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America's New N-Word! (2383 hits)

This time, Erik Rush, has highlighted what he has termed the new N-Word. Erik Rush was the first to break the story of President (then Senator) Barack Obama’s ties to Rev. Jeremiah Wright on a national level in February of 2007.

While acknowledging the power that the mere mention of race has to paralyze honest conversation, Rush still persists in making several bold proclamations, and puts forth thoroughly researched and footnoted insights that upend many "perceived racial realities."

From the definition of poverty to the early days of the Civil Rights movement to its infusion throughout the culture, Rush puts forth:

* That many of black Americans remain poor and ignorant because that's the way many politicians and activists want them to remain.

* How for decades, Americans have been sold a bill of goods regarding blacks that contains the worst kind of intellectual garbage.

* Why white guilt is still encouraged, despite unprecedented opportunities for blacks.

* That prior to 1970, blacks were among the most socially conservative groups in America.

* That the global financial crisis was brought on in large part due to well-organized activists, ostensibly acting on the behalf of black Americans.

I read an excerpt from the book and had to bring this forth to our audience. Not because I'm encouraging you to purchase a copy, you can make that decision for yourself based on your own research. But because I want to ask one question - sort of like our question of the week - do you believe the below observation made by Erik Rush?:

"Blacks suffer worse. They're denied accountability for their own actions." "They're shackled with accepting the nobility – no matter how lacking – of all black 'leaders.' They're ripe for the 'rescue' of predatory, opportunistic members of the black community – in concert with white politicians scheming for personal enrichment."
Posted By: torin ellis
Monday, June 14th 2010 at 6:50AM
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"Blacks suffer worse. They're denied accountability for their own actions." "They're shackled with accepting the nobility – no matter how lacking – of all black 'leaders.' They're ripe for the 'rescue' of predatory, opportunistic members of the black community – in concert with white politicians scheming for personal enrichment."

All I can say is WOW! Deep
Monday, June 14th 2010 at 9:24AM
I agree, and the irony is that conscious African Americans have realized this for generations.

"For generations in the mind of America, the Negro has
been more of a formula than a human being—a something to be argued about, condemned or
defended, to be "kept down," or "in his place," or "'helped up," to be worried with or worried
over, harassed or patronized, a social bogey or a social burden. The thinking Negro even has been
induced to share this same general attitude, to focus his attention on controversial issues, to see
himself in the distorted perspective of a social problem. His shadow, so to speak, has been more
real to him than his personality."

Alain Locke, 1925
Monday, June 14th 2010 at 12:32PM
Mr. Rush "thorough, documented comments" and his so-called revelation of the relationship between the President and Dr. Jeremiah Wright, only demonstrates why the slave rebellions of the early historical period failed. Quoting of Mr. Locke is quite notable, however, what is proven is the repeat of history when people failed to pay attention. The biggest joke is taking the documentation and misinterpreting the information or the lack thereof, to follow suit as one who has been bamboozled, and definitely manifesting the adage, "a little learning is a dangerous thing." Why did for example, the philosopher Locke make the statement that is quoted? If this is "deep," I would love to see what would happen if we wouldn't so quickly believe the lies, in print, repeated on the media to substantiate the anti-Blackness which prevails, and to be blind to the history of our people during the 1970s? Isn't it strange that if Whites want to know about Blacks they don't go to the Eric Rush's or used the words of Locke (unless they see where their words boosttheir position). or as young white Republicans discovered, used words of Malcolm X to brand their type of revolution. Who has been used by this Administration more to manifest the wrongs of our society? Black people. Strange, no, for history makes it quite plain if we would pay attention and try to understand. To my colleagues who are so impressed, blessings and when the actual truth bites, just say wow!

