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Understanding Nutrition Labels in 6 Easy Steps
One of the most helpful tools for making smart food choices is the Nutrition Facts label. Every food package has one—and it can provide a lot of important information. Here’s how to read it.
The People Behind Your Medicine
The Information That Comes With Your Rx
Do you often throw out that piece of paper that comes with your prescription? It can tell you a lot. Watch the videos below to learn how to read the information that comes with your prescription.
Track—and Stick With—Your Medication Plan
In addition to recommending lifestyle changes such as diet and exercise, your health care provider may prescribe medicine to help you reach your goals. Make a list to keep track of important details about the medicines you are currently taking (inclu
Find Your Healthy Weight
What is a healthy weight? The answer varies from person to person. One way to determine whether you are at a healthy weight is by calculating your body mass index (BMI). Another way is to measure your waist size. Both may provide information that you
How to Get More Good Fats in Your Diet
Lumping all fats into one category—bad—may not be the best way to approach this tricky food group. Yes, consuming too many unhealthy dietary fats can set you up for potential health problems, including weight gain and high choles
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