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Somehow I want more from my job! (3254 hits)

My response to that phrase/question - is that your job WILL RARELY give you more. Your employer WILL RARELY give you more. I had this conversation with a coaching candidate in Iowa this week. She said,"Torin I can't figure out if I am tired of the job or tired of feeling under appreciated by my employer."

I'll share my response towards the end of this piece. The challenge that many employees/professionals wrestle with is when is it time to make a move. The challenge for most employers is uncovering if you are ready for the next level. I found an article in Certification Magazine that speaks to the dilemma.

Here's a link: http://certmag.com/read.php?in=3935

Most helpful for all employees, despite their industry or line of work is to remember that performance is usually an indicator of fair measurement. It showcases your energy and enthusiasm, level of interest, self discipline, potential career track etc. Once your performance begins to slide, that should become a sign that one of those cylinders is misfiring. Ask yourself why!

To my coaching candidate, I shared the following: "Your job is NEVER going to give you more. You might be able to stir up more, to seek out more, to create more, to deliver more, but the job will never give you more. Too often, we forget that when something is “given” to us, (that) we have in some way earned it or shown that we are capable of handling it."

What are your thoughts? Weigh in - do you believe this article is on point? Did you find the link to the cert mag article helpful? Be sure to read other articles that have been posted - share these articles and this career section with friends.

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Article written and submitted by Torin Ellis of Rip The Resume (http://www.riptheresume.com).
Posted By: torin ellis
Saturday, March 13th 2010 at 7:10AM
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