Larry C. Menyweather-Woods, PhD
Monday, June 14th 2010 at 2:08PM
Negro; Colored; Black; Afro or African-American; Pan-African Americans; African - no hyphen - American; and regrettably, yes -- '*****' (no matter insider or outsider use thereof): Each of these historical recent appellations of what we were called and then began calling ourselves are of social/political construct and therefore forceful in how each word defined our cultural and psychological selves. In our most recent 2010 census, we internally debated the naming scheme of the government: are we Black, African American, or Colored? Well… it appears that it all depends on your social/political point of view -- and age. We still have a generation of people within our rank that are not comfortable beyond Negro and Colored. God bless them, they do have the right to their own comfort zones. As to our current political apparitions and aspirations, however, we need to stop letting ourselves play "victim" when it REALLY does not apply to the situation at hand! And this is the hard part of it all: Knowing when someone is peeing on your head and trying to convince you it’s rain. Most of us are good at this and governments have been losing the ability to con the public via most media. Yet, all humans, regardless of ethnicity have a very strong vested interest in fooling themselves. We, as a multi-defined race, are no different. Let the Anthropologist’s classification rein – or we need to address the discussion from that point – and seek to change Negroid and Afircoid as terms. Again, a political “solution” to a “problem” in the collective psyche. N'est-ce pas? See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Negroid_race
Monday, June 14th 2010 at 2:21PM
Once again, by turning to Wikipedia demonstrates why we remain victims. i read a comment which stated that Blacks do not think critical, simply, we are not critical thinkers. I have been called relic, a dinosaur because I dare believe that the people who moved a country "wearing the same old shoes" continue to possess that certain quality absent in many. Call it "stick-to-itness" or whatever, Mr. G.T., the power of words, and being able not to fall victim - there are terms I have encountered and if you are not of my generation you will make the mistakes of others, mis-education was the term Dr. Woodson stated. The history of a people has always been present, but unfortuanately hidden from the sights of the people who could benefit the most. For example, why is the newly found picture of two young Black boys and a document which supports the reality of slavery so disturbing in these times when we have declared, we have overcome? N'est-ce pas? Why don't we dare accept the challenge of those who have gone on before, critically think. Blessings to you, remember it is not about agreeing, but not being disagreeable.
Monday, June 14th 2010 at 2:37PM
You Ph.D is showing. That quick Wiki was but a starting point on one issue, not a glowing endorsement of Wiki. I know all to well its problem of lack of jury. However, as an academic also, I know that VERY few reading these posts are going to -- unfortunately -- do anything more critical by way of thought on the subject. We remain victims because our people are not, in general (nor are others), taught to be critical thinkers. From one Ph.D to another.
Monday, June 14th 2010 at 2:52PM
Brother G T - All I desire is for us a people to understand one thing, we have come a long way, but we have a long way to go. We re in agreement, our folk though they have the ability to critically think, they choose not too, and that choice is killing us!!!! We allow others to put us down, to talk down and if young ones can't see that, I refuse to give up, for our history is different from others, most did not come on the Mayflower, most were not greeted by Statue of Liberty, and it is quite trite and failure to communicate when we allow others to claim we are immigrants like they are! Critical thnking should not make any of us fear, and if one is a believer, 2 Tim 1:9 speaks to the spirit of our humanity. Thanks for understanding and may you be the recipient of the good life offers!

L. C. Menyweather-Woods, PhD
Monday, June 14th 2010 at 3:07PM
Bro. L.C,

Thanks for sparking up some intelligent discussion here. I think this is exactly Locke's intended point - acknowledging the need for intellectual self-evaluation and growth within the Black community, outside of the construct of politically contrived non-issues and demagoguery, and as you correctly stated this advice was ignored in the 1920s as it is today.

In an environment where access to produce and publish information is available to anyone, the enormous amount of misinformation being dumped on the public isn't a surprise. But it should give us the motivation to dig deeper both in terms of our history as well as strategies for our growth and survival.

Most of the "experts" preaching to Black people about what they should and shouldn't be doing politically and in their communities, are mainly motivated by their own self-interest. Whether you include conservatives like Rev. Jesse Peterson or leftists like Jesse Jackson... their actual contributions to African American social progress are negligible.

It may end up being this vacuum of leadership that ends up bringing us to greatness. The great majority of great social and political movements for African Americans originated out of necessity, with the understanding that help was not on the way, nor could we reasonably expect it anytime soon and that we'd need to find and implement our own solutions.
Monday, June 14th 2010 at 3:45PM
excellent reaoning...where will the help come from?...Teachers taught students willingly or not that a penny given is a peny paid...For most that isthe have all and be all. THe ultimate lesson of the benevolent benefactors... Most if not...relly on the power of a dollar to get atention. Something we have limited control over and in a time of genuine need will not sustain. Accepting nobility...Even the statement in itself speaks volumes of the position of those who claim nobility as opposed to those who admit ego. Like fingers on the same hand, or as Doc Wodson thought...another chance to ge it right. Some will listen others will listen if it's their idea...I am listening foranother solution or at least avialble option to talking about it.
Monday, June 14th 2010 at 4:10PM
Monday, June 14th 2010 at 4:35PM
Siebra Muhammad
Please join in!!!
Monday, June 14th 2010 at 4:40PM
Brother Jonathan,

