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I have a question as well as a concern. (2246 hits)

What is the cause or, why it is that people who are most dark skinned fight, kill each other, steal from each other, covet each other’s wives and possessions, cannot do anything together, which prevents the dark skinned people from advancing and bettering the quality of their lives while on the other hand, people of the most palest of skin are just the opposite and we all can attest to the quality of life pale skinned people have?

Does anyone think that perhaps this profound difference has anything to do with the melanin or lack of melanin that affects the brain activity of one group over the other? Does anyone believe that dark skinned people seriously needs to help of God?

It is very baffling to me that dark skinned people preceded pale-skinned people in creation, and yet dark skinned people cannot make any significant advancement or even better the quality of their lives in the world for themselves.

Take for instance, the food and medical attention that pale-skinned people sent to Africa. Another example is the island of Haiti, how it is that half the island occupied by a lighter skinned people, The Dominican Republic can sustain themselves, while the other half, the Haitians side cannot? When you take an aerial survey of the island, the Dominican Republic side has luxurious vegetation while the Haitian side does not.

Again, is it in the melanin or lack of melanin that makes the difference?

Now, I can go on and on, but I believe everyone knows the spirit of my question and concern. Who can honestly answer this question for me?

However, through it all, Black Americans who are descendents of slaves will be the first to break out of this phenomenon.

What say you?

Posted By: Harry Watley
Tuesday, August 25th 2009 at 9:37AM
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The so-called Haitians, Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, Cubans, and other West Indian Island people as well as Central and South American peoples were decendants of slavery too????
Tuesday, August 25th 2009 at 12:51PM
Hello Jeremy,

I agree with you about the slavery of these people, the same as it was for Black Americans.

However, what are your definitive answers to my question, whether it is the melanin or lack of melanin that affects the brain activities why the people most dark skinned are under achievers as compared to the people of pale skin.

It may seem you are agreeing with me that there is something wrong with dark skinned people. Let us use the island of Haiti and the Dominican Republic as an example. One part of the island is occupied Dominican Republicans who has less melanin in this skin, but their part of the island is lavish and prosperous. On the other hand, the other half of the island that is occupied by the Haitians who has more melanin in their skin is a waste dump. How do you explain that since you say that both are descendents of slaves? Is it the melanin or lack thereof was my question? Please answer my question.

What say you?

Tuesday, August 25th 2009 at 1:40PM
Harry Watley
Irama: Good point and by answering 'IT does not matter what color The Most High is' unacceptable to her question. Since you said in your last post that the Edomites (Caucasians) are relatives to the so-called Black Americans?
Tuesday, August 25th 2009 at 4:30PM
Irma: Sorry for the typo error of your name!
Tuesday, August 25th 2009 at 4:31PM
Hello Jeremy,

I do not understand your reply. I read your reply several times, looking for an answer and I must say you entirely sidestep my question. I am looking for some honesty and good will that my legitimate question be answered. I am not looking for an argument or any fancy fanfare. I asked an honest and legitimate question and I am looking for an intelligent, honest and good will person to respond, thank you.

Now, let us try again, and I will be as simple as possible. I asked, does the melanin or lack there of, has any effect on brain activities dark skinned people are backwards and behind pale skinned people, for the most part.

For instance, the country of Liberia, where dark skinned people live compare to the country of Libya, where lighter skinned people live, the people of Libya are more advance then the Liberian people. Why it is that way?

Now, is there an explanation for this?

What say you?

Tuesday, August 25th 2009 at 5:53PM
Harry Watley
What about the people of India? They usually win spelling bees all across America and probably have more doctors per capita than any other ethnic group. Yet, they are dark skinned people.

True, there are many dark skinned descendants of Africa who share these atrocious traits, and I can't accept it either -- but I'm dark skinned and possess none of them. While you are in admiration of Whites, don't let the success of some fool you. Just the way you shouldn't let the failures and shortcoming of others fool you. There are PLENTY of very low class, obese, lazy, rotten-teeth White folk in America -- especially in Houston. I see them every day. I could go on but would rather spend my time doing instead of asking rhetorical questions.
Tuesday, August 25th 2009 at 6:16PM
Hello Ms. Irma,

Yes Ms. Irma, that is my picture, as I look today. You are going to get an opportunity as well as the rest to see me in person some time in the very near future.

Now, you have not answered my question. You began to talk about Obama. My question was whether it is the melanin or lack there of that is the cause that dark skinned people are backwards and behind lighter skinned people?

