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05-14-2007 02:26PM
Topic: Greetings from M - TEN!
Posted By: ceddie in New Member Introductions...
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Implanted from the Windy City, I bring you greetings from Memphis, TN. Working on my M.A. in H.R.! Two more classes
01-08-2006 04:11AM
Topic: 21+ clubs....kinda lame?
Posted By: Eddie in Tha Yard
Replies: 22
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I went to my first official 21+ club yesterday, Club Love in DC. When me and my boys got there, our first impression was, "this is nice but its boring." We so we walked around for a little while checking the whole club out and out of all the clubs I have ever been too it was by far the nicest, from the atmosphere, it was real chill, to the ampunt of bars to even the other "club goers." It was nice being some where, where I didn't have to worry about which niggas was gonna try and fight or start some stuff. As the night went on more people began to dance and the dj's started playing party music and it did get hype and stayed hype from about 12:30 til around 3 when I left. Me Im the type that likes the little hole in the wall clubs thats mad grimey but hype as hell... so Love was a cool change it wasn't hype but it was relaxed and everybody there just had a good time... So for me, based off my personal experiences, the 21+ club was cool and definetly made me appreciate my come up (age-wise) so yeah it might have seemed boring but the whole atmosphere was completely different, better, and made me want to go back.
01-07-2006 07:56PM
Topic: AggieSweets~dot~com PREVIEW for the MASSES!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted By: Eddie in Tha Yard
Replies: 23
Views: 3392
looks interesting.... gotta love them college girls...
12-01-2005 11:36PM
Posted By: Eddie in Tha Yard
Replies: 25
Views: 3437
I remember that episode.... The untold stories of stewie were off the hook
08-21-2005 12:30AM
Topic: Snoop Wallpaper
Posted By: Eddie in Tha Yard
Replies: 6
Views: 2202
That is definetly hot. Good job with the photo manipulation, maybe in order to help some people out you could write what variations u used on it.
08-21-2005 12:15AM
Topic: My Mixtape covers (need advice)
Posted By: Eddie in Tha Yard
Replies: 12
Views: 3072
I use Adobe on windows, shoot if i can find the file, i can do a file transfer and hook you up... lemme kno if u tryin to do that... Holla Yes, its more a quality thing... imma critique each one if u don't mind...
08-21-2005 12:07AM
Topic: **AtlChynaDawl** PRECOLLEGE UPDATED 8-9-05 pg.8
Posted By: Eddie in New Member Introductions...
Replies: 124
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Excuse me miss, but you are gorgeous. Have a wonderful day.
08-20-2005 11:55PM
Topic: Promiscuity and Men - A topic we all know
Posted By: Eddie in For The Fellas
Replies: 13
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IMHO, I think promiscuity goes beyond the flesh. Sex is a product of a natural instict to conquer. I believe it is mans natural instinct, it is mans ID (most basic instincts), to gain power, confidence and control in life. One way man does this is through his sexual conquests. As most know sex is a powerful weapon and can be used for good or bad. So a man will use sex in order to gain control, or power (in his view) over a woman.... it really can't be about the flesh because if it was man would be able to freak one person, as nasty as he wants too.... but its different when u can have a lot of women..... it shows that you can control or have some "magical" power to get women to drop the panties..... because its the number which matters not the deed.... But thats just my opinion.....
08-20-2005 11:41PM
Posted By: Eddie in New Member Introductions...
Replies: 890
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Im not really new, but I ain't been on in a hot ass minute due to a slow ass internet connection and my impatience...... You might have known me as polaris 304.... so whats really good
06-28-2005 08:15AM
Topic: The Stupid shit that Paper Greeks do...
Posted By: Eddie in Fraternity & Sorority Life
Replies: 127
Views: 21081
Pearlfection wrote:
Think it's a game. I know people who know people. I don't care who you're PMing or trying to get in good with on this board. It never looks good when an ASPIRANT runs off at the mouth the way you did, and you say you wanna pledge promise your ass would've been in the cut regularly, but you aint interested in me and mine. Don't get it twisted. We can be Pretty and GRIMEY when need be, you never know who's watchin
Damn, a Gangsta ass Alpha Kappa Alpha Woman..... Thats pretty sexy
01-23-2005 07:20PM
Topic: Tiarea..here ya go...
Posted By: Eddie in The Graveyard (2005)
Replies: 3
Views: 859
good shyt dawg.. u definetly coming up
01-23-2005 09:57AM
Topic: Have you had any friendships ruined because of Greek issues?
Posted By: Eddie in Fraternity & Sorority Life
Replies: 15
Views: 2810
Naw I haven't lost any friends, but thas also cause u gotta let your true friends kno the deal.... and if they not ya friends awhen u done and they said they were before... than they were never really your friend. Now relationships...... thats a horse of a different color.
01-22-2005 05:16PM
Topic: camera phones
Posted By: Eddie in Tha Yard
Replies: 3
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the best way that i kno of is to send the pictures to an email address then upload to a picture host.
01-20-2005 07:09PM
Topic: 4 all the Beautiful Sistaz.....Tell me what you think!!!
Posted By: Eddie in For The Ladies
Replies: 29
Views: 3894
Ms. Megan wrote:
where's my halo? wrote:
We're not meant to be with every person just becuz we are "good".
Exactly...when we say we want a "good man" we want the men we are attracted and satisfied with to be good to us.
Damn... Those two comments actually made a lot of sense to me..... Lik Eddie Murphy in "Coming to America"... ACHA!
01-20-2005 01:29PM
Topic: Enlighten Me on Da Purposes of Greek Life!
Posted By: Eddie in Fraternity & Sorority Life
Replies: 25
Views: 2440
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