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Forum Suggestion: More Entertainments Posted on 07-09-2008
C Nels

~steps onto soapbox and adjusts the mic~ Ahem... Aside from the Music, Sports, Lyricist Lounge, and Book Club I think that separate forums for TV, Movies and Live Performances(Plays, Comedy Shows, etc) should be added underneath "Entertainment". Right now if you wanted to start a thread about any of those topics, you basically have to put it in "Tha Yard" or you just don't post it. I think they would benefit the forums as a whole. Let the Entertainment Movement begin! ~slams the mic, cuz I'm done, and makes sure it's broke...steps down from soapbox~
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ecepeda from Hialeah, FL replied on 09-08-2009 02:17PM [Reply]

Hey, how about having a feature where the posters, us-ins, we the people,  play games to compete against eachother? A game like street fighter or something.  Maybe it's not as simple as it sounds but whatever...just mull on the idea.

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DonDada from Blacklick, OH replied on 09-08-2009 02:20PM [Reply]

I like that idea... We'll look into it... We're going to add a very interactive chatroom soon.
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