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03-22-2008 07:53PM
Topic: VSU and Morgan
Posted By: graytgurl in HBCU Specific Topics & Concerns
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Morgan is cool. College depends on YOU though. I'm the type of person who can make the best out of any environment and milk it for all its resources to get what I want and achieve my goals. Some people can't do that, so they get discouraged. I love Morgan for all that its taught me, and all I have gained here. Some ppl will say the same thing that the guy said about VSU, minus the poorly renovated part. Our campus is under constant construction. We just got a new library, new student center, new parking garage and new telecom building all within the last 2 years.
03-22-2008 07:47PM
Topic: the pre-college program
Posted By: graytgurl in HBCU Specific Topics & Concerns
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Its a summer long progam where you and many other students will take classes over the summer to ease your transition into college. College students will serve as your mentors throughout the summer.
03-22-2008 07:46PM
Topic: The department of telecommunications
Posted By: graytgurl in HBCU Specific Topics & Concerns
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Yes morgan has an excellent tv production program and students have to create their own works from what I understand. We just got a new telecom building. I don't know about Dr.kapano, I am a business major. But I hear the telecom dept is on the rise.
12-25-2007 02:05PM
Topic: Ok...I'm partly stressin...HELP!
Posted By: graytgurl in Howard
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Depends on what you want your major to be. I chose Morgan over Howard. I got scholarships to both, but Morgan paid for EVERYTHING, so i took it. I'm a finance major, econ minor. Morgan has an excellent business program, Howard is known for their business program. It all depends on what you want to do. I was never the person to go after the HYPE around schools, and now that I'm a senior around companies. I go with what is best for ME, not everyone else. I wanted to go somewhere that had my major, that would be free, and had a good name. So I chose Morgan, and I never looked back. I don't know too much about VSU, but like I said it depends on what YOU are looking for in a school.
08-22-2007 12:41PM
Topic: Engineering at a hbcu
Posted By: graytgurl in HBCU Specific Topics & Concerns
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Morgan State has a great engineering program as well Morgan State University School of Engineering
08-18-2007 07:08AM
Topic: ACT or SAT
Posted By: graytgurl in HBCU Specific Topics & Concerns
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I took both but did better on the ACT...if ur a math person take the ACT...as long as the schools ur applying to accept it...u r good
08-08-2007 01:56PM
Topic: Did you make the right Decision?
Posted By: graytgurl in HBCU Recruits!
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YES I did make the right decision....if you are very driven then nothing should keep you from achieving your goals...If YOU personally feel like you wouldn't be able to make it with an HBCU degree then go somewhere where its easier for you to do so.
06-29-2007 11:49AM
Topic: Morgan State Tuition Question....
Posted By: graytgurl in HBCU Specific Topics & Concerns
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Ive never seen tuition due that early. Its normally due early Aug. I know its due for the second summer session around that time but July 1st is a sunday anyway...its can't possibly be due that day.
06-18-2007 12:55PM
Topic: Y dont girls give head
Posted By: graytgurl in For The Ladies
Replies: 114
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basically if you're not worthy...ur not worthy.... sorry...that "special attention" is reserved for a special someone...not just any random dude who talks a good game ...but if girls aren't givin the special attention to their MAN (who's sexually active) then he's prolly gettin it elsewhere or at least considerin it.....they need to grow up cuz a vagina is disgusting...i dont see how dudes do it...its all wet and stuff..the least their girl could do is kiss his penis or sumthin, if he's goin down on her with no problem It's not degrading...its only degrading if you sucking anything and everything walking...WOMEN need to please their men out here, if he's doin the same for u...at LEAST try it
06-14-2007 02:26PM
Topic: The Best of The Best: Your HBCU
Posted By: graytgurl in HBCU Specific Topics & Concerns
Replies: 3
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Campus:Morgan State University Location:Baltimore, Maryland Year(s) You Attended:3 Best Core Class(Easiest): African Diaspora Best Department: Business/Engineering (tie) Best Campus Hangout:Student Center/Bridge Best Nightclub: Mate Best Meal In The Cafe:Stir Fry Best Late Night Spot:IHOP/Denny's/ Applebees Best Sports Season: Football Best Team:Basketball Best On Campus Parties: SGA Best City Represented: PG/DC Best Sorority (by activities):ZPB Best Fraternity(by activities):APA Best Hair Stylist/Barber: Carmella in the shoppin center across the street Best Work Study: Your major department's office
06-13-2007 12:38PM
Topic: For the true ladies out there?
Posted By: graytgurl in For The Ladies
Replies: 25
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A Man who is a MAN...excluding physical characteristics I want a Man who is secure with himself, respectful, ambitious, intelligent, caring,strong and assertive (doesn't let me run over him becuz i will if he does), able to provide/take constructive criticism
06-05-2007 04:45PM
Topic: Who here got a full ride to Howard
Posted By: graytgurl in Howard
Replies: 31
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Yea I just got the legacy scholarship wit like a 3.8 and a 28 on my ACT
06-05-2007 12:12PM
Topic: First Day @ Your HBCU
Posted By: graytgurl in Tha Yard
Replies: 12
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First Day. I don't remember. I can remember like the day b4 the first day when we were all outside chillin in front of the library. There was a spades game going on and everyone was just talkin about what their schedule looked like. That was the night my future b/f and I found out we had the same teacher for Bio lol. I got his number the next day so he could be my study partner. That was 3 years ago, and we are still happily together
06-05-2007 05:08AM
Topic: vsu , hu , morgan state or hampton
Posted By: graytgurl in HBCU Specific Topics & Concerns
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Morgan is cool, I know plenty of Bio majors there and since we are right down the street from John Hopkins University, many of them do research there over the summer. John Hopkins is one of the top Med schools in the world so them doing research gets them a foot in the door for Med School. Im a business major and the Bio and Chem classes I did take were hard as hell. (I had to take the honors section which is basically the same as the one Bio majors take) I give props to anyone who makes it through that program. Campus life is cool although there are no parties on campus and Morgan is a dry campus which also means no alcohol. All the parties are held at clubs nearby which is better than a house party in my opinion. Dorm life sux but if you must baldwin and cummings are decent.
06-02-2007 04:17PM
Topic: "i Aint No African"nigerian Daughter Says
Posted By: graytgurl in Tha Yard
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LOL...My b/f is 1st generation 100% Nigerian-American ( I'm Black)...and so are many of my friends at Morgan. They all claim Nigeria and even speak with an accent to each other.About half of the guys say they wouldn't marry a Nigerian chick but ALL the girls are completely loyal to their countrymen and sometimes exclusively to their ethnic group.They all rep their heritage though but my b/f hates how the older Nigerians act. So closed minded and stuck up so he says.
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