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Hbcu's And Their Societal Significance Posted on 05-30-2008

Historically Black College and University are institutions established during the height of racial segregation in America, for the educational advancement of African Americans. These colleges have been the learning arena, for countless successful African Americans. Individuals who influenced profound changes in the society. Many black leaders have attended HBCU’s which was viewed as a means of alleviating their impoverished past by achieving enlightenment. These colleges have established accreditation nationwide, and are revered among the nation’s best schools. Learning institutions such as Hampton University, Howard University, and Jackson State University, who are renowned for their variety of influences, are HBCU’s. The main similarity these institutions possess, is their effort for black advancement. HBCU’s are among the nation’s highest ranked universities, based on their successful history of producing distinguished graduates, who are highly demanded in the employment arena. These universities produce more successful graduates, than world renowned institutions such as Harvard, and Yale. Many important figures to our society such as David Satcher, U.S. Surgeon General, Dr. Lasalle D. Laffall jr., president of American Cancer Society, Oprah Winfrey, Media Mogul, Martin Luther King, Activist, and George Washington Carver, Activist/innovator.HBCU graduates who later utilized their enlightenment to help black people strive for progress. Martin Luther King, used his acquired knowledge to assist the eradication of the segregation in the South. His predecessor George Washington Carver, used his education to teach former slaves how to acquire self sufficiency both financially and socially. These institutions have been the silent motivational forces, that influence America’s strive for societal progression. The changes influenced in our society by HBCU’s have improved America, from slavery to our incumbent times. These institutions are vital for the advancement of future generations. HBCU’s will continue to achieve greatness, by preparing and giving future leaders the arena necessary for their personal advancement. Although these institutions are now faced with tougher standards for government financial support, higher levels of desegregation, and an increase of equality throughout the education system. They still hold immense significance, for their historical attributes and perpetually improving rate of successful graduates higher than most Ivy League colleges. These schools offer state of the arts education in all career sectors. Hampton University, is among America’s leading research colleges; Howard University; is among the best law college, and Xavier; is among best business in the country. They will continue to provide a media for success, by allowing low income Americans the opportunity to achieve self improvement. Their accessibility to low income citizens, will reemphasize the devotion to societal change, by providing a media for individual progress. These institutions also offer unbiased, un-racist opportunities to individuals from all nations, culture, and social hierarchy, to enhance their education in a positive productive environment. HBCU’s offer immense levels of information that can’t be learnt at other types of colleges. A reaffirmation of African cultural identity can be attained, cultural pride, along with your career. These institutions potentially can educate an individual on aspects of life such as methods to achieve personal dreams. The lessons acquired from these institutions will have a profound impact on your future. They are crucial to the progression of our civilization and should be revered for their perpetual contribution to our society by securing education for all.
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Home > Forums > Interest Groups > HBCU Specific Topics & Concerns > Scholarship Opportunities > Essay Submissions: Living the HBCU Legacy
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