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Obama's rating drops to 50 per cent (727 hits)

From: http://www.news.com.au/story/0,10117,25893962-401,00.html?from=public_rss

US President Barack Obama's approval rating has slumped to 50 per cent, the lowest since his inauguration, according to a poll released on the eve of his 200th day in office.
Pollsters at Quinnipiac University in Connecticut said Mr Obama's job approval rating dipped to 50-42 per cent, a reflection of growing unease over his handling of the economy.

The figure, released today, is a substantial drop from the 57-33 per cent approval rating he had on July 2, and far less than the glowing numbers he enjoyed in the honeymoon first 100 days of his tenure.

The national poll of 2409 registered voters was carried out between July 27 and August 3.

It found voters disapproved 49-45 per cent of the way Mr Obama was handling the economy, and disapproved 52-39 per cent on his handling of health care, but approved 52-38 per cent on his foreign policy.

But while Republicans disapproved of the Democratic president's job performance by an expectedly large margin of 77-16 per cent, the poll found Americans disapproved 59-29 per cent of how Republicans in Congress were doing their job.

They also trusted Mr Obama over Republicans 47-36 per cent to fix the economy and 46-37 per cent to deal with health care.

"The President is right on the magic 50 per cent threshold in public approval because of bad grades on the economy and even worse grades on health care," Peter Brown, assistant director of Quinnipiac's Polling Institute, said.

"The good news ... is that American voters still see him as better able to handle the economy and health care than Republicans in Congress," Mr Brown said.

"The bad news is his margins are shrinking."

I personally believe the President is doing all that he possibly can under the circumstances to help this country get back on it's feet. I do not want to believe that so many americans are now unhappy with his efforts because things haven't changed overnight. They cannot change overnight!!! Let's give the man a chance here. We certainly did not get into this recession just in a matter of a few months - it took years and years of mishandling on multiple issues under the Bush administration.

I'm also hoping that this ridiculous Professor Gates incident isn't the culprit for the lower approval ratings as well.

I truly believe we need to support Obama as much as possible so he can help us get our country back in shape.

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Thursday, August 6th 2009 at 11:43AM
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I would not read too much into these polls. CNN has one out that has Obama at 56%.

Thursday, August 6th 2009 at 1:25PM
All I know about polls is that they can do any poll they want for the next;
1262 days, 19 hours, 49 minutes and 7 seconds---
Our Leader President Baraka Hussein Obama will be working at Change until AF 1 picks him up at ronald reagan airport back to Hawaii then and only then.
Thursday, August 6th 2009 at 5:11PM
robert powell
And, just think the republican right-wing believes that this 'drop' is a perfect reason that our president should be impeached(smile)
Thursday, April 10th 2014 at 6:47PM
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