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8000 pounds and running (1903 hits)

Too many candidates are simply going through the motions and are not submitting their candidacy having truly prepared for the engagement. Engagement defined as 1) the tender of a resume and 2) the interview...if they are lucky.

Far too many resumes are diluted and interviews are poorly orchestrated. Branding is important. Example: the Google commercial during the Super Bowl. Simple and robust enough to shout “best in class.” They already have the panache of an 8000 pound gorilla wearing Prada, yet they continue to add emphasis to their brand.

Candidates must do the same. A great resume is aesthetically pleasing, has symmetry and contains detailed accomplishment(s). Your interview must match. Period. Be deliberate in what you convey. Show impact and nothing less. As a recruiter, I look for the candidate that screams WOW while saying something else.

Here’s the bottom line: as long as talking points include the economic climate AND unemployment in the same sentence (18 – 24 months), the challenge in securing a role will be about much more than diversity. How so you ask? Because some economists in a NYT article titled [The New Poor] have this as a fear:

"an unusual constellation of forces — some embedded in the modern-day economy, others unique to this wrenching recession — might make it especially difficult for those out of work to find their way back to their middle-class lives.”

Do yourself a favor. Take advantage of the many job opportunities that the staff of HBCU Connect secure for your review day in and day out. Do so having prepared yourself to win. Do so like an 8000 pound gorilla wearing Prada!

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Article written by Torin Ellis of riptheresume.com -- visit the website now if you want to become a star candidate
Posted By: torin ellis
Thursday, February 25th 2010 at 6:59PM
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