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Black And White Twins (6870 hits)

Some things arenít always black and white. Then again, sometimes they are Ė like the twin sons born July 11 to a German couple.

The first baby that was born, Ryan, has light skin and blue eyes. His brother, Leo, is dark-skinned with brown eyes.

"None of us could believe it," the maternity ward's head doctor, Birgit Weber, told one news source. "Both kids have definitely the same father."

Stephan Gerth is German and white. His wife, Florence Addo-Gerth, is from Ghana and has dark skin.

It was ďa real surprise,Ē Gerth told the German newspaper Die Welt, adding that the most important thing to him isnít color, but that everyone is healthy.
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Friday, July 18th 2008 at 3:51PM
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Same father huh? Sounds like some orgy play was involved. LOL!
Monday, July 21st 2008 at 2:26AM
Reginald Culpepper
Its Genes....Had they been single births, the same could have happened. Its obvious that they are not fraternal twins. One things for sure, You'll never have to figure out who is who?
Monday, July 21st 2008 at 8:08AM
Lorenzo Dildy
I have a cousin with a white father & black mother who at first glance looks like a white girl. The only typical black trait is her nose.
Monday, July 21st 2008 at 10:22AM
They didn't really show the 2nd baby. I hate to sound old but based on his ears that baby just hasn't gotten his coloring yet. He will more than likely have a lighter complexion as time evolves. At that really matters is that they are both healthy.
Monday, July 21st 2008 at 1:13PM
This is not the 1st incident. It has nothing to do w/ multiple partners. Is a case of the DNA each child received.
Monday, July 21st 2008 at 1:35PM
Watch the video with the sound up. They are fraternal twins (meaning different eggs and different sperm). Identical twins split from a SINGLE fertilized egg. Repeat biology anyone.
Monday, July 21st 2008 at 1:48PM
Mack W Jackson
wow! The twins will have a great story to tell when they get older. They're cute!
Monday, July 21st 2008 at 2:09PM
christina mitchell
They are twins and the other one doesnt look white. I am a twin myself (fraternal) and i know a set of fraternal twins who one is light skinned and the other is dark skinned. I dont understand why this is such a shocker...its all about genes!! The same reasson why one child can have green eyes when neither parents have green eyes...
Monday, July 21st 2008 at 2:39PM
This story doesn't amaze me; i have heard about a similar thing happening in London a few years ago with a set of twin girls, where one appeared black and the other appeared white. Now, in their case both of their parents were black, but they were mixed... However, for these twin boys, as they grow up, i hope for the best because people can be cruel.
Monday, July 21st 2008 at 4:03PM
Catrina Mercer
I would be that as time passes they will probably get closer in color...
Tuesday, July 22nd 2008 at 6:52AM
Will Moss
They didn't give a year, just the date. There was a story like this one in the 80's and one boy was white and the other is black. I read an updated story about them a couple of years ago, and nothing has changed. One received white genes and the other received black genes. It had nothing to do with the color changing as we get older. That does indeed happen in many cases, however not always. It happens as with all races, even when the parents are the same race. We are all mixed.
Tuesday, July 22nd 2008 at 8:54AM
This phenomenon occurs 1 in 1 million. There are 6 billion people on earth. Factor in how many twin births there are (to mixed race couples) and you're going to have more incidents of these types of births. For example, read about the black and white twin girls born a couple of years ago in the UK? See story below. All the magazines ran stories. They're so cute!


In addition, Ebony (or Jet) ran an article (with pictures) about black and white fraternal twin boys born to a white German woman several years ago. According to geneticists, this woman had s*x with her white husband and hours later with a Black GI stationed near her home. This was rare because two different eggs were fertilized within hours of each other -- previously thought by scientists to be a natural impossibility -- until her case became publicized.
Tuesday, July 22nd 2008 at 12:57PM
Sharon Moore
wow...ebony & ivory
that's cute
Wednesday, July 23rd 2008 at 3:09PM
Comment to Reginald, Grow Up!
Wednesday, July 23rd 2008 at 6:49PM
Shamika Priester
I remember in the '80s there was the duo "Thompson Twins" they were brothers in real life!
Thursday, July 24th 2008 at 2:55PM
I don't find it to be so amusing. I have friend who has a set of twins. Her boyfriend is black as night and she is high yellow. The twins came out 1 dark and 1 high yellow. I think it's just the fact that the daddy is white that they are making such a fuss.
Tuesday, July 29th 2008 at 10:43PM
Tyhesha Judge-Fogle
I believe this all the work of God. He is God and the creator of the entire human race, this has happen so He will be glorified.
Thursday, January 15th 2009 at 5:10PM
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