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Essay Submission Posted on 07-29-2008

Sitting in my Professional Life Skills class in my sophomore year, college was all I dreamed about. What school do I want to go to, what do I want to study, do I want to leave home? These questions remained in my mind throughout the entire day. My prayers were answered by a prestigious befitting Historically Black College/University known as Howard University. This was where I began my walk in fulfilling my dream of attending Howard University. Many Americans do not understand the pride that African Americans take in having their own University that isn’t subject only to those of the Black ancestry, but targeted mostly towards them. Many HBCU’s have been the Alma Mater of many Black Historians such as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Booker T. Washington, and Rosa Parks just to name a few. Without the education of our own HBCU’s, American History and America in itself would not be the same. When African-Americans attend these Universities/Colleges, a sense of pride is withheld that only a Black person would understand. With the struggles in the past, it is time for us as Blacks to make a difference. One way that this has been initiated is by the institutions known as Historically Black Colleges/Universities. When it comes to choosing select colleges, students take many details into consideration, such as location, cost, and diversity. When it comes to me, I felt as if I wanted to become knowledgeable of where I came from and the advances that my people have made. The only institution that fit me was an HBCU. Thousands of students across America felt the same way I do. Only at an HBCU can we be taught, encouraged, inspired by our own. It would feel more like being taught my family than a stranger. America needs HBCU’s to show that not only have African-Americans pressed forward but the United States also. Other countries can be convinced that the USA is not the same Confederate and Union that it was over 100 years ago. Now that I begin this lifelong journey towards my future, I will never forget that it was a Historically Black College/University that enabled me towards success. Failure is not an option when it comes to determining my future. I know that I will be in great care and leadership at an HBCU. A lot can be learned from attending an HBCU. I have not attended one yet but I know that Howard will not let me down, and neither will any of the fellow HBCU’s when it comes to their students.
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Home > Forums > Interest Groups > HBCU Specific Topics & Concerns > Scholarship Opportunities > Essay Submissions: Living the HBCU Legacy
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