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Thursday, March 09, 2017 @ 06:00 PM - 08:00 PM Graduate Open House RSVP NOW If you have already applied to CAU graduate programs, you are welcome to attend. However, this event is for new master's, speci
How to Deal With A Difficult Professor
BY Jilian Woods Like it or not, college is nothing like high school. The demands placed on you as a college student are far greater. You need to know how to finesse a tough prof to get extensions, better grades, and more. The better the quality of your work, the more apt a professor is to
Why Smart Students Struggle in Graduate School and What You Can Do About It
by Dora Farkas, PhD Graduate School: My Rite of Passage to the World of PhDís It was my second year in graduate school. I couldnít believe how nervous I was, and no matter how slowly I tried to breathe my hands were shaking and I felt like I lost my voice. I was sitting (or trying to sit) in my departmentís office to be called in for the oral part of my qualifying exam. I knew that in the previous year they failed 20% of the students, and I had studied for nearly 2 months for this exam. What will my family think of me if I didnít pass? They had made so many sacrifi...
Lack Of College Education Hurts Rural USA
By Danika McClure Americaís rural cities have been shrinking over the past few decades, both in population size, and in college educated workforce, as educated students are choosing to abandon their rural homes after graduating, opting instead to move to cityscapes and urban areas. Goutha
My last post was the first in a short series I have planned for the first few weeks of 2017. The aim is to motivate college and university students who worry about potential career paths to do something about it. To gather the resources and assistance necessary to garner the best information and insight available. The first step, as always, is simple and not particularly original: Consult the career-counselling services available at your institution. You might find the answers you need, or at least get much closer. But you might not. This is somewhat understandable, as you cannot expect to ...
Less is more?
Welcome to 2017. Itís started in an odd way hasnít it? When the world seems topsy-turvy, I find itís even more important to take a moment to pause. To think. To take stock, re-orient, reassess and set new goals. I hope many of you took a break. Iíve had a month off and itís been very refreshing. Following my sister @anitranotís advice, I donít make new yearís resolutions anymore. I choose a keyword to guide my actions. The year @anitranot encouraged me to choose Ďbraveí as my keyword was interesting and difficult, but ultimately worthwhile. I tried to be brave with my choice of clothes by g...
Decluttering your gadgets
Itís still early in the year, which is often a good time to start fresh by doing some decluttering ó and not just of our homes and workspaces. What about the gadgets we use daily: our computers, tablets, and phones? I was reminded that this is a good practice late last month, when I read Anthony Karczís ďRing in the New Year With a Decluttered iPhone.Ē Though he focuses specifically on the iPhone, he makes a key point that applies to other phones as well ó and to computers and tablets: Old apps, especially those forgotten by their developers, are threats. If you donít regularly use an a...
Dimensional analysis practice worksheet
This post is about Dimensional analysis practice worksheet practice these problems and try to solve them in one hour. Question 1 The parallax of a heavenly body measured from two points diametrically opposite on the equator of the earth is 1.0 minute. If the radius of the earth is 6400 Km, find the distance of heavenly body from the center of the earth in AU. Take 1AU=1.5◊1011m. Question 2 A screw gauge has a pitch of 1.0 mm and 200 divisions on the circular scale. Do you think it is possible to increase the accuracy of the gauge arbitrarily by increasing the number of divisions on the cir...
You are not entitled to your own facts
Readers of this blog will surely want to know about a new website:, a "non-partisan publication designed to bring key facts and incisive analysis to the national debate on economic and social policies. It is written by leading academic economists from across the country who belong to the EconoFact Network, and published by the Edward R. Murrow Center for a Digital World at The Fletcher School at Tufts University." Check it out.
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Florida Coastal Law's Practitioner Clinics
Florida Coastal Law's Practitioner Clinic is an innovative course offering students a chance to work closely on pro bono cases with a practicing lawyer. Students are often invited to work on these cases in the practitioner's office off campus, and the Clinics are offered as two credits with an evening classroom component.
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Florida Coastal Law Offers LLM & Certificate in Logistics & Transportation
Florida Coastal Law is the first law school in the U.S. to offer an online LL.M. Degree or Certificate in Logistics & Transportation. Students in the 24-credit LL.M. or 12-credit Certificate program gain expertise in global logistics and transportation law through cutting-edge courses taught by attorneys and industry professionals online.
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