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Vote The Homie Jessica Rochelle Sea''slept On Model Of The Year" Posted on 11-13-2008

No Sleep Promotions
Da Cross, GA
I wanted to remind you all of Jessica's nomination and let you know that you can catch some of her features on the following websites listed below! She is grindin' hard people and she wont stop until she gets to the top and when that happens she still will continue to strive for excellence! Jessica reps Core Models Worldwide all day everyday! hIT her at MySpace.com - www.myspace.com/40488425 FOR VIDEOS AND MORE UPDATES!!! **** VOTE HER IN AT Southern Entertainment Awards :: Vote AS SLEPT ON MODEL OF THE YEAR!!! THANK YOU AGAIN ALL FOR YOUR CONTINUED SUPPORT!!!!!!***** HERE ARE SOME OF HER MANY FEATS. AND OF COURSE MORE IS TO COME... AS YOU CAN TELL SHE HAS BEEN WORKING PRETTY HARD! **VOTING ENDS DEC 15** **ALSO CONTINUE TO CHECK JESS OUT AT MySpace.com - www.myspace.com/40488425 AND STAY UP TO DATE WITH HER VIDEOS AND BLOGS** JESS'S STATS ARE 34-25-38 FACEBOOK- JESSICA ROCHELLE- CHARLOTTESVILLE,VA All Hip Hop Music & Videos, Interviews, News, Reviews & Models- in the icecream parlor The Dynasty Series - powered by The SHOW Show and Melanzah Entertainment- spotlight search jessica rochelle Cutiecentral.com - Cuties Welcome- search jessica rochelle GritsandEggs.com: #1 Online Resource for Hip-Hop, RnB, and Urban Entertainment News, Reviews, and Music Downloads ( thats her media family holding it down as always) Hip Hop Honeys at Hip Hop Video Models – Popular Video Girls Pictures AND ALWAYS TUNE INTO THOSE RADIO STATIONS... NEVER KNOW WHERE J.R. WILL BE NEXT Currently you can catch her on Blog talk radio, Six Degrees with her friend, manager of B.C Jagganot, Anthony Brice And also vote these following categories: SLEPT ON MODEL: JESSICA ROCHELLE ( had to remind ya) Next Top Model of the Year: Kiara B ( LOVE YA BOO) Impact Model of the Year: Malaysia Carter Model of the Year: Vanessa Phan( LOVE YA TOO!) Model Agency of the Year: Core Models ( we tha best!) DJ Crew of the Year: Core DJs Worldwide ( and you already know...) Impact DJ of the Year/ Industry Exec.: Tony Neal ( MAD RESPECT!) Industry event of the year: Core Dj Retreat ( CAUSE WE GO HARD!) Old School DJ of the Year: Derek "Big DM" Durand ( DA MAN!) Radio Show of the Year: Durrty Boyz (WHTA Hot 107.9 Atlanta, GA) Urban Magazine of the Year: Omigawd Magazine ( CHECK ME OUT IN THEIR NEXT ISSUE!) Perfomance of the year : B.O.B ( my bruh) Indie Artist: B.O.B again!! :o) Club Dj of The Year/ Best Skills on Mixtape: Dj ike GDA ( MY ROLL DAWG) Break Through Personality: Dj Storm!!! ( REP. FOR THE LADIES) Internet/Satellite Radio Station of the year: Hiphopfriendsonline.com ( MY BABIES!) Internet Hustler: Morton Sisters ( DEFINTION OF TRUE GRINDERS) Record Promoter of The Year: TJ DJ! ( THE REALEST) Industry power player ( male):Feygens "ChuckieBigBux" Saint-Joy ( HOMIE!) Industry Power Player (female) : Julia Beverly ( THE REALEST) Online Mag: Grits& Eggs.com ( AYE FAM!) ROLE MODEL: GRAND PRIX ( CAUSE THATS JUST HOW IT HAS TO BE!)
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