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White America’s greatest immortal sin! (2966 hits)

White America’s greatest immortal sin!

White America has been wrestling with her greatest immortal sin, the enslavement of Black Americans who are descendents of slaves for a very long time now.

White America’s has been trying to right this sin as far back as President Thomas Jefferson. Then, President Abraham Lincoln came along trying to right the sin that it erupted in a Civil War between Whites and Whites.

The Constitution was amended a few times with one being the 14th-amendment trying to right their greatest immortal sin against Black Americans.

The United States Supreme Court dipped its hand in this mire in the case of Plessy versus Ferguson and Brown versus the Board of Education trying to right the wrong.

President Lyndon Johnson weighed in by signing into law affirmative action to level the playing field. However, just before him President John F. Kennedy came on national TV to address White America that the nation had a moral issue before them and that was the issue of Black Americans.

Lastly, just recently Congress issued an apology, apologizing for the nation’s (White America) greatest immortal sin against Black Americans.

Malcolm X was one that went to the United Nations with White America’s greatest immortal sin.

Congressman Conyers has a bill before Congress concerning reparations. The matter of White Americans’ greatest immortal sin continues.

Now, when there is a moral issue that is severely sinful and it is so great that men cannot resolve it, God is automatically called on for a ruling. Humanity witnessed what I am saying when God was called on to make a ruling between the Egyptian people and Hebrew people. When humanity knows that God is involved is when a genuine prophet is among the lesser people as Moses was the prophet of the lesser Hebrew people.

I know that the only permanent solution and it is because God gave it to me. I am not the only one that knows it. Moses knew that the permanent solution was the Exodus because God told it to him, if you will. The scholars of White America knows that sovereignty or complete independence on a portion of this continent that Black Americans could call their very own country is the only permanent solution to right White America’s greatest immortal sin against Black Americans.

White American people today know that their forefathers were oblivious to their sin since you become wiser as the time passes.

White America has offered up this and that to avoid what must be done. White America must LET MY PEOPLE GO on a portion of this continent that we could call our very own country with borders. I came for my people; it is just as simple as that since God is only back in one.

Our time has come. In other words, how many of you have ever experience at any given time in your life there is nothing wrong you could do. Everything you touch turns to gold, if you will. The same thing happened to the Hebrew people. When their time had come nothing that Pharaoh could do could stop their going out of Egypt. Likewise, our time has come as well.

What say you?
Posted By: Harry Watley
Tuesday, November 3rd 2009 at 5:19PM
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"White America has been wrestling with her greatest immortal sin, the enslavement of Black Americans who are descendents of slaves for a very long time now." No they haven't. White America seemed to get over it, maybe you can someday too.

You talk about "immortal sin" It happened 200- 300 years ago Harry. Get over it, quit being sore about it as if it effects you. Do you even know the names of your ancestors that where slaves? If you can't even name them, or know the names then how is it even relevant to you? It's not.

You seem to be avoiding the fact, that African Americans lead the United States in criminal activity, in illegal drug uses , that more are likely to go to jail than to go to college. How the number one killer in middle aged African American woman is HIV AIDS, You should be addressing these issues and fixing them, instead of blabbing on about bull**** that doesn't involve you that happened so long ago that you don't even understand.

It's like you're mentally handicapped to realize that this is today's world where you live exactly the same as every other race does. You should be focused on bettering the community, not trying to turn it against itself with your words of separatism. If you want to live in a country of all black, then move to a country with a majority of black. The Union fought for, and won rights for all. Look at yourself before you make up such a ridiculous article.
Tuesday, November 3rd 2009 at 5:42PM
Harry: I hope that Robert and Steve comments on your blog. Because I believe that they will respond in kind similiar to Derek. Forget about the past injustices of slavery and oppression, as though oppression has gone away. I bet they will ask for reconciliation from the dark races, without one word about the Edomites (Caucasians) huge disparity of wealth and property throughout the world compared to the dark skinned nations. Let's see if they will support their race returning the wealth that their fathers stole from the Native Hebrew Indians (Tribe of Gad) and other dark skinned nations. The Edomites have broken nearly all the treaties that they made with the Native Indians, whom are the rightful owners of this land called America. That is the question that most so-called Black Americans need to address to the Edomites (Caucasians) when they say, let's kiss and make-up for the sins of the past. Justice means payback, for the corresponding injustice needs to be followed by a honest reward or punishment.
Wednesday, November 4th 2009 at 7:23PM
Hello Derek,

You said this, “White America seemed to get over it, maybe you can someday too.”

