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A teaching Technique Cecille B. deMille (1360 hits)

In case you are too young to know, Cecil B. Demille was a Legendary Movie director who is known for the most exciting productions in movies. (This was before CGI, special computer effects).

This technique works best if you have a digital camera or a video camera. (You can now buy one that’s adequate for under $100.00). However, that is not a requirement.

My ninth grade Biology, and Science Classes put on Presentations. These presentations were on OPEN HOUSE for parents. Every student I taught, all 150 of them participated. (this had an additional benefit, It got more parents out for open house, so I have the Principal’s blessing) We had presentations that included many “wow” factors. The students have tasks to perform and roles to play. That were “tricked” into learning, but learn they did.

We also did presentations on Saturdays in the park, in local community centers and, my ninth graders did on the road presentations for elementary schools.

An added benefit was the positive effect we had the elementary students. Their attitude became I can’t wait to get in that class so I can do some cool stuff.

Another technique in this same family worked well for me. The use of PUPPETS being videotape as a presentation. I wrote a script in an attempt to teach information about the solar system. I had kids under an overturned table with hand puppets in view above the table. The students read the script as I videotaped the “talking puppets”. After only 3 takes, I notice the students were no longer using the script, they had memorized it. I learned later that they had LEARNED it. I think the idea here is “they were not learning, they were having FUN.”They were PLAYING.

In reality there is no difference between work and [lay, except your mental conception.

What is work for you could be play for someone else.

ACTION STEP: Make your classroom “ LEARNER FRIENDLY”

Remember today’s students know how to navigate “MYSPACE” and” YOUTUBE”.
I used the Cecille B. DeMille approach 30 years ago. It worked then. This technique will work even better today.
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Monday, March 23rd 2009 at 8:09AM
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