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The Good Life - Models & Money!!! - TJ's DJ's/OZONE Awards 3 Posted on 07-11-2008

No Sleep Promotions
Da Cross, GA
Model Search & Money Makers - 3rd Annual TJ's DJ's/OZONE Awards Weekend -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **If you are in the Houston area and wish to volunteer or want to be a model during the 3rd Annual TJ's DJ's/OZONE Awards meet us at the Hilton-Americas - Downtown Houston, Room 335A for a volunteers/model casting call from 8am-5pm!** As amazing as it seems, time has quickly passed resulting in the 3rd Annual TJ's DJ's/OZONE Awards less than 4 short weeks away on August 8-11 in Houston, TX. What this means is if you haven't already, now is the time to lock in your place in history by selecting which package you'd like to take advantage of. If we haven't come to some conclusion with you by the end of the day Monday, time will have expired and you will miss out on this wonderful opportunity. In fact, we only have a few remaining slots available for performances or tracks on our official conference Xclusives CD. So, if you're interested in these particular opportunities, make sure you send your music to [EMAIL="sponsor@tjsdjs.com"]sponsor@tjsdjs.com[/EMAIL] (192 bit rate mp3s - dirty versions are preferred). Remember if you want to grace our stage, it is in 8 minute blocks so please send all of the music you plan on performing in that time frame (usually 2-3 records). If, however, you are a forward thinker and handled your business. We will be in contact with you shortly to make sure your package is complete. But, if you're feeling anxious you can always catch the marketing director Keith by email - [EMAIL="keith@tjsdjs.com"]keith@tjsdjs.com[/EMAIL] or on the phone at the office - 850.878.3634. Remember fortune favors the bold, so take action by reaching out to us NOW to increase your fortune by utilizing the 3rd Annual TJ's DJ's/OZONE Awards Weekend. Contact Keith Kennedy today at 850.878.3634 or email [EMAIL="Keith@TJsDJs.com"]Keith@TJsDJs.com[/EMAIL] For more info: Volunteers - [EMAIL="volunteers@tjsdjs.com"]volunteers@tjsdjs.com[/EMAIL] Models - [EMAIL="tasties@tjsdjs.com"]tasties@tjsdjs.com[/EMAIL] ============================ Stay tuned to your email as well as TJ's DJs Tastemakers Only Conference / Ozone Magazine Awards Official Site and http://www.ozonemag.com for more information. REGISTER and BOOK ROOMS TODAY! TJ's DJs Tastemakers Only Conference / Ozone Magazine Awards Official Site For SPONSORSHIP INFO contact: Keith [EMAIL="keith@tjsdjs.com"]keith@tjsdjs.com[/EMAIL] 850.878.3634
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