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What does Wallace, Malcolm and Muhammad Ali have in common ? They went against Elijah Muhammad (2062 hits)

Wallace died a fool. Malcolm picked a gun and died by a gun. Muhammad Ali cannot speak. Add this all up and it spells that the God of Elijah Muhammad must be pretty tough. Whoever He is He must be God. Elijah Muhammad was able to grow aspire a righteous movement. According to his works alone, Elijah Muhammad demonstrated that Blacks could run a government of their own. They can have businesses and stores and farmland and military and tradesmen. The only thing missing were the highly skilled professionals which is what little Abraham brings this day.

While Wallace was living he said that he was retiring. How can one that is working for God all of sudden on his own "retire". What an idiot. He did not love his fathers teachings nor the word of God enough to live the oath of a muslim. Which is " my life and my death is all for Allah". There is no retiring. So he died a fool. Look at Malcolm. While he was teaching the words of Messenger Elijah Muhammad, he shined like no other. His words were piercing to our people spreading the truth. Then he listened to the gossip. Went against his teacher. My professors of engineering that taught me....I would not think of going against them. The many science professors at Michigan State University that made me the skilled engineer that I am today (and very grateful), are my heroes and I would not dream of speaking out against them. So he died horribly. Then poor Muhammad Ali.....while he was inspired by the teachings of Elijah Muhammad, no one could touch his jaw. But, perhaps he thought with so many fights, that he became greater than his teacher....so where his tongue was once sharp as a bristle.....it is now a bambling burr.

Apparently the God of Messenger Elijah Muhammad was all powerful.
Posted By: Jamal Abraham
Tuesday, June 8th 2010 at 8:14PM
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Interesting analysis. I will await others reactions to your post! Regarding retirement of spreading the word of the Most High, if you are part of the elect you will continue the work on the highways and byways. Not inside some mosque or temple. Remember all of the biblical prophets spread the word of the Most High on the highways and byways. Yahawahshi (Jesus) was the best example of this practice. The Most High is Elo and the saints are the Elohim. You have to be chosen by the Most High and be part of the saints.
Man /Woman usually choose their leaders on auditory skills or swagger!
You dig my brother????
Tuesday, June 8th 2010 at 10:17PM
Since the beginning of recorded history, there has been names used for the God of the Universe. So as not to mention every name used in our current time, the wisest use ALLAH, meaning all in all. When we think of God is is liken to thinking about the high seas. Generally, it is calm and sarene. But, there are those special times when the seas become violent to shake off a disturbance. As a practicing scienctist, this example is used throughout nature. Wallace, Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali underestimated the power of the God that was backing up Elijah. It is too late for either to recant.
Friday, June 11th 2010 at 1:06PM
Jamal Abraham
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