In other words, does the melanin or lack thereof have anything to do with brain activities that retard the dark skinned people and not the lighter skinned people? Tell me what you think?

For instance, why it is that Zimbabweans having gained their independence almost 30 years now are more backwards than they were when they was colonized by Britain?

Now they fight, kill each other and have a corrupted government and that Zimbabweans were not in slavery. However, when the British had their feet on their heads they behave themselves.

So, is it that too much melanin is the cause for dark skinned people craziness?

Please answer my question Ms. Irma and not go off the subject.

What say you?

Tuesday, August 25th 2009 at 6:18PM
Harry Watley
Hello Amos,

I am not concerned about Whites. I am concerned about Black Americans, to get personal.

Furthermore, I did not use the label Whites. I said, pale-skinned people at one end of the spectrum, and dark skinned people at the opposite end of the spectrum.

I asked the question, could it be the melanin or lack there of, that the pale skinned people are more advanced than the dark skinned people. I am looking for an answer to this question.

Forget about the rotten teeth and all that other stuff, okay? Give me a reason why it is that dark skinned people are backwards and behind pale skinned people for the most part.

Mr. Amos, can you answer this question without going off-topic?

Tuesday, August 25th 2009 at 6:31PM
Harry Watley
Irma: I understand your position and respect it very much.
Tuesday, August 25th 2009 at 8:09PM
Robert: Okay, what color is 'The Most High'??? If the question is not clear you have references in the Book of Genesis!
Tuesday, August 25th 2009 at 8:11PM
The dark skinned people are not behind the pale skinned people.
Tuesday, August 25th 2009 at 8:29PM
Steve Williams
Hello Ms. Irma,

You still have not answered my question. You are going off track. Please answer my question. If you do not know what the question is, please read the blog again.

My blog is not about blind people and present Obama. Please be honest and upright with me.

What say you?

Tuesday, August 25th 2009 at 9:11PM
Harry Watley
Hello Steve,

You said this, “The dark skinned people are not behind the pale skinned people.”

Steve, after making this statement, you now need to back it up with something. In other words, make me believe you!

What say you?

Tuesday, August 25th 2009 at 9:15PM
Harry Watley
Hello Jeremy,

Who is Robert?

What say you?

Tuesday, August 25th 2009 at 9:18PM
Harry Watley
Hello Irma,

Well, if you think I need to wake up, and that I have been under the control of White man’s false truth about African-Americans, then tell me why Africans needs help from World Vision and other charitable organizations? Tell me why Africans have not made any vehicles that would say made in Africa.

Africans still have ancient and uncivilized customs. For instance, they still circumcised women.

However, Black Americans will soon be the people that will civilize the African people in Africa. We, Black Americans will be the first to break this phenomenon.

What say you?

Tuesday, August 25th 2009 at 9:35PM
Harry Watley
Harry, I can't make you believe me, only state my belief.

However, if you wish to research the subject, I suggest you do a search on "race and intelligence". Here is an excerpt from the Wikipedia article:

The cause(s) of group average IQ test score differences are not known but hypotheses have been proposed. Many scholars have offered descriptions of the variety of hypotheses that have been proposed. These descriptions usually distinguish between those hypotheses which invoke a contribution of genetic factors and those which solely invoke environmental (i.e., non-genetic) factors. Some descriptions of the positions are themselves controversial. In a review published in 2007, Hunt and Carlson listed four positions.[75] The first position, attributed to Jensen and Rushton, is that group differences in IQ reflect differences in intelligence that are "due in substantial part to genetically determined differences in brain structure and/or function"[75] The second position, attributed to Ogbu and Sowell, is that the differences in intelligence test scores are due to social factors. The third view, attributed to Sternberg and colleagues, is that the use of IQ scores to argue for differences in intelligence is an inappropriate use of tests in different groups. The fourth position, attributed to Fish and others, is that there is no such thing as race: "a term motivated by social concerns and not a scientific concept".[75]

Let me be clear about my position. I believe there to be no difference in the intelligence of the various races, or light or dark skin black people. Some day maybe all the races will be mixed and this question will cease.
Tuesday, August 25th 2009 at 11:33PM
Steve Williams
Here are two interesting articles I found:


Wednesday, August 26th 2009 at 2:32AM
Steve Williams
Irma, patience is part of it, but I am a student also (and a great fan of google), but I am tired now, and also have been missing other things, like my dear sister Miisrael's blog.
Wednesday, August 26th 2009 at 3:17AM
Steve Williams
Hello Steve,

Stave, you are complicating a simple issue.

