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The Top 4 Most Profitable Pharmacy Jobs (68 hits)
If youíre looking for a new career, you may consider working behind the pharmacy counter. There are countless positions that are hired on each year to ensure that patients get the medications they need. Here are four of the most well paid pharmacy po ...
Posted Monday, November 11th 2019 at 11:52AM
by: Anica Oaks | post comment
How Teachers in Low Income Schools Can Help Their Students (57 hits)
How Teachers in Low Income Schools Can Help Their Students When you are a teacher who is working in a low-income school, your students and their parents, along with the school administrators, may find it difficult to afford a variety of supplies. Wh ...
Posted Friday, October 18th 2019 at 3:36PM
by: Anica Oaks | post comment
4 Ways to Set Yourself Up for College Success While Still in High School (120 hits)
If youíve made the prudent decision to pursue higher education, kudos to you. While this undertaking may seem daunting, with some insight and forethought, you can set yourself up for collegiate success. Here are some savvy tips on how to prime yourse ...
Posted Tuesday, October 15th 2019 at 5:43PM
by: Anica Oaks | post comment
4 Emergencies You Should Try to Save for as a College Student (133 hits)
NerdWallet says people should bank up to six months pay for emergencies. Why should a college student care about this money? There are things that no one can plan for or expect. Illnesses, injuries, deaths in the family, equipment breakdowns, and lay ...
Posted Thursday, October 10th 2019 at 6:00PM
by: Anica Oaks | post comment
4 Things They Donít Tell You in High School About Surviving College (133 hits)
College is nothing like high school. While your high school teachers and counselors might try to prepare you for your future, there are certain things they might not share with you. Below are four of the things that no one tells you about surviving c ...
Posted Monday, September 9th 2019 at 6:07PM
by: Anica Oaks | post comment
4 Things Students Should Look for When Renting an Apartment (143 hits)
Welcome to one of the first steps in becoming an adultórenting a place away from home. Though school will still provide you with a comfortable daily routine, figuring what to rent can be a challenging process. Donít fret too hard. These four things w ...
Posted Tuesday, August 27th 2019 at 3:11PM
by: Anica Oaks | post comment
In a Slump? 4 Ways to Feel Inspired in Your Career or Education (252 hits)
A case of the Mondays might well be something more than that if you wind up feeling like you need a change of pace on the other four days of the business week. Figure out What Matters Most Oftentimes, simply figuring out why youíre feeling unin ...
Posted Monday, August 5th 2019 at 12:18PM
by: Anica Oaks | post comment
4 Jobs That are Influenced by Growing Online Sales (1653 hits)
E-commerce is about so much more than online shopping. Many real-world positions and physical businesses can expand and evolve by growing sales online. Taking full-advantage of the digital era will allow business owners to take their companies in a m ...
Posted Wednesday, July 31st 2019 at 5:04PM
by: Anica Oaks | post comment
Interested in Real Estate? 4 Ways to Determine if Itís the Right Industry for You (289 hits)
As the saying goes, investors have always heard the famous words ringing in their heads to ďbuy real estate, theyíre not making any more of itĒ. While the real estate business is clearly not this simple, itís still a powerful phrase that does carry s ...
Posted Thursday, July 25th 2019 at 1:09PM
by: Anica Oaks | post comment
4 Benefits of Starting a Career in the Tech Industry (249 hits)
The booming technology sector has created huge numbers of job opportunities for people who know their way around computer hardware and software. Before you decide to get into any industry, though, itís important to know about the long-term benefits t ...
Posted Friday, July 12th 2019 at 12:31PM
by: Anica Oaks | post comment
How to Pay for Unexpected Doctor Bills on a Budget (214 hits)
No one wants to get hurt or have to visit a doctor. This can really be a problem if youíre on a tight budget. Unexpected medical bills can lead to an unexpected impact on your budget, but itís possible to take care of them over time. Here are a few o ...
Posted Tuesday, July 9th 2019 at 1:49PM
by: Anica Oaks | post comment
3 Local Businesses to Look up as Soon as You Move for College (321 hits)
When you head off to college, youíre likely not going to want to call home every time you have a question about something that you have to do in life, such as washing clothes or maintaining your bank account. Itís nice to have the help when itís need ...
Posted Tuesday, May 14th 2019 at 5:42PM
by: Anica Oaks | post comment
Routine Vehicle Inspections: 4 Signs Your Tires Need to Be Replaced (236 hits)
Tires are quite literally where the rubber meets the road when youíre driving. If you donít have good tires, the carís handling will be impacted. In addition, you may struggle to maintain control in bad weather, and you could even experience a blowou ...
