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Brittani from College Hill Posted on 07-06-2005
In Rod We Trust

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d.blaze replied on 07-09-2005 01:41PM [Reply]
DaStrongSilentType wrote:
not sayin i wouldnt hit...id hit fasho, but she jus look damn weird 2 me
cosign actually i wouldn't even hit cuz on top of her weird face she is crazy she looks kinda slow 2 me
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replied on 07-13-2005 01:50AM [Reply]
I think Britt is a little differnt but the reason why I diddnt like her on the show was because of the way she was treating ISRAEL that made me soooo mad! ....Poor Israel kept defending himself and getting in arguments with her the whole season ... its like he couldnt do anything without her yelling at him ... She was Crazie but she doesnt look ugly to me she is pretty but her attitude is not nice at all
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