Okay, I am going to rewind. I said that dark skinned people are backwards and behind pale skinned people.

I cited the differences between the country of Nigeria occupied by dark skinned people and the country of Libya occupied by lighter skinned people. I said that Libya is more advanced and civilized than Nigeria is to support my premise.

I then asked the question, could the cause be the melanin or the lack of melanin that may perhaps have some cause and effect of brain activity?

Steve, you replied that, “The dark skinned people are not behind the pale skinned people.” In other words, for you to make this statement, you are disagreeing with me. Okay, that is fine. However, you need to back it up!

Now, noticed that I backed up my premise using Nigeria and Libya as supporting examples. For instance, Nigerians are constantly fighting and killing each other and the government is corrupted. On the other hand, it is just the opposite in Libya and Libya is the people with less melanin and both countries are in Africa.

What you have done in your most recent reply was to suggest to me how I could prove your point for you. That is unacceptable to me. You said that I need to do some research on your naked reply, “The dark skinned people are not behind the pale skinned people” along with referencing Hunt and Carlson plus Jensen and Rushton about IQ tests. None of this stuff backs up your claim that, “The dark skinned people are not behind the pale skinned people.”

Now Steve, what you need to do is follow the same format as I did when I drew the comparison and contrast between Nigeria and Libya. Okay! Try exercising your mind and find some example that you could present to me that would back up your claim that, “The dark skinned people are not behind the pale skinned people.”

Incidentally, Steve, do not find anything for me. What ever you find use it yourself to make your case.

It is just as simple as that Steve.

What say you?

Wednesday, August 26th 2009 at 3:46AM
Harry Watley
Hello Harry,

I see that Gaddafi is relatively light skinned. I have been alive long enough to remember him. Hmm... bin Laden, described by the FBI as olive complexion. Kind of in between light and dark I guess. Idi Amin, definitely dark. Jefferson Davis, fought for slavery as I remember. White

Exactly what do these examples prove? All white, all olive,all black are evil?
Wednesday, August 26th 2009 at 5:08AM
Steve Williams
I'm sorry, forgot Hitler.
Wednesday, August 26th 2009 at 5:14AM
Steve Williams
And Harry, what I find is offered for everyone, to draw conclusions, or, not,as they like.
Wednesday, August 26th 2009 at 5:19AM
Steve Williams
Hello Steve,

Since you are not responding to my question, it is obvious that you rationally cannot or you do not want too or perhaps you are playing tricks. Which ever one it is you are doing my question is not being answerd.

When you decides to answer my question in good-faith you are welcome to do so. Okay?

What say you?
Wednesday, August 26th 2009 at 7:10AM
Harry Watley
Hello Harry, the conclusion I draw from the articles I found and referenced, and the several hours I spent I spent researching this subject, is that your question is not answerable on any scientific basis. I am not playing tricks Harry, as I said in another post I work hard to try and answer your questions.. You don't need to question my good faith, I am not grinding any ax, but rather dialoging.

I am wondering though, did you read the Discover magazine link? I found the wikipedia article on melanin theory after that one and thought it interesting as it proposes the opposite of what you are suggesting, that more melanin makes dark skin better than light skin.

Now having shown my good faith, why do you reject my efforts?
Wednesday, August 26th 2009 at 10:54AM
Steve Williams
Hello Steve,

You said this, “Hello Harry, the conclusion I draw from the articles I found and referenced, and the several hours I spent researching this subject, is that your question is not answerable on any scientific basis.”

Steve, you have now definitively answered my question. I emphatically agree with you. The melanin has nothing to do with why dark skinned people are backwards and behind lighter skinned people. The problem has to do with aspirations and desires in the different races of people. Some races are mentally lazy, while others are not. In other words, it is more mentally psychological than anything else is.

For example, if you develop a controlled test wherein you confine 10 Blacks and 10 Whites in exactly the same situation and circumstances, the Blacks will make themselves comfortable while the Whites will be discussing ways to get out. It is all psychological, which have everything to do with aspirations and desires.

Take notice how you stuck it out, which exhibited your perseverance, aspirations and desire to deal with the question of this blog while the others who are dark skinned chose to whine, complain and eventually dropped off.

