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College Dropouts and Reading Habits Posted on 12-18-2007

Hawthorne, CA
Dropouts and Reading Habits According to the National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education, for every 100 ninth-graders, 68 graduate on time, and 40 of those go to college. But by the following year, 13 of them have dropped out. Why so many? Complete story: Brainstorm: Dropouts and Reading Habits - Chronicle.com
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replied on 12-18-2007 03:40PM [Reply]
Because some students can't adapt to the new environment. In high school, teachers spoon feed the students information, instead of making them read ro find it. In college, professors lead you in the right direction but ultimately its up to you go after the knowledge. Those students who can adapt to the learning styles of the college environment have the best chance at successfully completing a degree program. Those who fail to adapt.....fall by the way side
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