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Is Assimilation Necessary for Success? (944 hits)
As-sim-i-late v. to bring a culturally distinct group into conformity with the customs, attitudes, traditions, etc., of the dominant group, nation or the like. The Korean immigrants assimilated into mainstream American culture. A few years ago, ...
Posted Monday, September 23rd 2013 at 4:48PM
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A Story of Race, Love & Betrayal (414 hits)
This Book explores the reasons why so many young Black males have a difficult time assimilating into mainstream American culture. The author has a unique perspective on the subject because he was arrested for a major drug offense during his third ye ...
Posted Saturday, September 21st 2013 at 1:54PM
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Free Book on Race, Love & Betrayal (199 hits)
A few years ago, when I set out to tell the story of my life, I was a few months away from graduating from Cleveland Marshall College of Law. Basking in my own glory, I thought I would get to tell an extraordinary story about a little Black boy whos ...
Posted Saturday, September 14th 2013 at 9:29AM
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Hold Colleges Accountable for What Happens After Graduation -WSJ (1232 hits)
U.S. and state officials are intensifying efforts to hold colleges accountable for what happens after graduation, a sign of frustration with sky-high tuition costs and student-loan debt. ...
Posted Tuesday, February 12th 2013 at 12:04PM
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Find Out How to Go From a Good Resume to a Great One (1422 hits)
There is plenty of advice out there about writing a good resume. From grammarians parading the benefits of a bullet proof resume -- at least from a spelling and grammar perspective -- to hiring managers threatening to toss out your resume for failing to "suit their tastes," almost everyone has an ...
Posted Saturday, February 2nd 2013 at 9:30PM
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A Crash Course on Paying College Tuition (673 hits)
The good news: Junior got into college. The not-so-good news: It's going to cost you. It's time for the annual ritual when families fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, wait for the aid letters to roll in and then sit down to dec ...
Posted Wednesday, January 30th 2013 at 8:29AM
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It’s Discrimination for Employers to Check Job Applicants’ Credit History (706 hits)
“A credit history check is almost a routine part of a job application lately. -Do employers really look at these? Yep. -Do they withdraw job offers based on what they find in credit histories? You betcha. -Why are employers placing so much empha ...
Posted Monday, January 28th 2013 at 11:10AM
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Survey: Tattoos Hurt Your Chances of Getting a Job (804 hits)
Maybe it’s a tribal arm band, the orchids on your lower back playing peek-a-boo with your coworkers, or -- gulp -- you’re wearing it on your face a la Mike Tyson. But even if it’s that cute little leprechaun on your ankle, our latest survey results s ...
Posted Sunday, January 27th 2013 at 10:36AM
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Should We Stop Welfare Recipients From Buying Lottery Tickets? (658 hits)
North Carolina lawmakers have drafted legislation that would ban welfare recipients and people in bankruptcy from buying lottery tickets in the state, according to several news reports. The bill draft would punish vendors for selling lottery ticke ...
Posted Saturday, January 26th 2013 at 5:19PM
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Top 5 Skills Every Leader Must Have (646 hits)
A few years ago, I saw a video by a Harvard professor on competences for adapting to a changing world. Frankly, it was embarrassing. It was the biggest load of pseudo-intellectual garbage I’d ever heard. Still, the world is changing. It’s becomin ...
Posted Saturday, January 26th 2013 at 3:43PM
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Top 20 States For Interracial Dating (1908 hits)
What’s black and white and red all over? Half of InterracialDating.com’s list of the top 20 states where singles are looking for interracial love. In a newly released survey by the online dating service, which specializes in connecting people who ...
Posted Friday, January 25th 2013 at 5:49PM
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5 Job-Finding Strategies That Work: Beyond Basics (400 hits)
Hiring continues to be mercurial, even as the unemployment rate drops. Nevertheless, I see reasons for job seekers to be more hopeful in 2013. Our unemployment statistics are far better than those in most other countries, and many employers say they ...
Posted Friday, January 25th 2013 at 9:05AM
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Racial Stereotypes Dominate Hiring Decisions (434 hits)
“Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think that because I’m an African-American female that I have more information than anyone else about racism and gender bias … actually, yes, I do think that. How could I not, when I’ve experienced both firsthand? But sur ...
