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Knock Knock....who's gonna answer? (10632 hits)

There exists a soft knock that is at times hard to answer. It rests within - untouchable - shielded from the critical view of others. At times most indescribable - at least it appears that way. Most often the exact opposite. Knock!

Conflict. Subconcious conflict. Defined: conflict (by itself) is a state of discord caused by the actual or perceived opposition of needs, values and interests. Knock Knock...every thought starts in our subconcious. Now that we are clear, who's gonna answer?

Well that there depends. The challenge is that psychologically a change has occurred. Somewhere along the way, a factor was swapped out of or thrown into the equation - causing a problem with the problem. Someone needs to answer that knock.

No time for the high dollar seminar or to dial up a lifeline. Put your focus on the knob of critical thought. Begin to ask yourself performance based questions. Quarantine the emotions - don't exclude them. Why? Because you have an idea of what you are about to face... now don't you?!?!?

Now get back to doing your job and doing such at a level that suggests you are a star performer. Deliver the sort of results that scream loudest when you simply enter the room. Let your presence become enough. This ends our session for the week.

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article submitted by Torin Ellis of Rip The Resume (riptheresume.com) an experienced human capital entrepreneur, career coach, recruiter and diversity marketing professional.
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Sunday, June 6th 2010 at 3:49PM
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