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Am I your Girlfriend or your Mother?? Am I controlling??? Posted on 08-05-2008

I Always Said I would Never date anyone younger than me not matter what the Margin.. Im doing just that and have been for a year!!.. Wow I know right he's only a week older than me and Love him every much as U all can Tell but Sometimes I feel Like his Girlfriend and then there's other times I feel Like his Mother you know telling him what to do Phone Bills HOMEWORK,ect... and he actually LISTENS to me ( Maybe not the first time) I mean I can be crazy sometimes but most of the time Im cool headed and can tolerate him because He can be as STUBBORN as I am Then again We are under the same Zodiac!! Our relationship is sometimes Like Looking in the Mirror at each other, We have broken up before for only like 3 days so and once for like two weeks that didnt work either!! LOL In that Short Time Period we were apart I had Older Guys that Tried to talk to me but turned them ALL down! I am doing the Same thing Acting like his MOTHER and I dont even Realize IT. Dose this mean Im Controlling??
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sabrinaashields17 replied on 08-06-2008 08:44PM [Reply]
konvinceme wrote:
Honey youth aint a bad thing lol. Enjoy it, make mistakes that you can survive and learn from them lol. I have grown so much in the last year in a half it is ridiculous, believe me. I was stubborn, self-centered, quick to snap, call it quits and leave everybody in the dust lol. But I have learned to chose my battles, pray (because the outcome is not up to me) and be observant. I have a 20 year old niece in nursing school and we have the same talks. She thinks relationships should be like what you see in the movies or on tv. I told her that tv and movies are only about an hour of your life....you know other things happen after that lol. Enjoy it all now because when life hits yah (Im in school full time, working part time and have a part time internship- he works two full time jobs) your relationships are tested. Our next date is gonna be at my school library because I have to some things in order for classes lol.
Wow A date at the Library... Dont forget your Card LOL.. Thanks for the advice and Im Loving my young life trust me... Thanks again
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