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05-22-2016 09:26AM
Topic: Learn about the HBCU Experience
Posted By: MyHBCUInterview in HBCU Recruits!
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05-22-2016 09:18AM
Topic: NC A&T Transfer Student
Posted By: MyHBCUInterview in General Discussions
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Speak with some of our NCAT Alum and Students we have interviewed, their contact info is on their individual interview page. Hope this helps. http://www.myhbcuinterview.com/tag/north-carolina-at-state-university/
05-22-2016 09:15AM
Topic: The HBCU Experience - Nzingha Bomani Dillard University '18
Posted By: MyHBCUInterview in Tha Yard
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05-22-2016 09:10AM
Topic: What My Kids Learned From My HBCU Reunion
Posted By: MyHBCUInterview in Tha Yard
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05-22-2016 09:01AM
Topic: Tuskegee University graduates 63 student-athletes
Posted By: MyHBCUInterview in HBCU Recruits!
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04-04-2013 02:35PM
Topic: Nearly 2,000 Visitors Attended TU's Spring Open House
Posted By: MyHBCUInterview in HBCU Recruits!
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"klg14" wrote:

Beautiful!! Love a good turnout! So what were your reasons for choosing to attend 'Skegee?
04-04-2013 02:27PM
Topic: Redirecting Our $1Trillion Spending Power During the Holiday Season: Phase 1: HBCU's
Posted By: MyHBCUInterview in HBCU Specific Topics & Concerns
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How did the implementation of this idea work out? Is it still active?
04-04-2013 02:26PM
Topic: Many Colleges Could Lose Federal Aid Eligibility Under New Interpretation of Rule
Posted By: MyHBCUInterview in Educational Issues & Concerns
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"If they give it to you, they can take it away." - Malcolm X
04-04-2013 02:24PM
Topic: POSSIBLY transfering to either Howard or Spelman
Posted By: MyHBCUInterview in Howard
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"sweetycakes" wrote:
Im leaning more towards Howard tho(maybe because my friends are biased), but I am currently at a PWI. i plan to transfer my sophomore year (possibly spring) if not next fall) my GPA isn't too hot(2.5) because i have to retake two classes (bad choice in instructors), but i'm working on that.

my major is psychology/pre-med and i am possibly changing my major to african-american studies/pre-med. I WANT A SCHOOL that will prepare me for medical school. I noticed Howard has a medical school, a larger student body than spelman, and more connections (as i was told). Spelman is world renowned, and well respected like Howard, but I am not sure of their pre-med base (i was told that the mcat was a strugle but it's a struggle anyway).

I need guidance and some facts. I've done research and im still doing research. Also, I want a school that CARES about their students. I don't want another faculty to brush off their students and have the students on their own to do their own classes and financial aid and still do it wrong.(COUGHMYCURRENTUNIVERSITYCOUGH).

so anyone wanna help me?

Better late than never. To assist you in your quest for an awesome HBCU, we have provided links to all of the interviews we have with Students and Alum from both Spelman and HowardU.


04-04-2013 02:21PM
Topic: Class of 2012: Howard University New Student Q&A!!
Posted By: MyHBCUInterview in Howard
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"breannalkthomas@hotmail.com" wrote:
Hey! I got into Howard--got my acceptance letter last month! But, I'm a little nervous about going to Howard. For one, FAFSA is only giving me $30,500 in LOANS to go -.- but, I'm also nervous that I'm not going to fit in at Howard. I have the capacity to be the center of attention, but I'm mostly shy, chubby, tomboyish, studious, and although there are SOME days where I dress really well, I bum out. I have a feeling that I could do very well at Howard--I have extensive leadership in community service and I'm really liberal, creative, active, bubbly, sweet, and intelligent and even a little talky when I'm allowed to be--but, I don't know. I'm scared that I won't fit in since I don't fit in at my high school. I don't fit in with blacks or whites :/ You guys think I'll fit in? And also, I got a 1620 on the SATs, a 3.5 UW GPA, and I plan to major in history (and maybe minor in sociology) and then go on to law school. Thanks for your time, you guys
Nah stress. You will fit in - just be yourself and those who like you will be gravitated towards you. Given your genius - you can also meet people by tutoring them. 

