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Problem taking the plunge Posted on 05-31-2007

Ok so I just got back from Hampton's campus. It's zero hour, I have to make a choice now. My situation is I got into Hampton with a full scholarship, now I could go there or two hourse down the street I got accepted into University of Virginia, but that will cost me somewhere around 10,000 usd a year, that's a lot of cash. My problem is Hampton's reputation. Uva is generally in the top 30 colleges in the United States. Most lists I check don't place Hampton in the top 100. I want to get the best education I can, but it is difficult to justify 40000 usd of debt when I get out of college. I'm just worried that graduating from Hampton, or any HBCU really will place me in the "hired for affirmitive action" bin forever. I'm also reluctant to go to a college where I am one of the top candidates, I feel like my degree won't be taken seriously, and I won't get as good of an education. I don't mean to sound condescending or egotistical or anything and I know a lot of people may think I'm crazy, I would just appreciate your feedback.
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graytgurl replied on 05-31-2007 06:41PM [Reply]
Its up to you...whats ur major of choice? UVA has an excellent business school and Hampton's is okay as well. UVA is a top school and so is Hampton (for an HBCU). Really it depends on what ur looking for...you can get good jobs coming out of both schools.You'll be put into the affirmative action bin all your life as long you aren't checking off the Caucasian box or they see your skin color. So that doesn't matter. I know plenty of Ivy League students in diversity initiative programs.Many top companies have these programs and who cares how you got in? You got in didnt you? College debt is good debt and as long as you plan on doing something with your life and you work hard to ensure it...that debt doesn't matter as long as you pay it off. You may be able to get more scholarship money while in school depending on how ur grades look. The lifestyles will also be different between the two schools. So whatever type of lifestyle you want could also be a factor.
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2Dolce4Gabbana replied on 06-01-2007 04:54AM [Reply]
Um..."hired for affirmitive action" bin? Have you stopped and taken a look and what the graduates Hampton University are doing? Thats most important when it comes to what school one should attend. Do you have any evidence which supports HBCU degrees wont be taken seriously in the working world? Like graytgurl said, does it really matter HOW you got the job?? When it comes to any sort of rankings, HBCUs typically dont make the list based on the criteria they used to rank each school. But that doesnt count them out as not being good schools compared PWIs. For example (dont mean to shout out my college but its a good example), Black Enterprise magazine ranked morehouse from #1 to #45 in 2004. Why? Well, according to the magazine, unlike in the past, they put increased emphasis on the size of the institution, and on one year’s graduation rate, the year 2004. Well that doesn't count because morehouse is a small school and has no plans on increasing its size. Even in 2004, the year Morehouse's graduation rate was the lowest it has been for the past five years, we still graduated 465 students – more African American males, Morehouse believes, than any other institution of higher education in the NATION (mind you,the average graduation rate nationally for African American males is about 33 percent). This obviously won't allow us to compare larger institutions, based specifically on Black Enterprise's RANKING CRITERIA. So if your going to based your decisions on what "rank" your school is, then you are really going to have to analyze how they rank schools and determine if it's accurate. And even still, you probabaly won't have the kind of experience at a PWI as you would at an HBCU, whos campuses usually support togetherness along with brother/ sisterhood, and overall pride in who you are and where your ancestors come from. Take a look at what this woman had to say about attending an HBCU: YouTube - AUC Ed But in the end it's all up to you and what you feel is best for you. This is just my take on it.
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