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your face belongs to noxema... Posted on 03-30-2005

aight fellas... before i type another word, lemme remind yall that i'm a staunch conservative carolina getterdone and i voted for bush... aight, so i was looking at my eyebrowns in the mirror like 2 days ago...my sister came in the bathroom and told me that i was looking dirty with "all dem brows..." so i was like, "you gonna fix 'em?" so she like tweezed them for me, and i have to admit, n!gga looking sharp. i don't have the dayum things going in like 40 directions looking like i'm indian or something... yeah fellas i was wondering what beauty tips you borrow from the ladies...yeah and i also wash my face every night before i go to bed with noxema...and when i wake up 8-)
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replied on 03-30-2005 10:12PM [Reply]
I ain't even gonna lie. I let a chick trim my eyebrows before. I'm prolly gonna do it regularly when i get older and looking real fresh is really important to me. I'm one of those thick browed n*ggaz and my shyt can get long. I got braids too, so i learned how to take care of my hair from females too.
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Hahaha replied on 03-31-2005 10:23AM [Reply]
yeah and i also file my toenails...just in case a chick want to get her toe suck on...(nessa) who knows not me we never lost control you're face... to face... with the man who sold the world. and your face belongs to noxema 8-) (nessa)
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IgnoranceIsBliss replied on 04-13-2005 05:18PM [Reply]
Ain't this kinda like my feminine side post?
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Hahaha replied on 04-14-2005 09:41AM [Reply]
MeganJerai wrote:
Ain't this kinda like my feminine side post?
i posted mine first!!!! mines just ain't get no play :-( (nessa)
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IgnoranceIsBliss replied on 04-14-2005 03:37PM [Reply]
^Oh I didnt notice the date.
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