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Ten Ways to Promote Your Facebook Page (www.PamPerry.EventBrite.com) (5984 hits)

Facebook's Terms of Use state you can only have one account and it must be in your actual name, not your business name. However, there is a place set aside specifically to represent and promote your business called Facebook Pages. The Pages feature is somewhat obscured; scroll down to the foot of any web page and click on "Advertisers."

The two primary reasons to create and promote your Facebook Page--as well as your own Profile--is (1) more people can find out about your business because your Page gets indexed and is searchable inside and outside of Facebook, and (2) you may at some point reach the 5,000 friend limit on your Profile. So the time to start building out your Page is now.

Here are ten suggestions for promoting your Facebook Page:

1. Choose a specific domain name.

Buy a domain e.g. johnsmithfanclub.com (or create a shortened URL) and forward it to your Facebook Page URL.

2. Talk about your Page on Twitter.

Tweet about your Page URL regularly. Preferably not just, "check out my Facebook Page [insert link]." Rather, offer something enticing like "New jewelry making video tutorial just loaded at my Facebook fan page [insert link]."

3. Create content just for Fans.

Add content to your Page for your Fans that they cannot get anywhere else, e.g. videos, tips, special gifts, discussion threads, coupons, etc.

4. Conduct weekly drawings.

Run a weekly (or even daily) prize drawing where you draw a Fan's name at random for a special prize, ideally connected to your business product/service.

5. Play hide 'n' seek.

"Hide" something on your Page and get your Fans to find it. Have them tweet their answer to you! The first x get a prize.

6. Promote regular contests.

People love contests and video is becoming more and more popular. Create a photo and/or video contest. Have your Fans upload their photos/videos to your Fan Page.

7. Provide a place for interaction.

Start a thread on your Discussion Board that allows your fans to promote and/or network with one another. For example, invite your fans to submit their own (and/or their favorite) blogs.

8. Acknowledge fans.

When new Fans write on your Page Wall, respond by writing back on their Profile wall. (This helps create visibility for both you and your Fans). Also, look for your fans on Twitter and send them an @ message.

9. Send email broadcasts.

Send an email blast to your regular opt-in list inviting them to join your new Fan Club. Offer an incentive to do so. Also, include an invitation to join your Club on your email signature file.

10. Test Social Ads.

Promote your Page with Social Ads. Every time someone becomes your Fan their name and photo may appear alongside your ad. There's a reason Facebook lumps Pages in with Social Ads under Advertising! Experiment with a weekly/monthly budget and see what happens.

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Mari Smith is a Relationship Marketing Specialist and Facebook Business Coach. She helps entrepreneurs to accelerate their business growth using an integrated social marketing strategy, with particular focus on Facebook. Mari is passionate about showing professionals how to develop powerful profitable relationships.

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Posted By: Pam Perry
Friday, December 4th 2009 at 7:52PM
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Those were very useful points Pam, as I am using FACEBOOK to promote my businesses and me in a 're-make' sort of way!
Thursday, February 25th 2010 at 1:33AM
Bill Cooper
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