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It's Up to Muslim & Christian Hip Hop... Posted on 07-03-2008

Alright...I admit that I'm an old skool purist when it comes to Rap & Hip Hop. I long for the days when talented emcees used to "spit" lyrics over sampled P-Funk beats and Jazz riffs. The best of them had something meaningful to say. In many of those lyrics was something that was socially, politically, or spiritually-relevant to listeners. Those artists who didn't get into the heavy issues would still put out stuff that was still cool to listen to without reaching down into the gutter of immorality to find something to put on wax. I mean we had songs like "Kick Push" and "Bird's Eye View" back then. It seems now that mainstream artists have all sold their souls to the Devil in order to gain the riches of this world....they never take heed of the fact that our time in this temporal world is only a second compared to the Hereafter. In my capacity as an Internet radio station owner, I deal with a handful of "conscious" artists on the horizon who are trying to bring Hip Hop back to its essence. These artists are motivated by a real love and respect for hip hop and what it used to be. However I don't think this is enough to keep these young artists focused on this mission. I think that it is those artists who draw their strength of conviction from their belief in an All-Seeing, All-Hearing, Living God, and the support of the church and the masjid that will be the ones to pick up the torch and push on towards bringing about a lasting change that hip hop needs in order to survive. Peace & God Bless, -Br. Jamaal
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