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Just Saw Red Tails on Friday... Time to sound off! (7973 hits)

Did a little research while putting together this quick post about the Red Tails movie. Found an interesting video with NE-YO talking about his behind the scenes experience filming the movie, but I just wanted to quickly share my thoughts about the movie and ask others to do the same!

I checked out the movie Friday night. I think I was more moved at the beginning of the movie than pretty much any other part, just thinking about the history of the Tuskegee Airmen and what it must have been like for them, and then remembering some of my friends who's father was a Tuskegee Airman. I don't really care who made the movie or who's idea it was, it was a positive movie and captured a glimpse of our HBCU history that would should support, promote and embrace. I'll be buying it on DVD just so my kids can watch it when they say they are bored.

Anyways, I won't ruin the film for those of you who have yet to see, it but I will say that I thought it was a pretty good movie, and made me even more proud. We should all go see it for a variety of reasons, most of which are obvious.

If you did see the movie, sound off and let everyone else know what you thought about it!
Posted By: Will Moss
Monday, January 23rd 2012 at 3:06AM
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Have not seen it yet, but I will and will take others with me. Will get the DVD for my grands and others when available. Thank you for your comments. My daughter has already seen it and she gave it an excellent review. Sincerely, Ms. Robbie G. Morton
Monday, January 23rd 2012 at 10:14AM
Yep I definitely recommend the movie. They should have done a bit more target advertising however.
Monday, January 23rd 2012 at 11:44AM
Will Moss
Looking forward to seeing this. Will encourage all my students to go, also. I think that our college students need more reminders of historical events.
Monday, January 23rd 2012 at 11:45AM
I actually tried to go see it on Saturday, and thankfully, it was sold out. I say thankfully, because that meant we were supporting the movie.

I too will buy it as soon as it goes to DVD, and I'm taking my son to see it this weekend. It's important that we support these types of positive images in the media. Oh to often we burn our energies on things that do not matter (can you say reality television), but we do very little to promote those things that do. Well, this is one of those times where we can all celebrate the positive, instead of continually gallivanting in the negative.

Thanks for the video Will.
Monday, January 23rd 2012 at 12:08PM
Tashana Sims Hudspeth
Winner #1 !
Monday, January 23rd 2012 at 12:09PM
Will Moss
I saw the HBO movie on the FlyBoys...I want to see the treatment given to it by George Lucas to see if it was more of a historical reference or more of an action movie with an african american all star cast...It will be interesting...
Monday, January 23rd 2012 at 12:18PM
Kera Woodard
Kera winner #2 !
Monday, January 23rd 2012 at 12:19PM
Will Moss
Great Movie! I think the message was very clear. The airmen played a very important part in World War II. They were dedicated and the best at what they did. I applaud George Lucas for his effort to get this story out.
Monday, January 23rd 2012 at 12:35PM
Charmaine Smith
An Awlsome movie. There need to be more historical movies about our black heros who change the test of time. Since our young generation won't pick up a book to read about it. They more likely view a movie or video before reading a book about our history.
Monday, January 23rd 2012 at 1:27PM
Carrie Matthews
The movie was great. I would love to take some of the youth I work it. It has some graphic scenes in it but I know if they can watch the movies Saw rhen this will be good. I remember the movie " Tuskegee Airmen " but this is a huge step up. Everything was great. I was a little confused about the love interest part. It seemed a little unrealistic but hey it still made for a good movie. EOverall, the movie was fillied with exciting, sad and proud moments. Go see Red Tails and take some friends too. I found it great that all races seen it. Behind me was an Asian family and they brought their kids along. It was a great experience. I seen it Saturday night, arrived 30 minutes early and was 20th in line. Eventually there was a really longline... :)
Monday, January 23rd 2012 at 1:32PM
Doneta greggs
I had an interesting conversation with a friend of mines this weekend regarding the support of these types of movies, and just supporting African American (AA) causes in general. My position is that because we have historically been a people who ban together around issues that we had to fight alone, that we should continue that history so that our children, and our children's children can continue to thrive in this world.

While I stand firm on my position and reasoning, I could not discount my friend's position of 'not' supporting initiatives centered around AA, simply because there is no clarity in how that support manifests itself in our everyday. Again, I disagree with this position, but I can easily see how others might say the same thing. And I have come to an empirical conclusion:

Although I understand where my friend is coming from, it leads me to believe that we - all of us - need to ignite a new spark in the hearts, minds, and spirits of our young people, to continually remind them of the importance of maintaining our historical relevance.

