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Top 10 Secrets of Interns Who Get Full Time Jobs (2068 hits)
Did you know that most companies with an internship programs really want to convert the college students in the internship program into full time permanent career hires? Well they do. Organizations like INROADS prepare college students to partici ...
Posted Saturday, March 7th 2009 at 9:22AM
by: Marcia Robinson | post comment
Job Skills Employers Want (2494 hits)
Students in college should pay close attention to more than just academics. Althouth good grades are important, because it demonstrates positive behavior, it is not all that employers want from new grads. Employers continue to be concerned about ...
Posted Saturday, March 7th 2009 at 9:14AM
by: Marcia Robinson | post comment
50 Hot Resume Tips for College Students (3702 hits)
Like most college students, your college resume could probably use a facelift -- especially in a competitive job market in a tight economy. Regardless of your preferred resume format, layout or style, use these 50 tips as a checklist to help proof r ...
Posted Wednesday, January 28th 2009 at 1:40PM
by: Marcia Robinson | post comment
Campus Jobs are Real Jobs Too! (2729 hits)
For many college students working while in school is a must and a reality. Whether enrolled in 2-year, 4-year or a vocational training or career education program, campus jobs are often at a premium and college students try to land them early in the ...
Posted Wednesday, January 28th 2009 at 12:57PM
by: Marcia Robinson | post comment
Your First Year on the Job After Graduation (2819 hits)
Whether it's your first professional full time or part time position it is important to begin your career on the right foot. In a tight job market, competition will be fierce to get your dream early career opportunity. Once you land your first job ...
Posted Wednesday, January 28th 2009 at 12:54PM
by: Marcia Robinson | post comment
Why New Grads Get Overlooked for Promotions (3009 hits)
If you are a new grad or in the Class of 2009, it is not too early to start thinking about how to succeed at work and get promoted. CareerBuilder.com, the online job board, recently drafted this list of 10 reasons why employees might not be promo ...
Posted Wednesday, January 28th 2009 at 12:52PM
by: Marcia Robinson | post comment
What are you Planning After Graduation? Consider These "Gap Year" Alternatives (1501 hits)
If you are graduating from college this year, you might be considering taking a break before going to grad school or starting your career. If you are, think about doing something meaningful as you explore "gap year" alternatives. According to Wi ...
Posted Friday, January 23rd 2009 at 5:16PM
by: Marcia Robinson | post comment
What Employers Want in New College Grads (3474 hits)
CollegeGrad.com shared the results of this year's survey on what employers look at when hiring new college graduates. If you are in the Class of 2009, here are some highlights from the survey to keep in mind as you look for your entry level career: ...
Posted Saturday, January 17th 2009 at 9:42AM
by: Marcia Robinson | post comment
30 Career Lessons from Barack Obama (1317 hits)
It's been months since the Senator from Illinois, Barack Obama, won enough electoral votes to become the 44th president of the United States of America. With President Obama's inauguration fresh in our minds, let me share 30 career lessons I think ...
Posted Saturday, January 17th 2009 at 9:27AM
by: Marcia Robinson | post comment
3 Steps to Landing Your Summer Internship (1595 hits)
Your college years can be one of the most exciting times in your life. You are maturing as a person, establishing lifelong friendships, gaining insight into your future life and creating your early career strategy. Part of your early career strategy must be to gain relevant on-the-job exp ...
Posted Wednesday, January 7th 2009 at 8:40AM
by: Marcia Robinson | post comment
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