To help you meet some HU Alum and Students, here are all of the interviews we have on file about the HU experience http://www.myhbcuinterview.com/tag/howard-university/   Enjoy! 
04-04-2013 02:20PM
Topic: New NYC Police Chief is a Lincoln U. Alum
Posted By: MyHBCUInterview in HBCU Recruits!
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Nice find, so many alum of HBCUs are doing big things.
08-21-2011 07:28PM
Topic: HBCU vs Standard University
Posted By: MyHBCUInterview in Educational Issues & Concerns
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@jbooker2011 We love the fact that you are such a supporter of your alma mater, can we interview you?
07-14-2011 11:26PM
Topic: Come in if you are curious about the REAL HBCU Experience!
Posted By: MyHBCUInterview in HBCU Recruits!
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We have dedicated our site to one mission - showcasing the greatness of our HBCUs! We will give you just a taste of what lies before you if you attend an HBCU.

"Along with my great academic experiences I have met some lifelong friends at my institution. Over the years I have grown from a young lady into a woman. JCSU has made me more diverse and open minded. It has helped me get more involved into my community and it I get exposure to many people from different networks. Also being a student-athlete helps me take my pride from in the classroom to tennis courts. Overall my experience has been rewarding and unforgettable. I love my Gold and Blue." Miss JCSU 2011-2011 Rolanda Sue (JCSU = Johnson C. Smith University)

"I wanted to attend a HBCU because i felt like it was more of a family environment and they truly did care and want to see its students succeed." Malik Jorden Student @ Hampton University

Still don't believe us? Well visit our site and read for yourself - better yet speak with our interviewees. Your Family at MyHBCUInterview.com   

07-14-2011 11:13PM
Topic: Having Trouble with choosing school Tuskegee
Posted By: MyHBCUInterview in Interest Groups
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  Check out our Spelman interviews with Spelmanites Briana Adams Alexis Clark Bianca Dorsey Cimani Robinson and feel free to contact them and learn what it is really like attending Spelman! Your Family at MyHBCUInterview! 


"NoSE" wrote:
Well first off I am a sophomore. My G.P.A is a 3.5(working on getting it to a 3.7) Practice Act 30. Right now I'm looking at a couple of schools two that are  PWI (Northwestern University + Boston) My HBUC choose is Tuskegee university and Spelman. I like Tuskee better they have a straight forward Engineering degree unlike Spelman. One of my concerns are that I won't be able to get into a PhD program for Biomedical Engineering because of my undergrad choice(Tuskegee) or a job. I feel that I will have better luck with saying I went to Northwestern then Tuskegee. I want to go to a HBUC because the experience and most importantly the thriving social life that I can't get at Northwestern. The admission standards for Tuskegee are so low. I'm working my butt off and students with straight c's can get in. I go to  a all white school with few blacks. I'm comfortable but feel if I had black friends who wanted to do something with their life I would feel more at home. Please give advise on choosing school. Does it matter where you get your degree.

SIDE NOTE! I use to be in love with Spelman but the fact that it is an all girl school is  a negative. I know Morehouse is down the street but still....

07-14-2011 11:08PM
Topic: HELP! best HBCU for science
Posted By: MyHBCUInterview in Tha Yard
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"Natboogie" wrote:
Hello Im interested in a school with a really good science program...
The schools I dont want to go to is-
*Howard-I have premed friends there who transferred out, because the science program is TERRIBLE.
*Hampton- boring azz town, boring college.
*FAMU, since everybody and their mama go there lol(its my state hbcu)
*XULA, because I want a more traditional college with sports, plus with the whole katrna thing etc.
*PVAMU Its too far from home, and they barely take OOS students anyway, and its i a boring town
*Oakwood university, its religiously affiliated, boring, too strict. Not a traditional college..
*Spelman- All womens college
Clark atlanta- not good in science from what I hear

Are there other HBCU really strong in the sciences? RSVP!!

Please and thank you!!


Check out our website - we designed it for this reason amongst others. You will read unfiltered words from HBCU alum AND students. We have included their contact information in their profiles so that you can contact them and ask all the questions you want. No pumped up brochures here just honest interviews with students and alum that love their HBCU! Your Family at MyHBCUInterview - growing and giving!

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