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Is it taboo? Posted on 10-09-2004

Yo I got a friend who is still into running trains..I mean do what you do but I dont know..somethings you should grow out of at a certain age..or not even get into period.
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MustBNice334 from Atlanta, GA by way of Montgomery..aka..G, AL replied on 10-10-2004 01:18AM [Reply]

I ain't never ran a train on a girl or anything like that......just didn't excite me, personally. I don't think it's a high school thing, cause I'm in my third year of college and dudes still be talkin bout it....I did say TALKIN bout it. I mean some folks can get down with that, but I ain't one of em. Now if my boy wants my leftovas..........let me stop...lol
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In Rod We Trust replied on 10-14-2004 10:12AM [Reply]
Hell its better that G'in a bytch
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replied on 11-14-2004 11:31AM [Reply]
Running a train is nothing. It doesn't appeal to me anymore but best believe when me and my sons did tthem I had to go first. Just don't wana poke something my mans just did. yeah its grimey to run trains but thats the girl's choice. as you get older you looking for better things like that one girl no one knows about and thats exclusively yours. Always remember though girls are just like guys and they get right too.
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KärolinaPläyboy from charlotte, NC replied on 11-14-2004 11:56PM [Reply]
brings back memories of this cheerleader we had at my school. she got ran through so much, they nicknamed the whole Dorm, Carter "Train Station" Hall. I'm talkin bout every 5 mins somebody else would knock on ol buddies door and get some cut then rowl out. Had a videotape an everything! Needless to say, the Dean of SAffair, pulled her to the side she got transferred. Them was back in my virgin days sO I just thought tha sh!t was funnie. lol
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replied on 11-15-2004 01:09PM [Reply]
I just feel that there are somethings that shouldn't even be done, and trains are one of em 8)
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Its_like_candie replied on 11-15-2004 01:45PM [Reply]
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kujo from baltimore, MD replied on 11-16-2004 09:26AM [Reply]
THAT IS SOME NASTY SH*T!!! I have to agree w/some of the others. How could that possibly be intriguing to anyone? If that is what your into then that's your business. I just don't understand!!!!
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tigeress05 replied on 11-17-2004 01:20AM [Reply]
The sad thing is that some girls like freaky sh*t like that!!! Like my freshman year, it was a girl got caught up in the guys dorm doin the same thing. My homeboy callin me like..."Bri, why____in here servin up guys??!!!" The sad thing, she was doin it to some guys that stayed in the same dorm as her twin brother!!! Mind u that this was our freshman year, so they were like talkin out it for the rest of the semester. Think she learned from being caught?? Nah, old girl stayed here and caught on camera this time doing the same thing!!!! Ladies & Gents, if u must get freaky.....first, dont get caught!!!!! Second, dont tape it!!!! TU......U KNOW!!!!!!
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blkfiyahncarolina replied on 11-17-2004 09:49AM [Reply]
Nasty...who is nasty the guys or the girls? :x ... Can you blame a n*gga..if you dont care why should we...if you open the door might as walk in it.. But for the record..my girl is too good to be sharing..
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