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New ways for artist to get reviewed (418 hits)

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my thesis statement is: New ways to present a presentation

1. A. Differnt website help artist to reach differnt cultures.
1. Selling music in digital stores
2. Distrubution from online sources

B. Alot of artist use Facebook, Myspace, and Youtube
1. These site are helpful for the bigginners learning the internet
2. You can gain a fan base, promote your product, stay in contact with family and friends

2. A. There are other websites that are faster and reach forien countries
1. Such websites such as windows live, hyvers, mugglespace, and ning networks are great.
2. Itunes, Vcast, and Limewire helps well for distrubution and making money off music.

B. Some Websites help to publish writings such as books and articles.
1. Createspace is a great community for writers and musicians
2. Musicians get promoted to amazon, and writer get published into ebooks and marketing

3. A. Gather the work together.
1. Lets begin making the album or writhing the book, in the process, create many websites to promote.
2. Once all websites are created, signup for windows live and begin adding friends.

B. Almost Ready
1. Yahoo.com is used the same way as windows live, begin adding friends there also while your finishing your work.
2. Look for spam in your inbox from friends, they usely carry a list of email they have sent to many other users. Keep them in a folder.

4. A. The Presentation
1. Your work is finished, emails are saved. Now signup for esnips.com and upload everything for a backup
2. Create a fanbridge account and upload all of your emails into that website. Once you've collected them all, upload them to all of your sites as a cvs file and present your work.

Posted By: Gansta Marcus
Thursday, April 22nd 2010 at 2:10PM
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