Therefore, in real life, the dark skinned BIA members that first responded to the challenges of this blog and how quickly they ran out of psychological gas would indicate as a sovereign people they would not make very much advancement in life. I have been saying this for the longest while at the same time, preparing them to desire sovereign or complete independence from White America on a portion of this continent that we could call our very own country with borders. Consequentially Steve the steep hill I have to climb as their first genuine prophet who would lead them out of subjugation and into sovereignty is not easy. However, even though they do not know it, they are going to change for the better and that is a fact.

Tell me what you think.

What say you?

Wednesday, August 26th 2009 at 2:22PM
Harry Watley
Well, I gather that Mr. Obama is now being called president of America, because althought he took this skin color that disquilified him to be called white if he had taken the skin color of his mother...but since his father was DARK this means in your logic harry that he did not take the skin color of his father?!? in truth if he was dark like his father he would not now be president, Huh?

But, then there is that old stand by, that he is "AN -EXCEPTION" and the proof of this is he is not in prison as ALL if those dark skinned people are!??!

Now, I ask you Harry is that a picture of youon this site? I ask because this looks like the picture of a dark skinned person...oh, I forgot just that quick about the EXCEPTION clause used by the White man...also Harry is your God White or black of the clolr of those Jews of today born in the middle-east?

I am very serious Harry this is not trying to do any thing but to learn from you...
Thursday, April 10th 2014 at 6:47PM
Thursday, April 10th 2014 at 6:47PM
Jeremy this is perfectly find with me.And, as I am a former Catholic until as a major in African and African-American study at UCD finding out how it was the pope that made us nonhumans therefore making it legal to make us into Chattel slaves. I am now a Nichiren Daishonin Buddahist and still married for forever to a Black Muslim,I have no fight with any religion in any way.

But, I still draw the line when it comes to anyone trying to get me to support a WHITE GOD...I also draw the line of being subservant to my husband or any person, place or thing..or not likeing a person for doing what they believe will make them the best person they can be, without permissions, rules or regulations(smile)
Thursday, April 10th 2014 at 6:47PM
Harry what color is our president to a blind person. And, do you speak sign language so you can be able to "communicat with them or are you going to ban Black Americans who only use sign?Not all black Americans speak with the same dialect or words say like tose in the north can ot hardly understand what someone from the south are even saying...will these Black people be banned.

will dark skinned people be allowed to come within you borders????or will you be taking the White man's prejudices and bias on people not by who and what they are but just get condemed, JUDGED according to the COLOR OF THEIR SKIN...

Or will anyone who ask questions as I do just get banned...al will come to you and you will teach them how to walk, act, talk,etc????????Because if this is your purpose this internet is no way to find your followeres as they already have all of the hcaractistics you require...total and complete 10000000-----% dependance upon you.....What say you about stopping answering a question with a question...if you already know what it is then why don't you say in spicifics what it is you are all about besides calling each and everone who try to communicate with you as just being out and out wrong for having the powers to use a key board or even to turn on a computer and be able to read your blog....
Thursday, April 10th 2014 at 6:47PM
Brother Harry, fully being able to understand how you have no way to agree with anyone at all, I will agree that you are speaking God's words and not the words of language the "I" learn to speak in school (you see my first language was Ebonics)...orfrom ANY Bible written by the White man...I congradulate you for teaching me the language of GOd in such a short time you have been on this site...I am very interested in hearing you agree with something I have said to you(smile)

See, I told you my main interest of being on this site is to learn something from others...
Thursday, April 10th 2014 at 6:47PM
Harry, everdently has gone to Africa and has done a study on the culture that those in africa have created by way of actual trial and error which have them living totally differnet that those in say NY who live in high rises and have a nine to five job....and have come to the conclut itson that those in Africa are backward because they do not have McDonalds, credit cards and homes that they brought on credit and are now homeless because Bush sent their middle-class jobs to a communist country-China or their father / mother has been killed or hurt so bad in Bush's war that they are now homeless....Please, Harry the best thing you can do right now is to run for your life if these right-wingers hurt one hair on our president's head.....WAKE UP..you have been under the control of the White man's false truth that African-Americans are helpless in, prison and so on and so on....(smile)
Thursday, April 10th 2014 at 6:47PM
Steve, you are an above average person when it comes to patience.Please keep trying to help our brother. I must leave this for his next blog as I am sure it will be the same old things.And, maybe I will be a little bit more ready to try and explain how it is that we are not willing to give up our freedoms that so, so many before us has sacrificed for us to get us the ones we have now.(smile)
Thursday, April 10th 2014 at 6:47PM
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