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4 Ways Prospective College Students Can Research Degrees (282 hits)

High school students and even freshman college students have a big decision to make in choosing a school and a degree. One is just as important as the other. Some schools have better reputations with certain degree programs even if they don't excel in all areas. There are four different ways you can research college degrees to figure out which program is best for your future.

Start with Your High School Advisor

The best place to start your research is with your high school advisor. They know you and your strengths and weaknesses. They can advise you on which areas of study you are best suited for. Some advisors will even give you tests to determine what categories of careers will hold your interest and will allow you to excel. Be honest with them, so they can help you with this important decision. They may also be able to guide you into which colleges and
universities have the best programs for your chosen degree and assist you with applying to those places. You should start talking to your advisor about degree programs at the beginning of your senior year or even before. Listen to their advice even if you have different ideas.

Contact Local Businesses

You can speak with local businesses in the industries you are considering. For instance, if you are interested in journalism, visit your local newspaper or magazine publisher. Find out about the number of jobs available and how the industry is changing. This information can help you determine if your chosen degree has relevance for the future. If you aren't sure which degree you're most interested in, visit with more than one type of business. You can even find out if you can intern or work part-time so that you can get an inside look at how you would use your degree.

Review Different Schools

Part of determining your degree is finding the right school. In fact, some students choose a school and then find out what degrees are available. You can talk to people who have attended different colleges and universities to find out their views. You can also go online to check out school reviews. You'll read reviews from current students and alumni, like Independence University reviews, that will tell you more about the school's reputation. While one or two negative reviews in the midst of numerous positive reviews isn't cause for concern, multiple negative comments may warn you away from the college. On the other hand, rave reviews about a school you were already interested in could be the deciding factor.

Visit the School

The best way to find out about a college or university is to visit. Plan ahead to spend a whole day or at least several hours visiting the different areas of the school. Many colleges will provide a tour guide to go with you and tell you about the school.

You'll want to visit with the head of the program you're considering as well as other top people at the college. Take the time to check out the classrooms, dorms and common areas. You may even get to see some current students to ask them questions. Talk to the admissions staff as well as anyone else who may have answers to your questions.

Choosing your degree program is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make. It will not only affect the next four or more years of your life, but it will have a major impact on your future until retirement. Don't just settle on the first college you consider. Take the time to research the college and degree program to ensure you're making the right choice.
Posted By: Rachelle Wilber
Tuesday, September 26th 2017 at 6:19PM
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