I do not really know how adequately to explain the dilemma and predicament of Black Americans, feelings that we want to be a sovereign free people in a comprehensive way that you would understand, psychologically speaking. I could readily understand that it is nearly impossible since this tragedy did not happen to you and your people. You are looking at it through your eyes and I am seeing it through my eyes. Although, we see the same thing I see it differently. However, if the situation was reversed I am sure you would not see it the same way as you do now.

Nevertheless, in the broader sense of your expression, “get over it” I believe that I have gotten over it and I will cause my people to get over it as well for greater reasons. On the other hand, I do not think that you and White America have gotten over your greatest immortals sin, yet. I say that because White America still practices subjugation and racism against Black Americans even today.

You went on to say this, “You talk about "immortal sin" It happened 200- 300 years ago Harry. Get over it, quit being sore about it as if it effects you. Do you even know the names of your ancestors that where slaves?”

Your comment here is highly charged with racism and insensitivity implying that Black Americans are not real human beings but perhaps animals.

When you suggest that the tragedy of slavery happened so long ago and that I do not know the names of my ancestors you are saying that Black Americans are not capable of connecting with each other through human feelings. Mr. Derek, when I see Black people hanging from a tree even though I do not know them the site sends a chilling feeling through me. What do you suppose it is that I am feeling; please tell me if you know.

Take for example the Holocaust, how it is today that the young Jewish people will hunt down the German Nazis of 60 years ago if the Jewish people did not have a sense of human connection to their ancestors? Then tell me what is it in the young Jewish people that would cause them to hunt these German Nazis down and bring them to justice?

Nevertheless, Mr. Derek, your comment was highly charged, very much insensitive and racist for you to make to me as if though Black Americans and I are not human beings. We are human beings Mr. Derek. Just based upon our dialogue you should see for yourself that sovereignty or complete independence on a portion of this continent is Black Americans’ only permanent solution that each Blacks and Whites could go their own way and still be neighbors in this broad world as the Jewish and German people are today.

Lastly, let me ask you this question. Hypothetically speaking, let us suppose that God came to Black Americans and presented the offer of salvation. That Black Americans would have sovereignty or complete independence. The same way God had presented the Exodus to the Hebrew people when they were in bondage in Egypt. Would you advise Black Americans not to accept God offering to free us from you and White America because Black Americans could, “get over it” as you put it? In other words, what would be your solemn advice to Black Americans?

Tell me what you think.

Wednesday, November 4th 2009 at 11:52PM
Harry Watley
"White America still practices subjugation and racism against Black Americans even today." As if you aren't being racists right now Harry? Every race can be, and to some extent is racists. I am mixed, so when you're hating on Caucasians, you're hating on half of my family. Same goes with half the people who actually are on here.

(You went on to say this, “You talk about "immortal sin" It happened 200- 300 years ago Harry. Get over it, quit being sore about it as if it effects you. Do you even know the names of your ancestors that where slaves?”)
"Your comment here is highly charged with racism and insensitivity implying that Black Americans are not real human beings but perhaps animals."

No it wasn't, you just feel that if you cannot answer , then you feel offended as if for some reason you're correct in whatever it is you say. You feel that, because I disagree with you, that I'm a racists that for some reason I'm attacking you. I'm not, I'm stating the truth. What are the names of your decedents Harry? Less than 10% of African American population is even related to American slaves 300 years ago. You want freebies because you're greedy.

"when I see Black people hanging from a tree even though I do not know them the site sends a chilling feeling through me. What do you suppose it is that I am feeling; please tell me if you know. " You don't see black people hanging from the tree, maybe in your old history text books, you're implying that blacks aren't equal to whites. Who has the racists thinking now, Mr Harry. How many reminders do you need that this isn't the civil rights era anymore, that all men are equal?

The holocaust happened in modern history. Slavery did not. That is the difference. No American slaves are alive today, or the captives. There for, you cannot hunt them down, nor would they because the laws then where different.

I did not say any human is non human. I trumped your argument of separatism and hate, and thus you cannot come back with a response, you seek to discredit reality by insisting that I am the racists when infact, you have been in this debate.

