".. I always say, "How history is told depends upon who's telling it" and George Lucas tells this story all wrong… I leave you with this thought, Dr. Carter C. Woodson's father James Henry Woodson said and I quote "Learning to accept insult, to compromise on principle, to mislead your fellow man, or to betray your people, is to lose your soul"….. I won't be afraid to speak up, just so I can play let's make a deal with George Lucas. I know what Spike's reaction is not being able to make the Jackie Robinson Story and his comments to Clint Eastward at Cannes's about how he treated the Montford Point Marines in Flags of our Fathers. I know you're going to say you respect my opinion and to that I say, Supreme Court Justices render opinions, I stated film maker's and historical fact. I will not be afraid to post proper African American history, especially considering I am a military veteran and historian of that very history…. www.montfordpointmarines.com
Posted By: Victorio Loubriel
Thursday, January 12th 2012 at 9:11PM
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