Movies like Red Tails, and other historical documentaries are definitely doing a lot of that; however, I wonder if that is enough? We need to keep 'us' relevant daily, and we're doing that via sites like HBCUConnect, and Blacknews.com, and other AA social media sites. And my hopes are that we continue to do it daily in our homes, on our jobs, and wherever else we have any type of influence.
Monday, January 23rd 2012 at 1:44PM
Tashana Sims Hudspeth
I saw it. It was good, not great but good - worth the watching. Different than Will Moss, I was actually a little afraid at the beginning where I thought it was at its weakest. However, it did get better. I was only a little disappointed that there was not much at all in terms of why they were call Tuskegee Airmen. I will probably go see it again!

Monday, January 23rd 2012 at 2:48PM
Ellis Brown
I seen it on Friday afternoon and the theater was packed. Everyone was there, veterans, familes and non-black people. It was great and the movie was great too!
Monday, January 23rd 2012 at 3:47PM
I think the movies was very good . I think the thing that most impress me about the movie was these mens skill and great service to this country that did not truly want to honor them. these young men were some of the greatest plot to ever fly for America. and without them who knows if WWII may have not been won with ????
Monday, January 23rd 2012 at 5:58PM
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Monday, January 23rd 2012 at 6:07PM
Will Moss
I saw the movie and it was packed. I was disappointed on two fronts. 1) why was the *only* woman depicted in the film a white woman who was the lover of a Black Tuskegee Airman? There were dozens of Black romances between the Tuskegee AIrmen and the Sistars who served in the war. 2) The film only did $19 million for the weekend, while Tyler Perry's films *average* $30 million in their opening weekends. This calls into question about whether Blackfolk *really* want to see serious Black films rather than the buffoonery of Tyler Perry.

That being said, I liked the movie and do hope that George Lucas does a prequel and the sequel he says he wants to do. Support the film with your dollars and bring Blackchildren who need to learn about this history.
Monday, January 23rd 2012 at 7:16PM
I saw the trailer at the Tuskegee convention last August along with several of the actors and Mr. Lucas. He stated then, that this was part fact and some fiction to allow for an action type film. I saw the film with on Friday and was proud to see some of the scenes that have been discussed bu the original pilots when they come together for their convention...you see, the making of this movie should be just a start for our culture..our history that must get out. Yes, I commend Tyler Perry for his work and talent, but I think those venues are so packed because it is entertainment..while this is history. I was at a convention one year and entered an elevator with a young caucasion Air Force Captain. He was with his wife. She asked him who were the men in the "Red" Jackets? His reply was.."Just a group of old guys who come together to talk about old times!" A retired Army officer was with me and he spoke up to remind that Captain that those "Old" men paved the way for him and his ansestory in the US AF. So, you se, While we as film critics are easy to say what should have..could have..would have... been about thiis movie, the fact remains the movie released information and acknowledgement of a group of men who were trail blazers and the first group of Negroes to be requested for bomber escort!
Monday, January 23rd 2012 at 10:33PM
Jacqueline Ray-Morris
Jacqueline well said and oh so true. While Tyler Perry paves the way for our relevance in the world of film, it is, just as you said, purely entertainment serving no real historical reference - not in the same vein as this film is anyway. My belief is that if we are to really move past the "first in this, and only in that", we have to have a firm understanding of from whence we came.

