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Mansa Musa, King of Mali (1312-1337) (17670 hits)
Mansa Kankan Musa When Mansa Musa came to power, Mali already had firm control of the trade routes to the southern lands of gold and the northern lands of salt. Now Musa brought the lands of the Middle Niger under Mali's rule. He enclosed the ci ...
Posted Monday, February 11th 2008 at 5:51PM
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jan matzeliger (7512 hits)
At an early age, Jan showed a remarkable ability to repair complex machinery and often did so when accompanying his father to a factory. When he turned 19, he decided to venture away from home to explore other parts of the world. For two years he wor ...
Posted Monday, February 11th 2008 at 5:47PM
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Imhotep (2600 BC) (5165 hits)
( fl c. 2600 BC). Egyptian official and architect. Imhotep, who bore the title ‘Greatest of Seers in Heliopolis' and served under the kings Djoser (reg c. 2630-c. 2611 BC) to Huni (c. 2600-c. 2575 BC), was traditionally the architect of the step-pyramid complex at SAQQARA. His name was ins ...
Posted Monday, February 11th 2008 at 5:42PM
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Granville T. Woods (9215 hits)
Born in Columbus, Ohio, in April 23, 1856, Granville T. Woods dedicated his life to developing a variety of inventions relating to the railroad industry. To some he was known as the "Black Edison, both great inventors of their time. Granville T. Woods invented more than a dozen devices to impro ...
Posted Monday, February 11th 2008 at 5:37PM
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