African American's have enough problems, as some that I've listed early; and now you want a civil war. Either you must like the smell of your own farts, and not looking out of your own window or you've been listening to Malcolm X for too long. This is the 21st century Mr. Harry. Not the 1950s.

We are all sovereign people, and we choose to live in peace together. You choose to live in a racists world, where you spew racial hatred of isolationism, of a "separate country" , It appears to me you're having a difficult time in this economic down turn, and you want free money basically just because you're black and because you feel your entitled to something 300 years ago, by people you can't even name or prove. Let me know if you feel I'm not correct in this assessment.

Now, to a non racists, your argument is actually comical. Which is why I like you Harry. You bring me entertainment, I'm not laughing at you.. but how you think. You're too stubborn to admit you are wrong, so you continue to preach isolationism, separatism.

God would not come to "the black people" and preach your ideals. He would present peace together, of all races, throughout the globe. Are you also implying that God is racists too? You can continue your hatred towards white people, but you'll never have spiritual peace Harry. If you cannot understand, and accept something then you'll live in your own torments, and self pity.
Thursday, November 5th 2009 at 3:05PM
Derek: For your information God (Most High) hates and loves nations of people.
Malachi 1: 1-4
The burden of the word of the Lord to Israel (Black Hebrews) by Malachi.
I have loved you (Israel), saith the Lord. Yet ye say, Wherein hast thou loved us? Was not Esau (progenitor of Caucasians) Jacob's brother? saith the Lord: yet I loved Jacob(progenitor of the 12 Black Hebrew tribes),
and I hated Esau and laid his mountains and his heritage waste for the dragons of the wilderness.
Whereas Edom (Caucasian origins in Mount Seir-Jordan) saith, We are improverished, but will return and build the desolate places; thus saith the Lord of hosts, They shall build, but I will throw down; and they shall call them, the border of wickedness, and, the people against whom the Lord hath indignation forever.

Thursday, November 5th 2009 at 6:05PM

You cannot apply that to race. I don't care how you read it, it just isn't. Also, You have to take into effect that Israel is of Arabic decent. Not African.

You quote something that's thousands of years old, that has been printed, re-worded, and distorted over and over again.

God does not hate anything, or any nation people choose to. He created everything, so there for, he does not. We think for ourselves. Christians used , and reworded the bible to cause holy wars and crusades , as did Muslims and the Koran.

If you honestly apply race to that, then I don't know what to tell you. Maybe you should think more logically.
Thursday, November 5th 2009 at 6:47PM

I was afraid you would misinterpret my story about Jacob and Esau, two brothers.

Thursday, November 5th 2009 at 7:40PM
Steve Williams
Mr. Harry.

America's principals are morals are based on equality and independence. We are not a white nation, nor a black one. We do not identify ourselves with one race, just because the founders where Caucasian. If you do not wish to live in equality of all peoples, then I suggest you being from African decedent, to pilgrimage back to Africa and set up shop. I am, and I'm at peace with society's current positions. I was fortunate to have the best of all worlds, and am not color blind as you appear to be.

You ask me "which half of me suffered the most tragedy" Neither side, aside from growing up without a father. Like so many African American's. I look at things in a 21st century perspective. I don't know if you can't find employment, or just angry with the economic situation or whatever it is, but your view's stem from a 18th century problem. You ask me how I think you should feel. I feel as if you should be grateful for the roof you live under, the clothes on your back, and that you actually do have freedoms unlike alot of people in the world. Whites and Blacks are equal. Maybe I could understand you if Caucasians owned African American Slaves today, but until that happens again I wouldn't give you my support. You really think 2 wrong's make a right? You wouldn't even be here if it wasn't for slavery if that's the way of thinking you apply.

You imply that, you want "punitive" damages, also suggests you want more poverty. I told you the demographics on today's African American community's.

Again Harry. You are not a victim. You grew up and have a good life, but you're too ignorant to see this. America will never be divided again and you're sounding more and more like a anarchist.

"Derek is that your reason to disagree is laced with racism and you do not even see yourself because it is the Caucasian side of you that is races." I preach unity, and peace. You preach hatred towards modern white society, for something that happened 300 years ago. See the difference? Everyone else does, why don't you? It's because real racists don't. You wouldn't let your daughter date a Caucasian man, why is that Harry? Hmm. I wonder.