Posted Friday, January 25th 2013 at 9:00AM
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Actions Always Speak Louder Than Words, Meet Ursula M. Burns (533 hits)
Ursula M. Burns is chairman and chief executive officer of Xerox. With sales approaching $23 billion, Xerox (NYSE: XRX) is the world’s leading enterprise for business process and document management. When Burns joined Xerox in 1980 as a mechanical ...
Posted Thursday, January 24th 2013 at 9:49AM
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Why was Cornel West Against President Obama's Use of MLK's Bible? (470 hits)
Dr. Cornel West says that President Barack Obama doesn’t deserve to be sworn in for his second term as President of the United States with his hand on the bible of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. “You don’t play with Martin Luther King, Jr. and you ...
Posted Wednesday, January 23rd 2013 at 9:10PM
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When 1+1=3: The Benefits of Collaboration (1152 hits)
Leaders and organizations are acknowledging that even their best individual efforts can’t stack up against today’s complex and interconnected problems. They are putting aside self-interests and collaborating to build a new civic infrastructure to adv ...
Posted Wednesday, January 23rd 2013 at 4:42PM
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How To Think Of A Great Business Idea (1671 hits)
The start of the year is a great time to gear up to start a business. But, of course, you first need to figure out a winning concept. “You have to come up with a lot of ideas to be successful,” says Stephen Key, cofounder of the website inventright.c ...
Posted Wednesday, January 23rd 2013 at 4:40PM
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Oprah Winfrey Dethroned As Richest Black Woman In The World (436 hits)
We didn’t think it was possible, but Oprah Winfrey has been dethroned as the richest black woman in the world. The new leading lady is oil baroness Folorunsho Alakija from Nigeria. While drilling oil has reportedly made the 61-year-old owner of FA ...
Posted Wednesday, January 23rd 2013 at 4:28PM
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Black CEOs Still Rare (549 hits)
NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- The United States government has a black chief executive. But 99% of the nation's largest businesses do not. When Don Thompson assumes his new title as CEO of McDonald's (MCD, Fortune 500) on July 1, a promotion announced Th ...
Posted Wednesday, January 23rd 2013 at 4:23PM
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What’s Missing From the Diversity Dialogue? (562 hits)
Leaders need to ask the right questions. The most effective organizations are the ones that ask bigger questions: Who do we need to run this organization? What does our bench strength look like? How do we create a workforce that uses the best talent ...
Posted Wednesday, January 23rd 2013 at 4:17PM
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Five Attainable Small Business Goals for 2013 (1061 hits)
With each new year comes a new set of goals. As humans, we’re constantly aspiring to improve ourselves, whether it’s wanting to lose weight, exercise more, get organized, spend less money, etc. In light of this yearly tradition of creating lists, her ...
Posted Wednesday, January 23rd 2013 at 4:14PM
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Hiring Policies That Include Blanket Exclusions Of Ex-Felons Is Illegal (1649 hits)
EEOC Updates Policy on Criminal Background Checks By Matthew Schwarzfeld, Council of State Governments Justice Center Earlier this week, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) issued updated enforcement guidance on employers’ use of a ...
Posted Wednesday, January 23rd 2013 at 1:41PM
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How to Get Certified as a Minority-Owned Business (1702 hits)
Having a minority-owned business certification can help you tap into a bevy of public and private sector programs. Here’s how to apply. Corporations, the federal government, and state agencies all want to do business with minority-owned companies. ...
Posted Wednesday, January 23rd 2013 at 1:30PM
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What Is Entrepreneurship? (1389 hits)
What is entrepreneurship? You probably think that the answer is obvious, and that only an academic would bother to ask this question. As a professor, I suppose I am guilty of mincing words. But like the terms “strategy” and “business model,” the word ...
Posted Wednesday, January 23rd 2013 at 1:27PM
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Five Minute Guide to Raising Startup Capital – In Any City (912 hits)
A company’s location is less important to funding decisions than the economic feasibility of the company’s business plan and the practical opportunity for investors to earn at least 20 percent to 40 percent return on invested capital. Entrepreneurs a ...
Posted Wednesday, January 23rd 2013 at 1:24PM
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