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CREATE Your College Career! (708 hits)

By Elynor Moss

College is very exciting and challenging! The beginning of the year will consist of so many opportunities and exciting people to connect with. College is a place that offers you life education. Here is some insight that can help you succeed through the beginning of it all…

Throughout your college experience you will find yourself meeting people from all over the world. College is a melting pot of different minds, values, ways of teaching, and opportunities. You will immediately find yourself networking with tons of new people who come from different backgrounds. As you socialize with new students, set some goals as to what type of students you want to hang out with.

You will be tested everyday in college. Not only will you have exams every week in your courses, but you will be tested daily on how you will go about taking care of yourself and your future. So, when you are forced to stand in a long line in order to register for classes, or when you get tested by someone who wants to pick a fight, always think about the end result. Yes, you will sacrifice in some way in order to make college a successful investment for your life.

You must learn that your Professors really should be your closest allies on campus. They hold your GPA in their hands. If you find that you have Professors who are hard to understand, take time to seek understanding from the Professor before or after class. The Professor will invest in those who invest in their education.

Understand that you are not in college for dating. Do you know what type of relationship you want or do not want throughout your college career? Figure out what safety measures you can take to ensure you do not end up having a bad experience on a date. In order to prevent STD's practice abstinence. When going on dates with students or folks who do not attend college, always keep your back up 911 network of friends close by in the event things go awry. If you’re looking for love, visit HBCULove.com to connect with singles!

Welcome home! Some dormitories will be better than others. Some roomies will click with you better than others. Your neighbors and your roommate will be your closest friends or your biggest headache. Set the “House Rules” immediately. Go as far as posting "House Rules" so visitors respect your space. Engage in safe activity. Make your dorm as family oriented as possible. If you are able to talk to your roommate before you move into the dorm, you will spare yourself a lot of “What ifs”.

Focus on looking your best in whatever type of outfit you wear. Do not try to be too flashy because you will attract the wrong attention. Enjoy rocking your individual style and enjoy the eclectic styles of your fellow classmates. You can expect to see it all.

You can use your skills to make money on campus. Create your own job. Figure out what your expenses are and what type of credit score you want at the end of the school year. DO NOT sign up for credit cards that you will be offered until you read Suze Orman tips on the world of "IOU's": http://www.suzeorman.com/

This is the central hub for meeting up with everyone who stays on campus! The Cafe is where you get to bond with your classmates and administrators. If ever you're looking for the mass body of students, you will find them in the cafe. If you plan to run for office, host a pep rally, or honor the winning Chess team, the Cafe is a great spot to do it. Everyone will have an embarrassing moment or two so just plan to get over it gracefully. Do not waste your money - if you pay for 3 meals a day, go eat your nourishment or save it for later. Tupperware is your best friend!

Remember: everyone is on the college campus to work together to reach a common goal-advancement. If everyone is going left, don't be afraid to go right! Develop your individuality and have fun!

Have a successful year!
Posted By: Elly Moss
Friday, November 18th 2011 at 12:08PM
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