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It's a different world for 14-year-old Howard University student (1338 hits)
As the school year gets under way at Howard University, one of the new faces on campus already has done enough work to rise to sophomore standing and he's only 14 years old. "To me it's just normal, you know," Ty Hobson-Powell said. "I'm just in a ...
Posted Tuesday, September 1st 2009 at 10:53AM
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theGrio.com (865 hits)
TheGrio.com is the first video news community devoted to providing African Americans with stories and perspectives that appeal to us but are underrepresented in existing national news outlets. TheGrio features aggregated and original video pack ...
Posted Monday, August 31st 2009 at 4:04PM
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LeBron James kicks it into high gear at bike-a-thon for kids (1077 hits)
NBA star LeBron James hosted a bike-a-thon this weekend in his hometown of Akron, Ohio. James said that while most of the money raised from the event goes to charities, he thinks it is equally important that the kids participating have fun. "Wh ...
Posted Monday, August 31st 2009 at 3:45PM
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Williams sisters and James Blake ready for the U.S. Open (1052 hits)
Venus and Serena Williams, James Blake and others came to Bryant Park in New York City to show off their tennis skills before the start of the US Open. Players took to the blue court where the Williams sisters and tennis legend John McEnroe played ...
Posted Monday, August 31st 2009 at 3:15PM
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Flo Rida gets back to his 'ROOTS' -- his new album. (947 hits)
TheGrio sat down with Miami-born rapper Flo Rida to hear about what it was like growing up in the rougher parts of Dade County, and the trip to Africa that inspired his latest album, R.O.O.T.S. He offered words of encouragement for other aspiring art ...
Posted Monday, August 31st 2009 at 3:08PM
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Author, musician discusses Katrina's legacy in New Orleans (1111 hits)
Ned Sublette is a New York City-based author, historian, and musician who lived in and studied New Orleans during the year leading up to Hurricane Katrina. Although he had already returned to New York when the storm hit, his connection to the city ha ...
Posted Monday, August 31st 2009 at 2:49PM
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87-year-old woman who lives in a shack gets a new home (1151 hits)
Last month we covered a story of an 87-year-old woman living in a one-room shack in rural Scott County south of Lena. Thanks to that story over $35,000 has been raised to build her a new house. Framing on that house started Friday morning and a lo ...
Posted Monday, August 31st 2009 at 2:47PM
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An unforgettable fishing tale of incredible survival (988 hits)
For more than a week, three boaters from Texas were missing. They were miles from shore in the Gulf of Mexico. Hopes of finding them alive dwindled day by day but then, something happened. Exhausted, but safe -- the three rescued fisherman took th ...
Posted Monday, August 31st 2009 at 2:43PM
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Texas man tasered to death by police (1025 hits)
The family of a Texas man who died after being repeatedly tasered by Fort Worth police are demanding an investigation into his death. The Tarrant county medical examiner ruled on Thursday that the death of 24-year-old Michael Jacobs was a homicide ...
Posted Monday, August 31st 2009 at 2:40PM
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SAT scores still low for African-American youth (1058 hits)
More minorities are taking the SAT, but test scores for black students remain lowest among racial and ethnic groups, according to data released this week by the College Board. Black students scored at least 72 points behind the overall average in ...
Posted Monday, August 31st 2009 at 2:39PM
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Joe Jackson on his son's death. (923 hits)
Joe Jackson speaks about his son's death, drugs, the kids, and the future. ...
Posted Monday, August 31st 2009 at 2:36PM
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