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What! How could you remember my birthday ? A Day of the Million Man March (642 hits)
Thanks to my friends of HBCU Connect. So while the world watches the breaking apart of Muslim nation after Muslim nation overseas take place, the Nation of Islam in the West is all but silent when it comes to nation building. The world would be in ...
Posted Tuesday, October 16th 2012 at 1:53PM
by: Jamal Abraham | post comment
The Equation of STATE for HUMAN RACE ! oooooh......Lets put our thinking cap ON (1166 hits)
All pure substances found on earth are characterized by property values. A equation that relates the pressure, temperature, and volume of a substance is called the equation of state. The same idea applies to the human races found on earth. At any giv ...
Posted Friday, August 20th 2010 at 12:19AM
by: Jamal Abraham | post comment
Black Youth: Once you turn 18 should FREE yourself from Christian parents religion (1215 hits)
Not much can a black child do about worshipping the white man's religions prior to 18 years of age. They need a home and food to eat. But, when they become an adult is when they should rebel the religion that fosters a hate thyself theology. Each g ...
Posted Friday, August 6th 2010 at 5:05PM
by: Jamal Abraham | post comment
When Black youth BECOMES 18...THEY Should challenge their Christian Parents Religion. (1138 hits)
Not much can a black child do about worshipping the white man's religions prior to 18 years of age. They need a home and food to eat. But, when they become an adult is when they should rebel the religion that fosters a hate thyself theology. Each g ...
Posted Wednesday, August 4th 2010 at 12:22AM
by: Jamal Abraham | post comment
he Black Man: He Grew..He Fell..He Died (spiritually)..He Learned..Now he RISES ! (949 hits)
In triple darkness, God created the first man. A dark man emerged unable to see his surroundings. Out of God's mercy, He produced the Sun providing warmth and light. Plant life provided food for this dark man to survive. Jealousy between brothers ...
Posted Wednesday, June 30th 2010 at 9:05AM
by: Jamal Abraham | post comment
Compared to Blacks in entire continent of Africa: Black Americans have superior skills ! (1498 hits)
Though disunited, jealous and superstitious Black Americans are by far the most talented and highly skilled of their race. If we have learned anything from history, it is that education coupled with experience creates power. Black Americans have work ...
Posted Saturday, June 12th 2010 at 9:11AM
by: Jamal Abraham | post comment
What does Wallace, Malcolm and Muhammad Ali have in common ? They went against Elijah Muhammad (2059 hits)
Wallace died a fool. Malcolm picked a gun and died by a gun. Muhammad Ali cannot speak. Add this all up and it spells that the God of Elijah Muhammad must be pretty tough. Whoever He is He must be God. Elijah Muhammad was able to grow aspire a rig ...
Posted Tuesday, June 8th 2010 at 8:14PM
by: Jamal Abraham | post comment
As an individual, many African Americans can claim, they have won. Even as a Group which is defined as a number of persons or things gathered closely together and forming a recognizable unit. To WIN an Individual must be able to survive and grow. ...
Posted Sunday, June 6th 2010 at 10:19PM
by: Jamal Abraham | post comment
Disproportionate Number of blacks in US Prisons: Establishment of land for African Americans offers "RELIEF" (982 hits)
For decades black males have been locked behind bars by the hundreds of thousands, arrested in disproportionate numbers. In fact, black males have experienced the highest rate of imprisonment—6.5 times that of white males and 2.5 that of Hispanic mal ...
Posted Thursday, June 3rd 2010 at 12:56PM
by: Jamal Abraham | post comment
There is no need for the one God to commission an electrical engineer for a job unless it was a serious mission to do with technology. Allah, the one God says that oil under the ocean floor is not for man. It is part of the geology of the earth. H ...
Posted Sunday, May 30th 2010 at 6:46AM
by: Jamal Abraham | post comment
THE DEAD WILL RISE: References Black Americans: Not Jesus the Person of 2000 yrs ago (794 hits)
Black Americans by all acounts are a mentally dead people. Lacking the will to do for self as a people accounts for a dead status. One could erase every living black American from this country and the only noticeable differance to the world would b ...
Posted Wednesday, May 26th 2010 at 10:15AM
by: Jamal Abraham | post comment
Assimilation into White Society: Good or Bad: Remember Booker T. Washington (2307 hits)
DuBois rejected Washington’s willingness to avoid rocking the racial boat, calling instead for political power, insistence on civil rights, and the higher education of Negro youth. Booker T. Washington felt that by educating blacks, whites could res ...