My Pastor was not an "educated" man in the traditional sense, however, his words of wisdom allowed me to see beyond the "viel." It is not about the degrees, but the common sense which accompanies what we have been blessed to achieve intellectually, especially when persons are needed to supply not just mere inspiration, but aspiration as well. I agree that the "experts" who have placed the political above all, as Spike Lee's movie insisted, the alarm clock must awaken us from our lackisdasical attitudes and dispositions. It makes me re-examine the suggestion of Du Bois, and rethink the role of the Intellect which on another web-site was considered hilarious by many young non persons of color who live in a post-racial illusion. I pray we never have the vacuum of leadership for long, only spats, for what we need are leaders with vision. If you saw the movie Boycott, it was interesting how the leader was chosen, but confirmed by the Community. We have had Presidents, Reagan, Roosevelts, Clinton, and non-Presidents who have made every effort to say whom we as a people should listen, but the persons of the 1960s, King, Malcolm, Medgars, Williams, Abernathy, were all confirmed by the Community - after many of them were assassinated who came up with the thought we as a people no longer needed a leader with vision. What leaders have been confirmed by the Community, and maybe that's why we are in such a debacle - some 'leaders" are mad that they haven't been confirmed by the Community, and some don't really give a care. The question is and always will be "who has been confirmed by Community and who hasn't?" This takes it out of the realm of Republican or Democratic, Conservative, Moderate, or Liberal, now that makes me say, woW! Can you imagine if Black folk no longer were moved by the political, not saying we would not participate, but we would not allow one's political affiliation or nonaffiliation to misdirect our path as we have done since the late 1970s? Now for those who seek truth, this is truth challenging you one on one without the satire of nonBlacks, the arrogance of elitism, or the chagrin of the upper, middle, or poor classes which some Black leaders have bought into, forgetting the truth of America's history that the Nation was born on race (De Tocqueville, Democracy in America, Chapter 18, unabridged , 1830; Moynihan, A Call to Action, 1966). If anyone want to see deep, read these two and then understanding will come if you do as Jesus said, pay attention and try to understand!
Monday, June 14th 2010 at 4:54PM
Nice, now how do we get from here to there my brother?
Monday, June 14th 2010 at 5:18PM
Brother Mozell: First allow me to say this is the most stimulating conversation I've held in quite a while. How do we get there? This of course is just one person's belief and determination. It is not as difficult as believe, it is dependent upon our determination as a people, and as Community. Back in 1996, J. Cannon wrote a piece entitled, Re-Africanization and you may obtain this assessing the article site at most College Libraries. Brazilian writers use this method to bring together the Civil which many omit from their knowledge base. It is a renewed process where we allow ourselves to review our world view, racial socialization process, and traditional/historical Black Religious experience to work in concerted effort. Contrary to the thoughts of some scholars of our history, the failure to combine the three only makes us just like "Mike," and this is an insult not only to our intelligence but our history as well. To read the Brazilian writers only remind us of the path we have taken, and the path we renew to take which may be stony, but it is a fact that cannot be overlooked nor ignored. This is not feel-good, rather it is a critical approach to recapturing who we are as well as whose we are, not in the sense of the mega-church voyagers who speak of Kingdom building but not whose kingdom. It is about combining, history, determination, and personal assurance that the journey we embark is one which is not failure but unifying. a unity that is not based on the diluted thoughts of human leadership based on a world view that is not sufficient to assist us as people of African descent to bare the load. Can we do it? Not to sound repetitive or phrasologic, but I HAve no doubt victory is ours! A world view which speaks of truth with honor, a world view which sounds the alarm, as in the movie by Spike, "brrrring!" The alarm is sounding, just don't turn over and cut it off! Forgive me now, for having to take leave! But I will speak of this again, Soon!
Monday, June 14th 2010 at 5:55PM
