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Fellas which do u like betta Posted on 05-27-2004

Fellas, which do u like betta: A.) The Girly Girl (high heels, nails and hair always done) B.) The Homegirl (jus chills wit ya, down for whateva) C.) The Gansta Chick (the crazy hood that holds her own and yours) D.) Lil Kim's Twin (freaky girl) This inquirin mind is dyin to know
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Jamaican_Cleo replied on 06-01-2004 10:43AM [Reply]
must be nice you seem cool as shyt..... thugged out n ish
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Soundcheck 1898 replied on 06-02-2004 01:17AM [Reply]
*~*~~Miss.Breenah~~*~* wrote:
monkrenny wrote:
lol this might sound stupid but I need a girl with like 50% of B and 24% of A and C. and like 2% of D minus the alien face. The freaky side should come naturally... I don't want her pullin no whips and Shiiiiiiiyiiiit out on me lol or even worse and find out she had a pint of some dudes stuff in her stomach...
LMAO!! he got it down to a science...finally a who niggga KNOW what he want
Ya damn right... im' renigging on that 2% tho... I just saw that lil kim/webster post.... awful... i'll just hope the freak comes naturally.
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replied on 06-02-2004 02:01AM [Reply]
Psi Squad Deuce 04 wrote:
ECHO wrote:
those all seem to be extremes to me, i'd like something in the middle so i guess a mix of A, B, and D
Double co signs
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replied on 06-02-2004 02:07AM [Reply]
honey71304 wrote:
ReDD HarLeM DeViLL wrote:
Hmmm...Good question, But is this as a Friend? a Possible Lover? or for YOUR GIRLFRIEND type of question? But anyways, I'ma need a Combo of A,B and C... The Gangsta HomeGirly Girl!!! Meaning She's Cool as hell, Fine as FuK, LooKs right in Boots or Heels, She can hang with the Fellas, Won't stand for no BuLL$#!T, Can get loud and ain't afraid of no B!tc# or NuGGa, Will step to a MuhFugga quicK, and can speaK proper as well as ebonic english. Oh yeah, and When that time presents itself ... she can be *D* that FREAK as well !!!!
Man im feelin that on tha real....cuzz uhh thats exactly what type of female I am...ask aroung in Houston(TSU AND PV)...they know
Oh, Is that so.... Well umm Hmmm... How about you hit me up! You can maKe you a new friend :wink:
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AggieWarrior from Charlotte, NC replied on 06-02-2004 09:54AM [Reply]

25% of each... for me you have to have a balance and know that there's a time and place for everything...
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AggieSweetie07 replied on 06-03-2004 04:01PM [Reply]
^^^what he said...cuz imma little of everything...but i'm more laid back than eva... :lol:
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replied on 06-03-2004 04:56PM [Reply]
I want a mix of all 4.
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SAG-NASTY_FELLA replied on 06-03-2004 07:21PM [Reply]
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replied on 07-05-2004 12:25PM [Reply]
B and D combined
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In Rod We Trust replied on 07-05-2004 12:33PM [Reply]
JusBree wrote:
Rodiculous wrote:
A mix between B and A
u dont want a freak Rod?
Every girl has a freaky side
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