Posted Sunday, May 23rd 2010 at 10:59AM
by: Jamal Abraham | post comment
Philanthropist offers a Black Man 1 of 3 gifts right out of Prison: WHAT SHOULD HE CHOOSE (781 hits)
Hypothetical case of a Black Man wrongfully convicted of a crime. Out after 10 years, he walk out of prison to his neighborhood. A Philanthropist learns of his story and offers him 1 of 3 gifts to help. The Black Man must choose between a hooker f ...
Posted Wednesday, May 12th 2010 at 5:51PM
by: Jamal Abraham | post comment
What is the Differance: Hollywood Acting versus Christian Preachers (958 hits)
Frequent most churches, and the pastor claims to have received a calling. Since Jesus died, then who did the calling...GOD..OK..What is His name. The God that is doing the calling. What..He does not have a name. But, some Christians say Jesus is God. ...
Posted Saturday, May 8th 2010 at 11:47AM
by: Jamal Abraham | post comment
African Americans are encouraged to: LEAVE THE GULF COAST (753 hits)
Imagine the smell of dead fish left for days in the outdoors. Now add heat and oil. Within the next week, the air, water and southern coastal land will develop the worst stinch imaginable. There will be death in the air and the soot of the sea will b ...
Posted Friday, May 7th 2010 at 9:36AM
by: Jamal Abraham | post comment
President Barack Obama: Visits Siemens-USA facility....First time sitting President visits company (1241 hits)
President Obama visited the wind blade manufacturing plant of Siemens in Fort Madison, Iowa last week. It was part of his "main Street Tour" through the Midwest. The Siemens facility employs 600. Obama told the audience on the factory floor: "You' ...
Posted Tuesday, May 4th 2010 at 8:55AM
by: Jamal Abraham | post comment
Muslim Countries bringing America to Her Knees: No doubt about IT (1092 hits)
Dumb Black Christians join the American Army and go fight their brother in the Middle east. They come back half crazy, missing arms, missing legs, missing eyes, missing toes, missing fingers....half a human being. Why....cause they were dumb enough t ...
Posted Monday, April 26th 2010 at 6:38AM
by: Jamal Abraham | post comment
American Casualties 5,396 Operation Afganistan and Iraqi for FIGHTING THE MUSLIMS (754 hits)
So lets get this straight. As an American scientist for 30 years my perspective conveys an Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom has cost almost 6000 American families to be broken apart. Their love ones are gone forever. We have ...
Posted Sunday, April 11th 2010 at 2:31PM
by: Jamal Abraham | post comment
SINCE AMERICA IS DOOMED: President Obama should do as much possible to HELP AFRICAN AMERICANS (743 hits)
President Obama has to be aware that America's woes are deep; encompassing wages/job loss, social issues(gay, lesbian), racial tension, emperialism over the darker countries and war with Islam. Sure, play the political game as white predecessors maki ...
Posted Sunday, April 11th 2010 at 1:53PM
by: Jamal Abraham | post comment
A Homeland for Black Americans in Morocco ? What would that be like:::::A nation of our OWN (1367 hits)
Morocco is the farthest west of all Arab countries and of all African Countries, it is the closest to Europe. While industries are growing rapidly, the country is still largely agricultural with about 35% of the population working the land. Wheat i ...
Posted Wednesday, April 7th 2010 at 8:52PM
by: Jamal Abraham | post comment
Dr. Martin Luther King had a DREAM: Now Ministry of Nation of Islam has a DREAM: DREAMS CHEAPER THAN BUILDING (593 hits)
Dr. Martin Luther King had a dream that integration would play out in America. It was cheap to dream. Black Americans relied on his dream for what the future would be like. Blacks holding hands with whites. Now leadership in NOI is dreaming...now abo ...
Posted Wednesday, April 7th 2010 at 8:50PM
by: Jamal Abraham | post comment
We have a Black President.But, Where's the Money$ (853 hits)
Adults of 40 to 50 million African Americans are wondering that since a majority of their vote went for Barack Obama, wheres the beef. Sure, we have all heard the arguments. From he has to appease the general public which is white to he interited s ...
Posted Thursday, December 24th 2009 at 7:19PM
by: Jamal Abraham | post comment
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