return to the core...I will read tonight...But at a glance With what we know now about the provicility of men with religion and the powerful sway of those suffering...to reach for hope every and anywhere...what direction does that lead an educated people? A blend of oxccidential african/american..the mordern black in america, even at as communial after thought I admit the need to know or at least the hope there is more than this...Brazil with it's similarities to the 60s...even now. Le me get to reading sir, thank you.
Monday, June 14th 2010 at 6:25PM
"Why am I afraid to return to an ancient/traditional Afrikan Spiritual system in my own day-to-day life? What has been implanted into MY OWN psyche to make me fear the DEEPEST/MOST PROFOUND part of my Afrikan self? And what will it take for me to uproot this incorrect information and fully return home?" These are individual questions that only each person can answer and change for themselves...wow
Monday, June 14th 2010 at 7:39PM
What model do you choose Addressing spiritual fullness or bankrupcy...the situation will remain stagnant without educational advancement in science. Though not to be lopsided there wil be those who need something to believe in and they will choose what seems to work for others in the case of us christianity for the mosat part whether force fed or self/thought self realized. The managment of resources and distribution of resources has been dictated by those with the biggergun or the bettertrained brain but more commonly in America and European/even China a combination of both of these tools. For Black folk to break the chain of dependence from white America they have to own and manage the resources that are available. They also must be able to stand and fight for that which is/was/is theirs. The problem does rear it's head time and again and while reading some of this materia I find truth that like so many before me I have been decieved and have bought into the truth that we are oppressed and oppressors of ourselves. Answers we all know them or it. Believe in ourselves and reach out to and for eachother. Barring an never before experienced by a substantial number...of us...mindset change from greed and salesmanship...selloutmanship to one of community and realization that we are pawns in the elitist game...there will continue to be the same ole same ole with two steps forward and one back...plus one here and there. Still listening though there is much I want to know...
Monday, June 14th 2010 at 8:29PM
Brother Mozell: Pawns? Just like the chess game my Brother! However, we must never forget the rock from whence we have been hewned! You come from good stock - we come from better stock than we give credit! The trouble with us is we have been taught to think and treat life as a dichotomy - continually at odds. Listen to the struggle you find yourself, secular vs sacred, belief vs nonbelief! Dr. Karenga in holding fast to Kemetic way of life as he interprets, as Black Humanist such as Randolph, even those who profess atheism, all forget that they have a system of beliefs, agnostism, but even those things did not keep those who were in the movement, allowed the dichotomy they struggle within and without, the double-consciousness referenced by Du Bois went beyond the temporal, and in his early writings he held a different belief system and respected the belief system of others! Where do you begin? Start with yourself, and don't be so hard on yourself you forget that the Creator (whether you believe in Him or not is not the question, why, because if He is, He doesn't need us to exist). Europeans want us to be like them, to think we have no legitimacy without being like them, that's the problem which confronted the scholars of the 1960s, Frazier, Lincoln, Washington, Cone, and of Wilmore. Those who considered themselves bordering on humanism, redefined it and look at it from an Africentric perspective! Don't allow yourself to believe the lies so that you are considered as intelligent as they consider themselves. Be strong, resolve the issue without holding back, if we as a people understand ourselves and not be afraid to be critical in our thinking. And know this - God is not afraid of your thinking, you have been taught to believe that His jealously is inlusive of your freedom to think outside the box! That's why the poet declared - be not dismayed what e'er betide, GOd will take of you! Just beneath His wings of love abide, God will take care of you! If you reach the point where you think God needs you to exists, stop making yourself more than what you are Be mindful of Jeremiah 29:11.

