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Don't Quit! Raise the Bar!

CBRE's New Way Of Working

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and brother Mark give a rare interview about growing up and secrets to success

'A Conversation with Bill Gates' Q&A at Harvard University

Oprah Winfrey Delivers Speech at Women's E3 Summit at the Smithsonian | NowThis

Why You Almost Need A Master's of Artis Degree in Marriage!

Does Your Nappy Hair Need A Remix?

Relationship Audio Book: Let's Bring Back the Butterflies!

Teen Drug and Game Addiction: When the Smoke Clears, Don't Catch the Vapors!

What Black People Must Know About Relationships! A Must See!

Before You Get Married, Watch this Video!

Why Men Are Calling Our Women "THOTS".

For A Black Girl!

The 10 Black Commandments!

I Love You Mommy New (Happy Mother's Day Song)

About Blackish and the S Word in Relationships

12 Year Old Boy Sings "Sinatra" I Did It My Way

What This Brother Thinks About Black Women's Natural Hair Styles

Inspirational Poem Blast Off!

Before Wakanda there was the Dogon Tribe! Spoken Word
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