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Sharing in the College Preparation Process -- It Will Take a Village (1467 hits)

If I could share my lens with everyone then you too would see the importance of preparing all students for college and eventually life. It does not make a difference if the child decides not to attend college, but rather he or she is afforded the choice and can make a well thought out decision on what he or she wants to do with his or her life. Everyone has gifts and talents and has a value to society. Some people are in a nurturing family atmosphere where they are prepared, some just need to be educated and others need to be taught or mentored to. We must value education and knowledge. The more we help, the more that will survive and be able to help others.

Even if a person made one or many mistakes he or she has the opportunity to still accomplish whatever he or she wants in life. Life challenges goes to the man or women who thinks he or she can. No one can determine your destiny; you control it. So believe in yourself and know that you have the power to achieve.

Preparing for life does not only involve your immediate family or circle of friends or those you personally care about, but rather it is for everyone. Everyone has a purpose in life and when we all come together as one then this completes our reason for living. One of my purposes is to cause a chain reaction where we can believe in one another and help each other. Life is not meant for the road to be taken alone, but for us to come together and love one another, because we are our brothers’ keeper. It is now time for the “Class of 2011 “to actively participate in the college process along with their parents or guardians. The peek period is now. The ACT/SAT should be taken now. College applications should be being submitted now. Knowing the deadlines of colleges/universities, scholarships, etc should be known now. The word “I don’t know” should not be in your vocabulary, but rather “I do know” and if not, “I will find out”.

You should no longer blame the guidance counselors for the students or parents not knowing the college preparation process, but should come together with others students/parents and find out a way to create an infrastructure that will benefit all in the process. If it means helping creating a strong and solid PTSA organization that will assist the schools and the guidance counselors in providing information needed in a fast and swift manner, then you should be that volunteer. This will take a village and it does not matter if you currently have a child or have children, but the community that stays together will be able to build together and make it a better place for all that live there.

In closing share the blog, “Planning and Preparing for College” located at http://www.ctherd.blogspot.com. The blog is a college preparation infrastructure and is meant to be used ongoing. Knowledge is power, if used correctly.

Posted By: C H
Saturday, September 25th 2010 at 1:49PM
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I totally agree. That's why my Mom and I started an Achievers program at our church. Over the summer we worked with the kids by presenting different workshops on interviewing, appropriate dress, choosing a school, SAT/ACT prep, finding funding and community service and of course staying organized. The culmination was a whirlwind college tour that spanned 3 states!
Monday, October 4th 2010 at 10:57PM
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