Your Brother

Larry C. Menyweather-Woods
Monday, June 14th 2010 at 9:45PM
It just may be that Sovereignty is the key. It may be the next step that only a few dare to take. It takes sacrifice though and it is a long process. According to it, we have all been virtual slaves, no matter our race. But blacks in particular. From the number on the certificate we were all given at birth when we docked into the world (birth -- certificate) to the social security number. All of which can be taken to a stock house, have each virtual slaves 'number' punched in and be told what someone else thought your value is worth. *****, Afrcian, African American, Black, Afro American, none of these names are said to define the true Sovereign. A right all of us have to be called. This is how you get over and away from the ethnic trickster who thinks he knows something about you because of your race and will try to use that something to identify with you and push his agenda and how you leave behind the sympathetic do gooder who has made you his beast of burden. It just might be that beginnig to learn the process of Sovereignty will then enable you to tell them both 'don't bother me'. I stand on my own two feet as a Sovereign should. Then be able to back it up with more than just words and fronts. But who will teach the message in its purity and who will tell the truth about it and make sure it stays unpolluted. I fear no one. For all eventually have a separate agenda of their own ultimately, no matter how pure a thing may start. So we must sift through its concepts and use our own judgement the way we do with any belief to come to the conclusion. -VF
Monday, June 14th 2010 at 9:47PM
V Felicia
hmmm thinking on these things thank you.
Tuesday, June 15th 2010 at 9:57AM
Brothers and Sister... It seems that your suggested directions for attacking the challenge has centered on philosophy and theology. What real and applied solutions are we to suggest to the non-Apostles. The issue at hand is one of Determinism versus Free will. Has all existence been pre-determined or does each person have control over themselves? We continue to bog ourselves down in intellectualism for its own sake. Not to mention – most folk can’t even follow what is being said. Let’s speak in simple and transparent tongues. What we as people fight daily are the Agents of the Matrix (the Mr. Smiths of the world) who work against us for the elites.
Tuesday, June 15th 2010 at 11:19AM
I thank the both of you for your most welcome discussion about a subject that has been source consternation for most of my life. I have been dismayed by the lack of critical thinking so evident among us. Its natural child, constructive discourse, is practically nonexistent, particularly among the so-called “talented tenth.” These current benefactors, most recently educated in the “great American universities” seem to have developed a paternalist attitude and deem themselves above the current fray of “forgetting the past” and “looking toward the future.”
It is amazing how easily most attempts at intelligent discourse about the atrocities of slavery, miseducation and the effects of purposefully taught self hatred is dismissed as not relevant today. It is as if we have been herded into a pre-defined box and taught not to think outside of it. I look forward to reading more of your posts; they have become a primer in how to think more critically and not to allow my voice to be minimized.

Tuesday, June 15th 2010 at 11:23AM
One aspect of the African world view which is debated profusiously (if misspelled forgive) is the injection of faith and reason (herein defined as philosophy). I do not seek anyone's forgiveness for the hermeneutical model which has allowed me to find freedom - freedom to know, first, all things are not as they seem; and, second, I have the utmost respect for those who hav difering hermeneutical models from which they are enabled to find the road of freedom. To throw the baby out with the bath water, and that is what many Blackamericans attempt to do to manifest their freedom from the perceived heritage of faith, not realizing, if you don't believe, that is your right, for that is what free-will is about. Ask me a question and I will come from the hermenutical model which I have been trained and found condence, every one does the same, they just don't realize it. If I spoke as one whose belief system differs from you - then I would receive from many criticisms as a believer. Now, that I have made the journey to become knowledgable I am criticized for speaking as an elitist? This is why Brother G. T., you must under the simplicity you seek is not found within the warrior spirit - the warrior understands how to speak so that when listening ears awaiting to pounce and act like they are one of the family, they soon discover the difference. This is why if one knows Blackamerican history, up until the late 1980s communication among Blackamericans regardless of education, class, age, or gender straight or gay, everyone understood what was actually being said. Before the conversation can continue, what is your hermeneutical model for dialogue and I will gladly move to that point of departure.