Posted Tuesday, May 7th 2019 at 12:19PM
by: Anica Oaks | post comment
Distracted Driving: 4 Common Things That Divide Your Attention on the Road (233 hits)
Probably the first instruction you ever received on driving involved the words ďKeep your eyes on the road.Ē for todayís drivers, though, distractions are everywhere. As a result, weíve been lulled into complacency by the very dangerous assumption th ...
Posted Wednesday, May 1st 2019 at 5:57PM
by: Anica Oaks | post comment
4 Compelling Reasons to Work in the Life Sciences Industry (227 hits)
Certain careers can have a large impact. They help improve peopleís lives and change society for the better. There is no career field in which this is truer than the life sciences industry. Life sciences is a field that encompasses the study of li ...
Posted Tuesday, April 30th 2019 at 10:44AM
by: Anica Oaks | post comment
Dream of Developing Video Games? 4 Essential Steps for Breaking Into the Industry (285 hits)
The video game industry is incredibly popular, with many people wanting to get into it. The problem, of course, is that there is stiff competition and it can be difficult to stand out. This is true regardless of whether you want to run an indie game ...
Posted Monday, April 22nd 2019 at 1:28PM
by: Anica Oaks | post comment
Living with Outdated Decor? 4 Tips for Modernizing Your Home (224 hits)
Your home should be your sanctuary. It should be a place where you feel comfortable and youíre able to thrive creatively. Living with outdated decor can be distracting and can impact your mindset negatively. By taking the time to design your perfect ...
Posted Friday, April 19th 2019 at 12:42PM
by: Anica Oaks | post comment
Show Your Best Self: 4 Ways to Be Confident When Starting College (245 hits)
Heading off to university is an exciting time. Youíll get to meet new people and learn things in your classes. But thereís also a lot of pressure when youíre going to school, and having a lack of confidence about things that you could change isnít th ...
Posted Tuesday, April 16th 2019 at 10:42AM
by: Anica Oaks | post comment
Wise Planning: 4 Careers to Consider for High Job Security (259 hits)
With student loans and the cost of living so high these days, job-seekers want a career that doesn't just offer decent pay--it also offers job security. Many jobs in factories and in other career sectors are seeing a rapid replacement with automation ...
Posted Friday, April 5th 2019 at 10:32AM
by: Anica Oaks | post comment
Beyond Vehicle Depreciation: 4 Additional Reasons Buying Used Is the Best Option (2745 hits)
When itís time to go car shopping, most of us know the old saying that a car loses a big chunk of value as soon as itís titled and driven off the dealerís lot. That fact is a common reason why many people prefer to purchase a late-model used car inst ...
Posted Tuesday, April 2nd 2019 at 5:21PM
by: Anica Oaks | post comment
Branch Out: 4 New Activities to Try With Friends (313 hits)
Are you tired of doing the same thing over and over with your friends? If you've ever wanted to try a new hobby or a new experience, then your group of friends is the best team that you can bring along with you to experience it. Not only are they sup ...
Posted Monday, April 1st 2019 at 10:42AM
by: Anica Oaks | post comment
Moving Out of Your Apartment? 4 Common Obstacles and How to Avoid Them (318 hits)
Moving out of your apartment can often be a tedious and complicated process. That said, being well-prepared will allow you to overcome any difficulties you may encounter. The following information provides a closer look at four common obstacles typic ...
Posted Wednesday, March 27th 2019 at 1:53PM
by: Anica Oaks | post comment
4 Tips for Finding a Career to Fit Your Lifestyle (239 hits)
As you take your first step into the job market, thereís only one thing on your mind; finding a job you love. Of course, this goal is something all of us want, however, it's sometimes easier said than done. In fact, I bet you already have had a job t ...
Posted Wednesday, March 27th 2019 at 11:49AM
by: Anica Oaks | post comment
Millennials and Money Management: 4 Financial Tips to Help You Defy the Stereotypes (295 hits)
Effectively managing your money can often be quite a challenge. This can be especially true for young millennials who are just starting out. There are many factors to consider when it comes to financial management, and many young people may not be we ...
Posted Thursday, March 21st 2019 at 1:04PM
by: Anica Oaks | post comment
4 Reasons You Should Invest in a High-Speed Wi-Fi Network (322 hits)
In todayís digital world where the vast majority of tasks are accomplished online, investing in a high-speed Wi-Fi network is one of the smartest decisions you can make. Although high-speed internet access will obviously cost you more money, the fact ...
Posted Monday, March 11th 2019 at 11:00AM
by: Anica Oaks | post comment
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