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HBCU Colleges Posted on 08-01-2008

For years, Historically Black Colleges and Universities (“HBCU”) have been a cornerstone of our history. They have provided students with a rich academic experience and a high quality of education. They have provided the black students with an avenue to an education who may not have been normally afforded the opportunity. This avenue could have been in regards to lack of financial resources or academic proficiency. Once these students are admitted, many of them have been transformed into better academic performers and leaders. They gained a sense of pride, self confidence, and self esteem for themselves, their school, and the community. Many students would not have made it, if it was not for the HBCUs. These colleges and universities have produced many graduates that have significantly impacted history. As a result, many of our black leaders have come from black colleges and universities. There are many factors that have impacted the success of HCBUs. First of all, they provide unique traditions and culture that students aren’t able to obtain at other colleges. The students are provided with the opportunity to collaborate with others who not only resemble them but can relate to them. Because the population is primarily black, the students are not treated as inferior by their peers and the professors. They have a tendency to make lifelong friends and form relationships with the professors. There is a support system with the professors and students and this support system has a larger presence on black campuses. HBCUs are also supported and uplifted by the administrators, faculty, students, community, and alumni. The professors truly care about the student’s future and about them as an individual. Therefore, they have a tendency to receive positive nurturing and reinforcement. The students are told that they are smart and that they can be whatever they set their minds and hearts to do. HBCUs are still relevant today because they are still providing our leaders of tomorrow. They are allowing the students to excel socially and academically. These students achieve a sense of acceptance, connection, encouragement, and support in which they can take into their professional life. The mentoring program is second to none and many students are truly taken under the professor’s wing and really learn how to fly. These schools have continued to provide the students access to quality academic programs in a nurturing climate that is both enriching and supportive. HBCUs have contributed to building a strong foundation based on academic excellence, achievement, and a vision for the future. The lessons that we have learned is that we are building our students’ futures by contributing to their education today. These students and graduates will help shape the world for future generations. HBCUs will continue to be viewed as institutions of educational excellence. They will continue to even the playing field so that black students have the tools and talents to place them on the plane of opportunity, success and brightness. HBCUs believe and encourage “Students to spread their wings and Fly!” This philosophy has empowered students to realize their dream, reach their full potential, and ultimately change the world.
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Home > Forums > Interest Groups > HBCU Specific Topics & Concerns > Scholarship Opportunities > Essay Submissions: Living the HBCU Legacy
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