L C Menyweather-Woods
Tuesday, June 15th 2010 at 1:19PM
My point is that our discusion is framed in such depth that those without "their ears" will not decipher your tongue.I do not tag you an elitist! Just one speaking high above the general public audience. I say this because we are the ONLY ones engaged in the discussion.We are Cornel West's here rather than down home folk...
Tuesday, June 15th 2010 at 1:57PM
Brother G T , When I first went to Midwest, there was a group there who demanded I could not wear a suite and tie to talk with gang bangers. Me being myself, resented the statement for one reason, why should I respect those who don't show respect for others? From high school I loved wearng suits, that identified me for me, I respeced those who chose otherwise, never criticized an still don't today. Now you are asking me to stop being who I AM, simply becauseyou are not me? That doesn't compute my Brother! That's not being elitist, that's a term nonBlacks have utilized to confuse the real issue. That's what got Dr. Wright in trouble, he played the dozen while at the Press Club, and those who have never played the dozens became upset, and downright malicious, we do to tach other in the name of clarity that others have done to us. This is a learned behavior you can help me unlearn (not totally) but enough to create dialogue. Oh, many have forgotten that Martin King met with the Disciples in suit and tie all night during the Chicago riots. He was he was, and I can be whom I need to be at the right moment. I pastor from VA, PA, to NE and I am from the South, believe me, if you pose the question, I will find the way to commnicate, say, speak, talk, the right response. Try me! Ha Ha Ha. I can even be humorous, but corny! I wish others would be as honest as you are with me, I can handle it! This has been theonly board, blotter where there has been a mixture of West, Fannie, Ella, & Bessie. you know the last names!
Tuesday, June 15th 2010 at 4:44PM
Brother... I didn't say not be you! Difference is great for the soul. However, it can block the message. Your prose mimic avant-guard jazz and most folk think in Pop or R &B. Our vibe has created a one-on-one blog and closed down participation from others. So by all means be you... just remember, only YOU may be understanding your message. I do believe your and my intent is to enrich community discussion and not spraying intellectual testosterone or as they say in the hood -- not having a p---ing contest. And, as you know, speaking Truth to Power has started more wars and caused more heads to roll than the 300!
Tuesday, June 15th 2010 at 5:44PM
Now that is plain! I just needed to be certain I had either right or wrong interpretation, I was wrong, I apologize but thanks for the insight. Sometimes when you have desired to get beyond the norm of what one has encountered it's just good to put into action what you have desired to do. Enough of my pontification. Simply this, my confidence in Black folk may border on the extreme, however, from these old eyes, hope appears dim why? I'm glad you asked! Looking at ourselves and not resurrecting what has been unless we are not on the same page,, i.e., we are not knowledgeable of oour historical journey, I will take the high road and not make the assumption that we don't recognize our historical journey! First, it doesn't matter one's religious beliefs or not, it doesn't even matter what one's political affiliaion or not may be! No one should be setting our educational agenda but us, we need to re-examine the changes we have made to th education of ourselves,re-examine the goals and aspirations and from whence they have been derived. The first and foremost is the understanding of Community, how do we maintain community when upward mobility has been achieved? That's where the Church for example has been great! The Churh served, or the mosque, or the temple, or the barbershop, our fraternities and sororities have served as our bridges between the masses and thoe who have been fortunate to move a little higher, Urban League in Nebraska for example, kept Blacks in corporate America who by designed had placed upward mobile out of connection with the Black community, but Urban League's action brought a togetherness which mended the "Community," and the new arrivals who had been disconnected became connected . As a traditional minded Black Preacher where Community was the focused point, where proper interprettions came forth, no spin, for example, what gangs are presently being fought this depends on what area of the country, for in Omaha, though the larger community believe it is Crips & Bloods, when the police comes on the air, the leaders are being DEPORTED back to ECUADOR not California, no where in the US, the question must be raised and not merely believe because the name is mentioned. Who are our young Brothers actually following? Now how can I make this so all can participate? Seiously, help me anyone!

