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Questions about Hampton Posted on 07-08-2008

I am a senior in high school and i am interested in Hampton. I have a few questions for students who currently attend Hampton or people who have graduated from Hampton. 1. How is the campus? 2. How are the dorms? 3. How is the social aspect? 4. How is the academic aspect? 5. What is there to do in your free time? 6. I want to major in Accounting or Mathematics, so I was wondering if anyone could tell me about those majors and how the classes are. And any other information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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treyslizzle replied on 07-08-2008 02:13AM [Reply]
Man, I'll be going to Hampton in August, but I try my best to answer my questions. 1. Hampton is always known for its beautiful campus. Its right by the water and its a very pleasant scenery. 2. I have saw a couple of dorms there. They're nothing to brag about. I mean I have never lived in a luxurious suite so its normal for me. 3. As far as the social aspect, you will have most of your fun on campus. I heard the homecoming was okay and the school spirit was alright. Just like in middle school and high school you will have fun if you know a lot of people. As far as 4-6 somebody else will have to answer that. Top Hbcus ( No order) Morehouse Spelman Hampton Howard Famu Nc A&t Tsu Clark Atlanta
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breakfield_j replied on 07-11-2008 03:13AM [Reply]
thank you treslizzle
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treyslizzle replied on 07-11-2008 04:08PM [Reply]
Anytime. Good Luck!!!
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YoungPhenom4TheFuture replied on 07-11-2008 06:24PM [Reply]
Okay...I guess I'll help you out then. I'm a sophmore by the way and I just finished up freshman year so its pretty fresh lol 1. How is the campus? Campus is beautiful. We're surrounded by water on three sides which can be a good and a bad thing. It means that we're pretty safe considering there's only one way on and off the campus foreal. It sucks because the only side that isn't surrounded by water is basically I-64, ergo, you need a car for where ever you want to go. Your big bro and big sis will be LIFESAVERS. 2. How are the dorms? The dorms are pretty much par for the course as far as HBCUs go. Twitchell, VC, Moton, Kennedy(honors) have ac. Davidson, Kelsey don't. For guy dorms...James has AC, Harkness is working on AC, and pierce is the honors dorm that also has AC. 3. How is the social aspect? Blah..lol sike nah. Its strait. We don't have a whole lot of campus parties at all tho. The Ques threw a pj party last year and there was nothing after that. Most all of your parties will be happening off campus at various venues...ie white house, legion, royal suites, harbors or whatever. 4. How is the academic aspect? HU is defintely an academic school. Not that we don't excell in the sports arena...but our students are focused. I know yall have heard the joke about calling a Hampton grad 'boos'...yea that's real talk. We produce leaders and it makes me proud to be a Hamptonian even if they piss me off all the damn time. 5. What is there to do in your free time? lol...sleep. No but really...there's this thing called 12-2 in the SC every day where tay james just plays music and people just chill and people watch. 12-2 can be very serious so beware...do not get sucked into. If you have a 1 o'clock class...please take your tail to class. Its never that serious where you need to schedule classes around 12-2 (and it happens...). You can see the greeks stroll anytime...boo for that. And you can always STUDY in your free time...lol see how i slipped that in there? 6. I want to major in Accounting or Mathematics, so I was wondering if anyone could tell me about those majors and how the classes are. You should be a math major. And yea...this is totally me injecting my opinion into your business...but dammit I don't really care. You can't go wrong being a math major...like really. African Americans ...or any minority really in the math and science field are in high demand. I've been told that accounting is pretty much a dead field since the inception of turbotax =[ (depending on what you're trying to do i guess..=\) And HU has plenty of programs for math and science majors where you can be getting paid seriously, and can even go to PC for free (SMEEP!!) hope this helped out =]
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treyslizzle replied on 07-11-2008 10:07PM [Reply]
^^^ Finally got a fellow Hamptonian in tha threads.^^^
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YoungPhenom4TheFuture replied on 07-12-2008 01:49AM [Reply]
ooh yea lol...I creep on here from time to time. I keep reminding myself not to be so ghost so often cuz i know yall got questions.
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breakfield_j replied on 07-15-2008 03:33AM [Reply]
yeah that helped alot! thank you! lol i take it as though your majoring in math?? lol
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YoungPhenom4TheFuture replied on 07-15-2008 05:06AM [Reply]
lol nahh...one of my good friends is though. I'm a pharmacy major for now...but I'm pretty sure when I get back to campus I'm going to change it pure chemistry....
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treyslizzle replied on 07-15-2008 05:34PM [Reply]
Hey I got some questions. How is the homecoming? Which BGLO runs the yard? How is the Mass Communications Major DEPT?
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