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Do you believe in information as a matter of “FACT”? (478 hits)

It is amazing to me how so many of us believe in information to be a matter of “FACT” without really considering the source of that information.
(True)There are some distinct differences in Traditional & Direct Marketing/MLM distribution & sales cycles. Both are legal methods for distribution & compensation for products and services.
(True)Pyramids are illegal
(False).Direct Marketing/MLM systems for distribution & compensation for products sales is a Pyramid (Myth)
(True) Direct Marketing /MLMs allow distributors of the products to share more of the profits and eliminate costly advertising cost which are otherwise passed on to you the Consumer.
Let us examine for a moment the markup passed onto us from Traditional sales cycles from Manufacture, to Broker/Whole Seller to Retailers.–Focusing on the normal change of hand price markups that occur during the normal sales cycle, typically we pay for the cost of goods and services plus profit. (Right!)
1. Manufacture applies (Overhead+Make cost +% profit) forwarded to the
2. Brokers/Whole Sellers apply to (Cost+Overhead + %profit) forwarded to the
3. Retailers apply to (Cost+Overhead +Advertising cost + %profit) forwarded to
4. Consumer Price we pay
Now look at the Typical impact on consumer and impact from commission based pricing in the sales distribution cycle found in the Direct Marketing/MLM business model.
1. Manufacture markup (Overhead+ make cost +% profit) 1 time cost passed to Consumer –
2. Affiliate (%of Sale Commission) included in original cost not passed –
3. To You the Customer, commissions are usually derived from a percentage of the price paid through company. - The consumer pays less for buying from a direct distributor. You as a Direct Network Marketer have a greater potential to earn considerably more compensation and share profit as a result of your direct efforts. (Make Sense?)

Consider the source of this type of information. Whole Sellers and Advertisers hate Direct Marketing because it is person to person and cuts them out of the loop. The consumer pays less for products. You empower self to build Wealth, make more income and share profit and company success for your efforts.
I thank you for allowing me to share this information with you and I hope it enables you to take a closer look at this opportunity! www.GOLDTREEVMTV.com
I am sifting for the right people who are already looking and the timing is right in their life for a winning opportunity.
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Wednesday, December 17th 2008 at 8:54PM
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