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Intervention...we all need it at some point (4205 hits)

To gain a vivid of how powerful professional intervention might be, take Michael Shvo for an example. Shvo is a real estate marketing wunderkid that is cocky and blunt (Fast Company March 2007). His company is managing 6,335 residential units in 30 buildings that are collectively worth $7B. Not bad for an outfit started in 2004. I'm sure in this soft market he has made even more adjustments

Shvo’s concept is to market based on massive market research, devotion to demographic, and psychographic analysis. In short - extreme attention to customer experience and service. He decided to free himself from what the masses were doing. Remember that most real estate agents still sell based on amenities, location and square footage.

The power of addiction in its calmest form is unapologetic and unyielding. The turmoil is incredible and the battle bumps mount until the candidate seeks intervention. Let's switch gears - get more personal: professionally many have become addicted to cold calling techniques, positions, leadership, training and development styles that stunt progress.

Even more personal: I find students at HBCU's all across the country that are ill prepared to pursue employment in this type of job market. When times are better, landing a position is quite a bit easier. But in this economy, it takes a mixture of much more than luck. I've talked to countless professionals and students alike that are addicted to outdated resume formats, inconsistent and unreliable job search techniques, and poor interviewing strategies.

The result has left and continues to leave legions of thirsty and motivated wage earners under employed if employed at all.
Clear signs that some form of intervention is needed. To create your own Shvo like experience requires ambition and perseverance. Just as there is no manual for success, there are no limits to what you can accomplish. It takes a dedication to knowing who you are, what you want and what you are willing to do to accomplish each goal.

It’s time for many to switch thought … to select mental triage. Trust me, I know intervention! Not because I'm searching for employment (personally). I know intervention because I search for employment for others - those earning between $80k - $150k per year.

Can you hear me now? If so, share your thoughts - comment and/or encourage someone else to log in and review the articles written each week.

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article submitted by Torin Ellis of www.riptheresume.com
Posted By: torin ellis
Monday, March 29th 2010 at 7:50AM
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