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How the minds of Black Americans work. (468 hits)

Let me give you my perspective on how the minds of Black Americans work. Black Americans minds are rational and abstract. Let me explain it to you.
We, Black Americans numbers approximately 41 million. We can undoubtedly agree that we descended from slaves. We can also agree that slaves are not calculating and rationally thinking people. In other words, to be made a good slave as Black Americans ancestors were, was to purposely be made dumb, ignorant and kept confused to the pursue of Life, Liberty, Happiness, and Prosperity.
Principally speaking since all of the slaves were made to be unintelligent to be good slaves, consequentially we who are the descendents of these slaves, has to be unintelligent today, as well. Unfortunately, I am sorry to report that we are still this way today, despite advanced educational degrees that some of us have.

We should all be able to agree that a race of people who does not have their own hands on their own destiny is not intelligent people. White America has always decided our direction, and we have always been protesting our shortcomings and being cheated out of the American dream. No one can argue with me that we have been cheated out of inheriting the benefits of our ancestors’ labor, which is a portion of this continent. However, we are destined to get what is rightfully ours to have. Therefore, it should not be an argument that we are a mentally screwed up people, since we descended from slaves. We will stay in darkness until light comes from the outside to us by divine means. We have instinctively, and constantly been trying to get out of our predicament since slavery began, but we just do not know how to. We formed organizations like the NAACP. We demonstrated as Dr. King did, and the Reverend Al Sharpton is doing today. We formed and jointed religious organizations like the Nation of Islam. We accepted the Christian religion, as White Americans encouraged us to do and prayed hard for a better day. However, nothing has worked for us, since we are still spinning our wheels today.

Until we understand that our only permanent solution is to become a sovereign people, we will continue to demonstrate extraordinary ignorance and dumbness. I say this because I know that God has entered into our predicament with light in our time of darkness. When you know that God has entered into our situation, three things will be evident. There will be a Prophet, divine light and a permanent solution to our problem.

Now here is where simple rationale, and calculation of you all part kicks in. You will and must recognize that God has interceded in our predicament is when no one else can present a better solution than our sovereignty or complete independence from White America on a portion of this continent that we can call our very own country with borders.

Now, many of you may think that this solution is possible. But, before you dwell on the impossibility, first consider whether the solution of sovereignty is absolute.

What say you?

Posted By: Harry Watley
Saturday, May 16th 2009 at 11:47AM
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