And honestly, though I remember something about this from high school history books, I never really knew or researched anything about these courageous men and women; so I am truly motivated to do some historical digging. We need to stay educated on as much as we can so that we don't get complacent in our thinking. I can't wait to see the movie.
Monday, January 23rd 2012 at 10:55PM
Tashana Sims Hudspeth
Great Movie! Everyone should come out and support. It's a must see, @ Raymond Winbush, I'd say that relationship is probably what curved the AA ratings and why many did not support the film. I'd imagine that when that aspect was mentioned many haulted at there decision to attend. With Tyler, whom I support and to be quite honest can be credited for much of this movies success, being that he sent out an email supporting the movie. That's why many supported the film, I had even seen or noticed the 5second commercials prior to. All that being said, I thought it was an awesome Movie! I'm advertising it on my fb page as we speak!
Tuesday, January 24th 2012 at 4:29AM
Halima Fisher
I saw the movie and it was a great movie. Because I go to movies a lot I did not go in with the expectation of anything but what the movie was about. The acting and storyline was great. What bothers me is how we as African Americans are so critical of what we do, but if someone else, of anotehr race does the exact same thing, we are not critical. As a matter of fact you don't hear anything. I have heard some of my people say say why they would not support this movie and what they don't seem to realize is that hollywood are not try to show the great people that we are. I have seen people speak negative about when Tyler Perry does something but they will run to a Eddie Murphy or Martin Lawrence (who all I like by the way) and think nothing of it. We are so self hated of one another unitl its sickening and other races no that and they play us on it. So my recomemendation is that people stop complaining and start supporting your own before their is nothing else to support. Again great movie!!!!!!
Tuesday, January 24th 2012 at 11:55AM
Earl Hardaway
As an active member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc., I will definitely see the movie as we have two brothers connected to this production! GOMAB!!!!!
Tuesday, January 24th 2012 at 12:51PM
“PRECIOUS made me SAD. . For Colored Girls made me THINK. RED TAILS makes me PROUD .”

REDTAILS sold out at 2 theatres at several times. I have never been so HAPPY to be inconvenienced !!

I saw the 1995 HBO version as well. The big screen is different in scope. A story like this needs to be told and RE-TOLD. Red Tails was a different take on a story that covers over 4 years and well over 500 individuals who were the great TUSKEGEE AIRMEN. These American Heroes DESERVE More than One movie/documentary/tv show and I will see all of them.

the REAL TREASURE in RedTails: the kids I took to see it had so many questions about these Black American Heroes & American History.

I have seen RED TAILS twice and i will see it again!

Wednesday, January 25th 2012 at 10:39AM
mac ross
We are going to send gift certificates to those of you who responded to this blog. Please make sure you edit your account with an up-to-date mailing address today!
Friday, January 27th 2012 at 2:13AM
Will Moss
I saw this movie on it's opening day. I was very proud to escort a young 93 year young Sargeant to see his name up in lights. You see he saw the movie at the premier and three other times without noticing that Mr. Lucas had mentioned his name. Sitting with one of our heroes and watching how proud he was, prompted me to go again and take a few of our youth and start a dialogue. Let's make this the beginning of each one reach one, each one teach one. Respect to all.
Friday, January 27th 2012 at 3:24AM
I was very early to the movies on Friday as I did not want to miss the premiere in my small town. I was not disappointed, and was encouraged to see a mixed audience. The history was the point, even if the secondary story lines did not always ring true, and the action shots were exciting. I hope to see it again with my daughter to show her that our past and future is more than Tyler Perry, '...Friday' movies, and Kevin Hart who all have their place in our varied culture.
Friday, January 27
Sheila Yee
Friday, January 27th 2012 at 10:18AM
I had the opportunity to check out the Red Tails movie on Sunday...Loved it. It had a lot of ingredients that make for a movie great.

Excitement ,conflict, love and loss in relationships, conroversy, pride,overcoming ,the establishment of respect, risk verses caution,courage under fire and sacrifice for one country when your country didn't necessarily believe in you.

It was like you were right there. I couldn't take my eyes off of the the screen. This movie also provided a look at some new actors.

The only thing left out was the African American women. She was left out of the equation and the glory. She could have been put in the play somewhere in a healthy positive way.

Friday, January 27th 2012 at 11:29AM
Siebra Muhammad
@Siebra - Yes you are right the African American woman's role was left out which was unfortunate, because in many of the pictures I saw of actual Tuskegee Airmen, there were lots of women that appeared to be playing a role in serving our country. Also, it would have been nice if there was a bit more background on Tuskegee and why they were chosen for the project.
Friday, January 27th 2012 at 1:27PM
Will Moss
I encourage each of you on this page to check out the interview below with Terrance Howard on the Tavis Smiley show. This was taped before the Premiering of the movie last weekend. I found it quite interesting in spite of some viewers opinions that the movie was not real enough.

This show may provide a little insight as to why African Americans fought for this country , America, in spite of the horrible treatment they received before and after the war. African Americans, just as in this case, have always been the secret weapon that was ,reluctantly, used when America got into trouble.

FACT not fiction (smile)

Saturday, January 28th 2012 at 2:59PM
Siebra Muhammad
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