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Attention HBCU students!!! Posted on 07-31-2008
savannah, GA
HBCUís have had a great impacted on American history and have made it far more easy for African American to further their higher education. The first established HBCU (Cheyney) was in 1837. An Philadelphia Quaker who had an passion for education wanted to see youthful African descents have a fair chance to attend college, which was nonexistent before Cheyney came about. HBCUs are still vital to today's society. There is so much of our culture that some youths are unaware of or ignorant to. When you speak of history which is not taught in some of our households, the youth of today will not have a since of the some of the most important things. A lot of real black history is not taught in public school systems. Public schools do not have courses such as African American studies like Savannah State offers. My HBCU requires the students to take Africa America studies so the students get a further understanding of our history, also there aare guest speakers who visit the campus to speak about black pride and our legacy. Those things are prime examples of benefits of an HBCU that would not regularly happen very often on the campus of an non- HBCU school systems. The HBCU that I attend has been a very enlightening and helpful experience for me. Even though Iíve had difficult encounters in my quest for financial aid. Iíve learned valuable lessons from the experience such as keeping accurate records, accountability, and oh yes patience. My experience brought out talents that I did not even know I possessed. The nurturing and personal attention you receive at an HBCU will not be found at any other major institution. For those who have not attend a HBCU or do not want their children to attend or anyone else for that matter due to problems experienced with the schools finances, personnel, or lack of resources should reconsider the whole experience. Itís an once in a life time experience and the difficulties that are endured during that time should be treasured and may help that person later in life .It is time for supporters of the black community to help further the future of HBCU institutions, and generations to come should be able to capitalize on this opportunity also. This will give future generations the right mind set to know they are as prepared as anyone from a majority institution, and most importantly, they will have pride in the culture. Attending a HBCU was a very smart decision on my part and Iím happy to be part of the legacy of Savannah State University.
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Home > Forums > Interest Groups > HBCU Specific Topics & Concerns > Scholarship Opportunities > Essay Submissions: Living the HBCU Legacy
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