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ERADICATION...hard ish Posted on 07-16-2004
I'm So St. Louis

what's the point of the game beside financial gain well, let me explain. its like an ill pulse throbbin your veins a serpent slitherin inside of your brain rap's been obliterated n i 9 9 a z all startin to sound the same inspirations been replaced with duplication loops are lucrative new exclusive hits this movement is one with purpose deep rooted beneath the surface a prophesied reemergence the lift of iron curtains our culture's been murdered the vengeance must exceed grievances and push limits further for the sake of elevation the state of this hip hop nation is beyond resuscitation we need recreation not a remix I write with trees lit in silence and see music synthaestian my whole team bent black militant promised prominence poetic benediction got me confident bomb your confidants leave an audience convinced worth more than a bid STEPHANIE is a sentence lyrical lyricist lightin leaf liquorish luminant luxuriant linguistically literate style illegitimate crush oppositions till they makin propositions playin my sole position vision your ambition lavishly livin tree habit is got damnit herbal verbals I smoke n i 9 9 a z... what I sell is like cancer spread the word like religion leadin by example graduated way before I turned my tassel takeover beats without the rock n roll samples guaranteed to leave my enemies dismantled what your chances would be is next to none the I in number 1 the eye on everyone keep your eyes on us continue to discuss hatred turned to love endures times tough plus increases faith in us the world is so corrupt I'm among the few you can trust an StLShawty original
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07-16-2004 01:43PM [Reply]

Soul D-Psi-ple
Mount Rainier, MD
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StLShawty-BamaBound wrote:
STEPHANIE is a sentence lyrical lyricist lightin leaf liquorish luminant luxuriant linguistically literate style illegitimate
........Say that 3 times fast. I dare ya. Nah, j/k lol. Anyways, I want some leaf liquorish too. Hook ya boi up. :wink: I got something for this though....

www.myspace.com/bchap151 www.myspace.com/saintbmc www.myspace.com/saintlou770 You know you wanna FACEBOOK ME DAMMIT!!! "Don't you see my spaceship?!?! It's a Dodge......."
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08-25-2005 02:35PM [Reply]
I'm So St. Louis

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i liked this one alot, maybe you will too

XANGA UPDATE: The unexplainable radar....
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10-09-2005 10:50PM [Reply]

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O my goodness....Im a fan....Ur poetry skillz is off the chain.....U were killin wit the L's, I def got tongue tied.....Keep on doin what cha doin

Favorite Quote:Always Remember 2 Never 4get!
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