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What School Should I Go To Posted on 04-24-2007

I have been accpected into three school Bennett College, Bethune-Cookman College, and Clark Atlanta University. I have no idea which one to go to I love that bennett has a great small-close knit feel to it. Bethune-Cookman College has been very generous with assistance, and my mother wants me to go to Clark because there's family there and they can keep an eye on me from time to time. Honestly I have no ideal what school I should go to so I was wondering if you guys would way in on your opinion listing some postives and negatives about the school. ~Thanks So Much
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TSUblueTiger replied on 04-25-2007 12:30PM [Reply]
I think all of your choices are great institutions. I would recommend attending the university that is the best in your Major. Research each university and see which one is nationally and/or internationally recognized in your field of study. Good Luck!
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sej1906 replied on 05-08-2007 12:21AM [Reply]
You may have the chance to do a year or semester exchange to other schools on your list. Call your school to see if there are "exchange student" programs. I remember meeting a girl from Bennett on an exchange to Howard U many years ago. You may be able to get the "best of both worlds". As for the family closeness... I'm very biased. College is your time to be the person YOU want to be. Being close to family is nice, but sometimes it can limit you... especially if you chose to go some place close to family, eventhough the school does not meet your professional needs. Your college experience will probably help shape the next 5-20+yrs of your career. Think about what is important and how it can impact taht 5-20yrs. In my case, I chose to go 600 miles away to Washington DC to attend Howard... I didnt see a lot of family during my time at Howard... but it made me a better person, more mature and more independant (and a better business man). Just my opinion. (I know I'm gonna kick my kids out and send them at least 250 miles away so they can get a similar experience... LOL) Seriously... just think about it. What do you want to acheive? Pick the best school for that. You will be happy for it later. IMO...
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JT Vaughan replied on 05-08-2007 11:21AM [Reply]
Agree with all that has been said. Also, look at folks who have graduated from those schools in your major. Contact them and ask their opinion. You'll be doing two things: 1. Getting an idea of what their experience was at the school and establishing a contact and mentor for future employment in the career of you choice. Whatg do you want to do anyway? Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Start in the future and work backwards. Also, watch the movie "The Secret". J.T. Vaughan, Auhor - Champions 7
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iluv_me replied on 06-05-2007 04:49AM [Reply]
Thanks for the help I decided to go to Clark it just seemed like the logical option even though I was finally accpected into Hampton University.
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