Harry, How old are you? I'm curious as it'll better help me understand what generation it is you speak for. You don't look like your 300 years old. I guess I could be wrong. lol.

It's like we're going in circles here, so we can come to agree on disagreeing. Although you'll never get that "part on this continent" , you could always go back say to the African continent. America is ran by a Mulatto president. If he's too white for your taste then that's too bad. :( poor Harry.

Thursday, November 5th 2009 at 7:40PM
Hello Derek,

You are probably right that you are going around in circles. You are not trying in good faith to understand anything. Psychologically speaking you are obsessed with the thought that I am wrong before you could be objective enough to understand anything.

An intelligent White person with some psychological and sociological knowledge would be better dialoguing with and fruitful.

Everything I tried to explain to you, you have no ability to understand. In fact, your first communication to me was to tell me I am wrong and that I should be grateful for slavery.

What ever you are, you are a very ignorant person. The White pastor of the Saddleback church in California that interviewed President Obama and John McCain acknowledges that slavery is White America’s greatest immoral sin. You who are less than this pastor would argue otherwise. You are a damned fool.

Friday, November 6th 2009 at 5:29AM
Harry Watley
My apologies Harry, I do see things your way. Really, I just disagree. I believe in unity of all races. Now could you please answer my questions Harry, and I'll answer whatever it is you want to ask me?

1. Would you let your daughter, date and marry a Caucasian man.
2. Do you see the difference between Caucasian America today, than 300 years ago?
3. How old are you, which will better help me understand what generation you come from.
Friday, November 6th 2009 at 2:59PM
Hello Derek,

You asked me a few questions, so I will answer them now.

As to question number one, yes. I would have no hard feelings if any one of my four daughters had decided to marry a White man. These experiences are exceptions to the general rule; nevertheless, they do happen for better or for worse.

Derek, I want Black Americans to become a sovereign people or have complete independence on a portion of this continent that we could call our very own country with borders.

You have drawn on your own accord a very hostile attitude and an over amount of negativity towards my desire for my people to become a sovereign people, why? Black Americans has never had the opportunity to work closely with each other on our own accord to bring about anything prosperous that would be greater than what the Black community in Tulsa, Oklahoma that was known as Black Wall Street in the 1920s were doing. Those Black people, adults and children alike of that community were all massacred except for a few children that hid from the Whites because the community were prosperous, educated and practice independence or self-reliance. A similar incident happened in Rosewood, Florida as well.

However, please do not get me wrong. These incidents has very little to do with why I want my people, Black Americans to become a sovereign people.

I want to know and take pride in what 41 million Black Americans could do on their own accord. I want to know how Black Americans would handle ourselves under the natural pressure and the obstacles that nature would naturally hurl at us to be sovereign and prosperous. I want to know how Black Americans would behave when taking orders and give orders to each other. I want Black Americans to have that special tingling cement feeling with each other in an effort to reach the top in all areas as in the sciences, medicine, construction, civilization, self governing by our own democratic government, dignity etc. These intangible things cannot be given to us; we must earn it against the resistance of nature. Right now Black Americans are working against the resistance of White Americans. We could earn it if we are not influenced and troubled and subjugated by outside White America. We want to come into a lifestyle that we could have a good foreign policy relationship with White America who is our distant relatives from slavery days when we become a sovereign people. We want to have a good foreign policy relationship with other sovereign countries as well.

These precious and divine things that I want, God is going to give them to Black Americans through me, it is our sovereignty or complete independence.

I know that what I desire is not wrong for Black Americans nor is it a threat to the well-being of White America.

As to your second question, yes I see a significant difference in the morals and goodwill of White Americans today that their forefathers did not have. Nevertheless, no matter how good White Americans are today and may be in the future it does not substitute for what I want, which is to be free. To exhaust the energy of Black Americans as an entire people mentally and physically to achieve what Whites has yet to achieve. I want Black Americans to be working on top-secret positive stuff as White America is doing and has always been doing. For instance, I want Black Americans to find a way to turn carbon monoxide into oxygen.

As to your third question, I am 65. Usually when I ask someone their age, I would give mines first as a show of good faith. But, that is all right.

Lastly, Derek, sovereignty is not separation.


Friday, November 6th 2009 at 5:48PM
Harry Watley
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