L C.
Tuesday, June 15th 2010 at 6:10PM
Tuesday, June 15th 2010 at 9:57PM
Cynthia Merrill Artis
I will take the road that states the case as I've experienced it. Our history is unknown by our own or we would not be acting like dogs chasing their tails. Only a small percentage of us spend any time in a book! Sorry, I can tell this by all the evidence of what most urban K-12 schools keep turning out. HBCU's are begging elites for cash to stay in existence. Question: Why would elites give a dang about HBCU's? Integration does have consequences! So, we need to teach much one-on-one wherever we can! The system has NO reason to produce educated Black folk! We have now lost two solid generations (40 years) to social disinvestment and its consequences. Our Black middle class was based on labor (manufacturing jobs); the new economy (high tech), of which we are not really a part of in any major way, has left Black people (and others) behind. Anyone else -- if they're still working -- has lost ground in pay and benefits. So, we are reverting to a seriously negatively-skewed class based world (and caste system) in which most of us won't participate. We are not coordinating efforts in any serious way to blunt these changes. It may well be GAME OVER -- CHECKMATE! for many who cannot adapt organically to these realities. Sorry for being negative on this topic. Example: I can't get more than 20% of my Black students to take their education seriously -- and 90% of this group are Sisters! So, L.C., I feel, everyday, more like I'm in the shoe's of Brother Washington's Book of Eli! Maybe the Apocalypse must take place in order to gain our communal attention.
Wednesday, June 16th 2010 at 1:38AM
G. T. The conversation has created 600 hits. That means though some may not respond which I too wish they would, if for no other reason than for a true gage to be secured. I agree with you, I taught in th Midwest where the number of Blacks was mini compard to the South. As long as we the people continue to alow the Agenda to be set by those who don't care, the discouragement will come! The feeling of depair cannot help but overtake us when we encounter the lackisdasical positions of others. It is individuals like you who give me hope, for as th viel is lifted then it reveals how we must work on this journey! Maybe we are like the old inch worm, inchin along! The struggle continues, and in the words of Frederick Douglas, no Justice, no peace! Stoney the road we trod, bitter the chastening road, born in the days when hope unborn had died, Yet with a steady beat, lest our weary feet stray from the place which Our Fathers died! We have come and we cannot allow no one to turn us around! Peace, Grace, and Power!
Wednesday, June 16th 2010 at 1:39AM
L.C., Those were much needed words of encouragement -- I thank you! I sure hope my young brothers and sisters south of the Mason-Dixon line are doing the necessary HEAVY LIFTING in their education. It is dismal in the North. Detroit Public Schools are CHEATING another generation of our children -- and our remaining BLACK middle class is bailing out because they will not sacrifice their children or lives to the madness. See http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748704292004575230532248715858.html?KEYWORDS=detroit+black+flight there are a few bright lights here and there, but not nearly enough. Criminal local politicians are going to jail for stealing from their own (I don't condone stealing from any people) -- but damn, from Coleman A. Young to now, I have seen our own politicians lining their pockets. I worked for the city many years. The majority elite didn't need to do a thing; they let us be conned and robbed by house brothers and sisters.
Wednesday, June 16th 2010 at 10:55AM
I agree with the both of you about the miseducation of our people. We have to put the blame squarely on our shoulders- not the "system's". Now that we have moved from the industrial age to the informational age, it has become glaringly clear how important critical thinking skills, reading skills, computational skills, etc are to our very survival. This discussion has ignited my burning desire to institute "Saturday Schools" in my neighborhood- designed, expressly, to instill our culture (in music, arts, math, science, and standard English) in our youth. This is the type of education Asians and Jews use in their neighborhoods to advance and promote their cultures, and their children don't even blink at the idea. The only way for us to dig out of our rut ( more like our canyon) is to take the bull by the horns ourselves.

And as far as pre-determinism vs free will, it is both. God knew before the foundation of the Earth that we would be having this conversation and that Blacks (and all people) would be where they are today, AND we have the free will to change our destinies- if we so choose. Just because He knows all things doesn't means He causes all things to happen- He is not a puppeteer as many falsely believe. Now that's deep...
Wednesday, June 16th 2010 at 11:53AM
Back in the day, now I'm telling my age, before the "Cos" became "Dr. Cosby" (he was in the process of becoming), he and Sidney starred in a movie where they did exactly what your burning desiring is. Saturday Schools, Community Schools, are needed to battle the misinformation of this day. I was blessed in such an environment, and I attempted while in the Midwest to establish the same. Don't allow anyone stop you from bringing to fruition what has been birth in your spirit! These are encouraging words, check withyour local Arts Council, the Urban League, Universities, and Schools and yes, Churches who may not have the budget but they have the space and as the movie Boycott revealed, made the better places where others though welcome were not willing to accept the invitation. I find in Cities like Detroit, glimmers of hope, for in spite of the problems, it was a historical/traditional Blackamerican Church which took the most progressive step in the Movement - opted their nonprofit status for the sake of the Community. Blessings!
Wednesday, June 16th 2010 at 1:09PM
LOL, Brother L.C. I'm old school too... "A Piece of the Action" (1977) has just been put in my Netflix que for this weekend! Love that flick! My sister Tracye you are inspirational and thank YOU for taking action! Welcome to the discussion, my Sister! This weekend I'll be teaching a group of six on financial planning and investing in Southfield, MI (suburb north of Detroit).
Wednesday, June 16th 2010 at 7:50PM
I appreciate the fact that each of you shared your position on this topic. I just posted another hot topic for the week around the changing of the guard. Look out for such. Also wish to encourage each of you to visit the blog section and read the piece delivered by Jonathan Carter on the President and the BP oil spill. To you and to your opportunity to create another fantastic week - Good Monday morning!
Monday, June 21st 2010 at 8:31AM
torin ellis
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